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Chapter 35

Building A House

Translated by Midas

Edited by Midas


Moussa smiled and blushed, secretly muttering, “Stinking lion, you know I will be tired, but you still bullied me hard.” However, she was too embarrassed to say it in public.


Ivy, who was standing next to the two of them, couldn’t help but snort out a laugh and tease, “I didn’t expect that our cold and icy chief also has such a passionate time.”


When the other beastmen heard this, they burst out laughing.

Moussa was shy and red-faced and dared not raise her head.


Chelsea wrapped his arms around her and began to answer back by saying, “What I’m not supposed to be passionate with my partner.

Or are you complaining that Sander isn’t passionate enough for you”


Not picking up on Chelsea’s provocation, the naive Sander put his arm around Ivy and exclaimed, “Was I not enthusiastic enough to satisfy you last night Then let’s go home now.”


The other beastmen laughed again at his words as Ivy gasped and pinched hard Sander’s waist.


Chelsea continued to provoke, “Sander, you certainly did not feed her, or else why is she so angry.

Look at my Moussa.

I filled her to the brim and how well-behaved she is now.

It is time to hurry home and start feeding her.” Saying that he also deliberately raised Moussa’s chin.

He gave a loud kiss on her lips, causing Moussa to shy away even more and nestle into his arms, refusing to come out.

She knew he was doing it on purpose.

So even if she was shy, she couldn’t pinch him in public as Ivy did.

That would make him lose face.


Sander seemed to be really provoked.

Ignoring Ivy’s violent struggle and protest, he really carried her and walked home.


“Sander, you put me down.

Sander… ” Ivy was simply infuriated.

She was lying on Sander’s shoulder, punching, hitting, and biting him.


Moussa was shocked to see that.

She withdrew her first impression of Ivy.

She was not gentle at all.


She must be mad at Sander for not helping her and even helping Chelsea bully her.


Moussa pulled Chelsea’s arm and whispered, “Is that okay They’re not going to fight, are they”


Chelsea replied, “It’s okay.

Sander is very strong.

Once he banged her in bed, she would not stay angry.”


Moussa rushed to cover his mouth to keep him from talking.

Looking around, she instantly felt shame.

This was really the ‘beast’ world, and no one would feel embarrassed to talk about this in public.

It seemed like she was making a fuss.


Chelsea pulled her hand and nibbled it.

Then he released her, saying, “Well, you be good and watch on the side.

We have to start working.”


Moussa hurriedly pulled him, telling him what she just had a flash of light in her head.

“Chelsea, could you build Ryan’s house a little higher off the ground.

If it rains, the water outside won’t get the ground wet, but also to prevent snakes and insects and other things from crawling in.”


Chelsea thought about it, and the other beastmen also discussed it.

After all, they built their house directly on the ground, so it was very stable.

If they made the house higher from the ground, as she said, there were so many benefits.

But it would not be strong, and it was not convenient to go up and down.


Without waiting for Chelsea to speak, Ryan thought for a while before saying, “I think Moussa’s proposal is good.

The summer will come soon.

The terrain of our village is very high, but if it rains too much, the house will still be in the water.

We are all busy pouring water outside the house during the rainy season every year, and it’s hard.

If it is secured, we will all build our houses higher than the ground when the rainy season comes.

What do you think”


Moussa looked at Ryan gratefully.

He was so good that he was willing to use his house as a test, but she would not let him down.

The house would be solid.

She remembered that one of the ethnic groups built their houses high off the ground in her world.


At this point, Chelsea also spoke, “I also think it will work.

Now we’ll stake a few more pillars down, a little deeper.

Then start building a house half a man’s height above the ground.”


When the other beastmen heard that the house owner agreed and the chief had spoken, there was nothing more they could say about it, and they took action.


Then, at Moussa’s suggestion, the house was divided into several small rooms, with a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a well-ventilated drying room to air-dry the remaining meat for consumption in the rainy season and winter.


A corridor was added around the house, where tables and chairs could be placed to chat about whatever.

As for the inconvenience of going up and down, Moussa instructed them to make a wooden ladder.


That said, the nails of the beastmen were very sharp.

They were usually hidden in the flesh, the same as human nails.

They stick out when used.

Their long and sharp claws were too convenient to cut up the wood, so they built a wooden house in a short time.


Everyone walked up, back and forth several times, and felt it was really entirely secure.


Chelsea looked at Ryan’s new house and the remaining woods.

He said to the tribe, “Anyway, there is so much wood left.

Everyone go and help me build my house again.

I’ll treat everyone to lunch.”


Hearing that Chelsea was also going to rebuild the house, Moussa was thrilled and smiled, saying she wanted everyone to try her cooking.


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