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Once they knew that Moussa was going to cook for them, everybody agreed.

Chelsea’s roasting skills were first class in this tribe.

Moreover, this unique female also said she would do the cooking.

They all couldn’t wait.


Chelsea set up a fire directly in the village clearing, and Moussa probably counted a total of twelve males and then a capacity of twelve females who were going to eat.

She went home and fetched four shells and set them over the fire, while Ryan helped her fill them with water and helped her carry several pieces of meat.

Moussa smiled and took them, cutting them neatly into tiny pieces.


At this point, Chelsea also finished the fire and came to see her cutting effort.

Ryan, meanwhile, lengthened his long nails, quickly helping her cut everything.


Moussa made four pots of stew just like she did in the morning, and Chelsea almost took all the meat stored in the house and roasted them.

That should be enough for this beastmen with a large appetite to eat.


A little while later, the scent of the stew came out.

The beastmen salivated.


Finally, when the meat stew was ready, the beastmen did not need to wait.

They gathered around the pot and grabbed the meat to eat.

Moussa was run over by them, nearly falling to the ground.


Thanks to Ryan’s swift hand supporting her, she did not fall.

All she wanted to do was thank him when Chelsea pulled her into his arms.


Moussa looked up and saw that his face was not very good.

She knew he was back to being petty, so she quickly pushed him aside and coached him in a low voice, “Husband, don’t be like that.

Ryan only saw I was going to fall, so he helped me out.

Do you wish to see me fall”


Chelsea was a little embarrassed when she said that.

His eyes were all over the place, and he said, “I didn’t say anything.”


Moussa inwardly spat, “Oh, you did not say anything.

You didn’t say anything last night either, but when you remembered, you were jealous, and you tormented me.”


While she could not say these things, she was still coaxing Chelsea to be more effective.

In a soft voice, “I knew my husband is the most broad-minded.

I’m sure you won’t worry about something so insignificant.”

“That’s.” Chelsea was so proud to hear her praise that he couldn’t show it in his heart even though he really cared.


Ryan watched from afar as the two kissed each other.

Clenching his hands into fists, he bit his lips hard.

Using the pain on his lips to keep himself awake, he reluctantly withdrew his gaze and got the food with the others.


By the time the two of them walked back to eat, the meat and stew were all gone.

It was good that Ryan had saved some for them in advance.


Moussa and Chelsea quickly sat down to eat lunch.

Chelsea took a few males to demolish the house and piled up the wood, leaving a few females with Moussa to clean up the dishes.

Moussa somehow felt that they looked at her differently.

She was not sure if she was too sensitive.


After cleaning up for a while, Moussa could not name a female who suddenly came over to talk.

“Moussa, your pot of meat is delicious.

Could you teach me that”


The other female also gathered around, scrambling to be the first to yell, “I also want to learn.

I also want to learn.

Please teach me too.”


Moussa froze for a moment.

It was pretty goosebumpy to think that several big men with shy and excited faces gathered around her to learn how to cook meat.


But as soon as she thought that they were females in this other world, she desperately hypnotized herself that they were females.

They were females but just a little stronger.

She must not discriminate against them.

She must not discriminate against them.


As a result, the corners of her mouth trembled, and she pulled out a forced smile and responded, “It’s actually straightforward.

First, wash the meat and cut it into small pieces.

Then boil the water, and put the meat into the pot.

Add some sweet and sour fruit and stew it together.”


“That’s all you need.”


“That’s pretty easy.”


“How many fruits should be added”


A few females asked as they worked while dragging Moussa around asking questions.


Moussa was very patient in explaining to them one by one until the dishes were cleaned.

Moussa had gotten very warm with several females and gradually got used to these purely male faces appearing shy, delicate, and other feminine expressions.


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