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Too Bad



It just so happened that Chelsea came over to take a break after they had completed piling, asking Moussa how she wanted to layout the house.


Hearing Chelsea asking for her opinion, Moussa was too happy.

She didn’t expect to find someone as strong as him to ask for her opinion first, which was really not easy.


She quickly crouched down with a branch to draw her ideas to him.

The village had a lot of space available, and it was okay to build more houses.

There should be a bathroom, a kitchen, a storage room, a large living room, and two bedrooms.


What happened last night must not happen again.

Moussa was not averse to having a baby for him right now.

However, she was a bit worried that the two of them might have weirdly shaped babies.

Besides, they could use it in the future when they have a baby.


Chelsea remembered them all.

Because of the experience of building a house for Ryan, they were very skilled in creating a better one this time!


The beastmen toured inside and outside and went home to rest, leaving Moussa and Chelsea to make further improvements to their house.


Moussa looked at their new house and was excited.

Also, Chelsea used the remaining wood and hollowed out the middle into a reclining chair and made some closets, storage cabinets, and so on.


It had been busy until it was almost dark before the furnishings were added neatly.

Feeling a little tired, the two worked on the division of labor.

Moussa made dinner, and Chelsea boiled the bathwater.


The food was done, and the bathwater was almost boiled.

Two people hurriedly ate, and Moussa then went to take a bath.


Well, ‘it’ hadn’t arrived yet, so she hurriedly took off her clothes and entered the bathtub.

Taking off the panties and looking at them, it was clean.

Mmm, she was tired all day.

Taking a hot bath was really comfortable.


After soaking for a while, she felt the water overflowing, and then a warm body leaned over.


There was no need to guess.

It must be Chelsea.

Moussa sighed and complained, “I told you to wash later, right Why did you come and rush after me again.”


“I just like to wash with you.”

Chelsea said while lowering his head and nibbling on her neck.

His hands also roamed around her body.



Chelsea, I’m tired, not tonight, okay” Moussa said while avoiding him.


“Little thing, you want to play a rogue.

Don’t forget what you promised me last night.

You have to listen to me tonight and do whatever I want.” Saying so, he poked his long middle finger into Moussa’s p*ssy.


“Ah!” Moussa exclaimed.

She pushed herself upward to the edge of the barrel and was pulled back by Chelsea’s large hands.

His arms were wrapped around her, and he stroked her vigorously.


It was only then that Moussa remembered that she had been forced to promise last night.

She couldn’t help but secretly scream.

She regretted it.

How could she have agreed to it on impulse last night


Chelsea rubbed her buttocks with his hardened c*ck while taking her earlobe and ambiguously declared, “I’ll penetrate your front hole first, to make you feel good, and then f*ck your behind.

I’ll make you feel good tonight.”


Moussa was nervous and had forgotten to be shy.

She didn’t know if it was exciting.

She only knew that she would definitely die of pain if he really let her into her *sshole with that size.


Moussa hadn’t come up with how to do well when Chelsea had already pulled out his fingers from her p*ssy.

Then, he parted her legs to the maximum and held his huge glans, slowly squeezing into her pussy.

Seeing her pussy wrapping the glans around the whole thing, he thrust his waist and ferociously pushed to the end.


“Ah!” Moussa screamed from the sudden pain stimulation.


Chelsea stopped her body, teasing, “Little thing, I am not fully inside yet, and you are screaming so loud.

Does it feel good Hmm”


As soon as he said that, he pushed the large glans past the opening of her cervix and squeezed it in.


“Ahhhhh!” Moussa screamed again, contracting herself violently, trying to push his rod out.

Her sensitive body was about to have an explosion and could not withstand such intense stimulation from him.


Chelsea didn’t wait for her scream to stop and started thrusting fast.


Moussa survived the initial pain.

Pursing her lips, she tried to relax her body and grunted as he moved in and out quickly.


Suddenly, she felt a terrible pain in her belly, and there seemed to be some special sticky fluid flowing out.

Moussa screamed, “Oh no, why didn’t you come early and then come late How come you picked this time to visit


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