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Translated by Midas

Edited by Midas


“Chelsea, spare me.

I have to go back later to satiate my Dees.

If you knock me down, I guess I will be weak in a while.” Logue waved his hands and begged for mercy.


“Hahaha!” The crowd of beastmen laughed at the words.

Chelsea frowned, a little annoyed.


“I’ll do it.” Amidst the roar of laughter, Ryan parted the crowd and walked out.


Chelsea saw that it was him and his anger surged.

Without saying a word, both of them took the form of a beast.

The white and golden figures become entangled in a battle of roars, the sound of crushing, scratches, and bites.

These two, rather than say that the two beasts did not have the slightest skill, they fought only by instinct.


The crowd of onlookers also found something wrong.

The two beasts did not seem to be in competition rather more like a fight to vent their anger.


This was too shocking.

The male was more aggressive by nature.

Before reaching adulthood, they could not control their temper well, and fights and brawls were common.


But Chelsea never bothered to fight with people.

He only needed that cold stare, and that unruffled aura was enough to intimidate opponents.

Whereas Ryan could be said to be the best male in the tribe because of his gentle nature.

He never fought with people.

Who would have thought that these two, who never fought, even started fighting after adulthood


The crowd discussed, guessing why they fought, but no one came forward to pull them apart.

After all, they feared Chelsea and Ryan’s sharp claws.

Even if Ryan was usually quite gentle, if he really fought, it was estimated that no one in the tribe except Chelsea was his opponent.


The crowd was nervous and didn’t know what to do when they saw Chelsea’s body prowling around and turning around with a sharp front claw to catch Ryan.


Ryan did not dodge to meet him head-on.

It appeared that he wanted to come to a dead-end with him.

Everyone looked alarmed but could not stop it.

They were in a state of anxiety, and suddenly a cloud of powder was raised around the two.

As the powder dispersed, they saw that both had been on the ground and could not move.


“What are you fighting for so long as an adult” Karida went up to one and kicked him, then laughed and left.

He muttered, “Stinky Chelsea, who told you to spoil my good time.

I will let you want to move, but you can’t budge.

Ryan, you can not blame me.

Oh! You should blame Chelsea because you are implicated by him.

I gave you some paralyzing powder to calm down, hahaha.”


“Hoo ……” All the beastmen breathed a long one.

How could they have forgotten about Karida, who enjoyed sending some paralyzing powder to the two beasts when they fought ferociously to calm down.

But they really did not expect him to have the guts to use it on Chelsea and took the opportunity to kick him.


He was famous in the tribe for his revenge.


Chelsea and Ryan at present have been paralyzed all over.

Neither could move, and both were a little embarrassed and did not look at each other.

Inside their hearts, they hissed, “Karida, you wait for me.”


The following day, the males got up to hunt, but Chelsea and Ryan were still in the middle of the village on the open space.

The beastmen secretly smacked their lips as to how much paralyzing powder Karida used.

The two beasts could not move yet.

But nobody dared to go up to mess with them.

Now both beasts were definitely mad, and it would be too bad if they accidentally became a punching bag.

The beastmen took a detour to go out hunting.


After some time, the females went out of the village to pick wild fruits.

The two beasts were still lying there, and most of the females with partners had heard about the fight between the two.

Many were curious last night and sneaked in to see the two beasts and did not think that the two beasts were still lying there after a night.

They shouted playfully and gathered around to point their fingers.

They were not afraid of Chelsea and Ryan, anyway.

The males simply could not hurt them, so they got unscrupulous.


In particular, Ivy was the happiest, thinking that her grudge towards Chelsea the other day was finally avenged.

She ran happily to Moussa’s house to gossip with her.


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