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On the other side, under Laka’s continuous lobbying, two females came forward with their own gifts and very shyly approached the males of their choice.


One of them, called Mela, was the same as Philo, a female who lived in this village last winter.

Holding a basket of carefully prepared fruit, she slowly walked to Ryan.

She said very shyly, “Ryan, this is for you.”


Ryan initially did not want to come to the welcoming party, but the tribesmen dragged him to build a fire because he did not have a partner.

He also casually roasted some of the most common meat to deal with the matter.

It was surprising that a female came to show her affection for him.


If he did not know Moussa and did not fall for her, then perhaps he would accept the female named Mela.

Anyway, every female was similar, and who became his partner would be the same.

However, now that Moussa was in his heart, he could not resist comparing the female to her.


Her skin was not as white or smooth as hers.

She smelled differently from Moussa and seemed pretty strong compared to Moussa’s softness when held.


He couldn’t accept such a female, especially since he really didn’t want to hold her or f*ck her.


“Sorry.” Ryan did not take the fruit basket in her hand and was sorry to say.


Mela froze at the sound of his voice.

Looking at the fruit basket in her hand, she was at a loss, followed by an uproar from the crowd of beastmen.

Some males would refuse the females’ goodwill, which happened only once in a hundred years.


Mela froze for some time and finally cried out with an embarrassing cry of disbelief.

Dees and Laka rushed forward to hug her and softly comforted her.

After glaring hard at Ryan, they left with the crying Mela and the females that had no intention of showing their interest.


The males complained to Ryan, but Ryan didn’t retort.

He only smiled good-naturedly.


But at this time, another female was successful.

Her chosen male carried her on his shoulder and went to the cave to perform the mating ceremony.


The crowd cheered and watched them enter the cave and then scattered.


Some curious soon-to-be adults squatted outside others’ windows to watch.


Moussa was originally with Ivy to see the event.

Still, she did not expect Ivy to pull her to the window to eavesdrop.


Together with the eavesdropping beastmen who saw them, they did not seem to feel anything wrong.

They had even taken the initiative to give way and let them have the frontest position.

Moussa’s face flushed with shame and wanted to break away from Ivy’s hand.

However, the clutch was so tight that she couldn’t break free, and she didn’t dare to struggle hard for fear of being heard by the couple in the room, which would be even more embarrassing.


In a short time, moans and groans came out of the room.

Moussa blushed and lowered her head.

She didn’t want to hear it, but the sound was going to her ears, so she had no choice but to listen.


Ivy was dissatisfied that she kept her head down.

Pulling her up, she whispered in her ear, “Hurry up and take a look.

You will learn from the female of the Fox tribe.

They are imposing in that respect, and you should learn how to use them on Chelsea to make sure he is satisfied with you.”


Moussa suddenly felt like her face was on fire.

She could not stay any longer and broke away from her and ran home with her face covered.

Geez, Ivy actually wanted her to peek at two men in action.

While she was curious about how the two men were doing this, but letting her watch, especially with so many people watching together Oooh, she felt so embarrassed.


Moussa ran all the way back to the house.

After pushing open the door, she heard voices talking inside and looked up to see Chelsea and a strange beastman in a conversation.


Chelsea and the strange beastman fell silent at the same time when they saw her enter.


Moussa froze for a moment.

This strange beastman should be a female from the Fox tribe.

She may not name many of the beastmen in the village, but she still got familiar with them after so many days.

She must be from the Fox tribe since she had never seen this beastman before.


Out of politeness, Moussa smiled at her and introduced herself, “Hello, my name is Moussa.”


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