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Ryan was lying in bed at this time and was tossing and turning when he suddenly heard someone knocking on the door.

“Ryan, Ryan, open the door.”


He knew it was Moussa’s voice and got up to open the door.

Moussa instantly jumped into his arms, crying, “Ryan, Ryan, you can’t choose someone else as your partner.

Not allowed.”


Ryan froze for a moment upon hearing this.

He then smiled happily and patted her back, saying softly, “Don’t cry, Moussa.

Don’t cry.

I won’t choose anyone else because I only have you in my heart.

Are you willing to be with me We can leave this village together and go live somewhere else.” At last, he asked what he had not spoken about that day.


Moussa raised her head to look at him as she nodded in response while weeping.

Saying, “I am willing.

I am willing.”


Ryan was so excited that he lowered his head and kissed her lips, which he had longed for.

He dragged out her wet, slippery tongue and tasted it in his mouth.

It was as sweet as he imagined.


As he kissed, Ryan’s breathing became ragged, and he felt a stream of heat going straight to his lower abdomen.

Ryan gasped and let her go as he rubbed his already raging hard d*ck against her body, whispering, “Moussa, I want you.

Can I”


Moussa shyly nestled into his arms and gave a muffled “mmm.”


Getting her permission, Ryan excitedly picked her up by the waist.

He gently put her on the bed, then removed her clothes.

Ryan tugged off his animal skin skirt and gently pressed down on her.

Then he kissed her along her collarbone, moving his palms passionately on her body.

It finally moved to her breasts, which made him curious yet hungry for the two full globes.

The kneading pressure was exploratory.


Feeling her breasts’ soft and bouncy touch, Ryan was excited and wanted to moan out loud.

It was so wonderful.


He could not help but lower his head and take the red buds of her breasts, licking them carefully.


Moussa clung to his muscular body.

Her eyes were lost as she whimpered, craving for more.


Ryan gradually grew unsatisfied with that kind of touch.

The raging hard d*ck beneath him urged him to pound hard.


Ryan spread her legs wide open with one hand and felt around.

He knew that her body was different from other females in the tribe.

The elders explained it to them by pointing to the paintings on the animal skins, but the theory was different from reality.

It took him a while to find the hole he could access.

To his delight, he pushed his middle finger in with a poof and quickly inserted it.


“Mmmm!” Moussa grunted in discomfort at the sudden entry of a foreign object.

She gasped and murmured, “Be gentle, Ryan.”


Ryan slowed down the in-and-out speed and felt the pleasure of his finger being wrapped tightly.

He wondered how small the hole was that a finger was wrapped around it and how his huge one could be inserted.

Then his heart turned sour when he was reminded that Chelsea had already been inside her many times.

He was about the same size there as him.

Since Chelsea could get in, Ryan must be able to do the same.

Thinking of this, he withdrew his finger.


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