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Stroking his enlarged hard-on, he moved his d*ck into her tight p*ssy.


“Aaaahh!” with his entry, Moussa let out a long moan.


Ryan repositioned himself.

He kneaded her breasts with his large hands, and his passionate lips and tongue nibbled at the nape of her neck, murmuring her name, Moussa, Moussa.

His voice had turned husky with lust.


As he called out again and again, as his passionate call, his d*ck kept pumping faster and faster.


“Moussa, are you satisfied Tell me if you’re feeling good”


The intense jealousy made him unable to resist exerting more force, to ruthlessly bang hard one at a time inside her tight p*ssy.



It feels good.

It feels good, Ryan.

Ah! Gently.


So deep.

I’m gonna break inside.


Ah!” Moussa was rocked back and forth with his thrusting.

She threw her head back and moaned loudly.


“Tell me who is more comforting to you.

Me or Chelsea, tell me, tell me!” In contrast to his usual gentle manner, Ryan tightened his hands around her waist and frantically pushed as hard as he could into her p*ssy.

It was as if he wanted to break all the way through before he was satisfied.


“Ah ah ah ah!” Moussa could not bear him and screamed loudly as she clutched the animal skin underneath.

Breathing slowly, she cried out wildly, “You.


You are more than comforting to me, ah! Ryan.


Give it to me.

Give it to me.



Ryan was satisfied with her words.

Without further ado, he had her legs spread wider.

He vigorously squeezed her buttocks as he charged at full speed.


With his crazy thrusts in and out, he was building up more and more pleasure, progressively reaching the peak.


“Ah!” Ryan roared and shot his load.

When he had calmed down a bit, he called her tenderly, “Moussa, baby.

You’re so good.

I’m so happy.”


While calling, he turned his head to kiss her.

But when he looked at Moussa’s figure, what he was holding tightly in his arms was actually the bundle of animal skin.

In disbelief, he looked down and found that his flaccid d*ck was wrapped around the animal skin.

The pile was sticky and full of the whitish fluid he shot during his climax.


Dismayed, he turned over and lay on his side.

He couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

So this was just his wishful dream.

Moussa did not come to him since that day.

She could not have cared less if he had chosen someone else as his partner.

She had never had him in her heart since the beginning.

He should not have given up on her, but he was not reconciled to it.

Why did Chelsea treat her like that, yet she preferred to stay by his side and refuse to step towards him As long as she was willing to step towards him, he would betray Chelsea and the whole village for her and take her to live elsewhere, but ……


Ryan was lying in bed with his eyes open, waiting for dawn.

Inside, he was tormented.

Who could tell him what he should do in the end


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