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Strike Back

Translated by Midas

Edited by Midas


“Ivy,” Moussa gave her a grateful look and sobbingly told Ivy what had happened between her and Chelsea over the past few days.

She skipped the part about Ryan.

After all, the matter was between her and Chelsea, and she didn’t want to involve Ryan.


After hearing this, Ivy frowned in disapproval and said, “Moussa, this time, you really did a little too much.

You know, when Chelsea was very young, his parents were out on a trip and accidentally ran into a large-scale beast attack.

Both were wounded and managed to escape back to the village.

I did not know where the injuries were, but it was hard to stop the bleeding, and it kept flowing without stopping.

And thus died within two days.

The villagers helped him grow up.


From then on, he has been afraid of seeing bleeding.

The way you lied to him, he must have gotten angry at you and hurt you.

He is definitely regretting it now, but he just can’t find the face to apologize to you.

If not, he wouldn’t have let you fool around and get what separation.

I tell you, the males’ desire is extreme all the time.

In this case, he must have been suffering a lot by not letting him touch you all day long.

That fox is taking advantage of it.

I think the fox has not given up on Chelsea.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t be trying to live in your house.

You have to hurry back, make peace with Chelsea, and then take him to bed where he can eat his fill.

Make that stinky fox watch.” Ivy said as she pushed Moussa out.


Moussa was still a little disoriented when Ivy pushed her out.

The cold rain outside suddenly sobered her up a bit.


She really did not expect Chelsea’s life would be so tragic.

Although she also grew up without parents, he witnessed his parents bleeding to death.

He must have suffered more than she did.

With this in mind, she was not angry with Chelsea anymore but felt hurt for him.

But heartbreaks were heartbreaks, but a lesson should be taught.

He even blatantly brought his ex-boyfriend home, so no matter what, he had to be taught a lesson.


So Moussa first went to Karida to ask for some things before going home.


As soon as she entered the door, she saw Chelsea and Philo were cooking dinner.

One person handed, and one received with quite a tacit understanding.

Moussa felt sour at heart as she thought about it.


When Philo saw that Moussa was back, she greeted her warmly, “Moussa, you’re back! Hang on a minute.

We’ll eat soon.”


Moussa said, “Oh,” indicating that she knew, and then turned around.

She muttered in a dissatisfied voice, “Shameless, not even thinking of who is the master of this house.”


Although Moussa’s voice was small, Chelsea’s excellent hearing could hear it clearly.

The undisguised jealousy in her tone made Chelsea tug the corners of his lips.

Looking at her dripping wet, he was afraid she would catch a cold and get sick, so he left the dinner to Philo alone and turned to the bathroom to boil bath water for Moussa.


Moussa went back to their room and grabbed a change of clothes to take a bath and wash her hair in the bathroom.

She just pushed open the bathroom door and saw Chelsea squatting there boiling water.

She frowned in confusion if he was helping her boil the bathwater.


He had been putting some strange fruits on her doorstep every morning for the past few days, and now he was helping her boil the bathwater.

Was this another attempt to make peace with her But he still wouldn’t talk to her, and it didn’t seem like he was trying to make peace with her.

This confused Moussa.


When Chelsea saw her come in, he stood up awkwardly and touched the temperature of the water.

When he felt it was almost right, he extinguished the fire and poured the hot water into the tub.

Then, without speaking, he turned around and went out.


Moussa stared at the door and waited for someone to come back in.

She figured it should be for her, so she took off her clothes and took a hot bath comfortably.


After she had washed and gone out, Chelsea and Philo had already prepared dinner.

When Philo saw her come out, she greeted her enthusiastically to come over for dinner.


Moussa was displeased that she acted as if she was the master of the house and she was a guest.

She couldn’t attack her on the spot, but she wouldn’t let her get too carried away.


Moussa walked to Chelsea’s side and sat down.

Chelsea was surprised that she was willing to sit so close to him and happily cut a piece of meat and put it in her bowl.

So she smiled lightly and nodded.


Moussa moved closer to him and took his arm, saying, “Dear, can you help me cut it into small pieces I’m afraid I’ll choke if it’s too big.”


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