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Lesson (1)

Translated by Midas

Edited by Midas


Moussa tried to break away from him, but she could not compete with his strength.

As he was about to get his way, Moussa was distraught.

So her small hand went down and grabbed his hardness resting on her waist and held it hard.


“Mmm ……” Chelsea muffled a grunt.

Moussa kept up her efforts on his huge hardness, and she felt his pressure on her weaken.


So she whispered, “Don’t press on me.

I want to be on top.”


When Chelsea saw that she didn’t refuse his advances and even used her small hand to actively work on his hardness, he moaned in comfort.

Hearing her say she wanted to be on top, he didn’t think twice before rolling over with her and letting her sit on top of him.


She grinned.

As Moussa sped up her hand’s pace in pleasing him, she took out the powder she had just hidden under the animal skin, which she had asked for from Karida.

The powder was in a small pouch made of animal skin.

Then, she held her breath as she opened it with one hand and sprinkled it on Chelsea when he was panting with his mouth open in comfort.


Chelsea was unprepared and breathed in a reasonable amount.

By the time he realized something was wrong and had to hold his breath, his body had already started to go numb, and he couldn’t move.


“What do you want to do” Moussa unexpectedly used paralyzing powder on him.

Chelsea was shocked and stared at Moussa with some incredulity as he asked.

But even his tongue began to be disobedient.


Moussa ignored him.

After making sure he really couldn’t move his body, she got up to open the doors and windows.

Then she covered her mouth and nose with one hand and cleaned up the powder on the bed with the water-soaked animal skin with the other.

She did not want to accidentally touch the powder left behind, making herself unable to move.


After Moussa finished cleaning up everything, she closed the window again.

Then she climbed on the bed, pressed on top of him, lowered her head, and nibbled on his lips.

Her hands didn’t stay idle, playing with the sensitive two points on his chest with one hand.


“Mmmm.” Chelsea could feel an electric current hitting his lower abdomen, and his swollen hardness became even more unbearable.

He wanted to roll over and crush her underneath him, rushing ruthlessly into her tight p*ssy.

However, he could only stare at her with his eyes burning.


Moussa was amused by the impatient expression on his face.

She sat upon his belly and gently rubbed her buttocks against his hardness, asking mischievously, “It’s hard, isn’t it You want to get in, don’t you”


Chelsea was going crazy with her torture but couldn’t make any sound.

He could only express his longing with burning eyes and whimpering sounds like a trapped animal.


“Oh yeah, I forgot you can’t talk right now.” Moussa gloated and laughed, “How about this.

I’ll ask you a question.

If it’s an affirmative answer, you blink twice.

If not, blink once.

If you answer to my satisfaction, maybe I’ll make you feel good.

You hear me” She said and deliberately put her hand behind her back and bounced it on his hardness.


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