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After her climax, Moussa lay helplessly on top of Chelsea, gasping for breath.


Her pussy was already tight, and it got even more choking when she came.

Another stream of hot fluid washed over Chelsea’s rock-hard d*ck, and her convulsing inner walls tightened around him like a million little mouths sucking.


Chelsea’s heart was itching to get underneath her.

He couldn’t wait to get her underneath him and thrust her hard, and f*ck her p*ssy through and through.


But he couldn’t do anything right now.

His d*ck, wrapped tightly around Moussa’s, was swollen and starting to hurt.


“Oooh.” Chelsea urged her to move faster.

He hadn’t come out once yet, and he was about to explode.


However, Moussa was too tired to move.

She raised her waist and guided his still up-standing member out.

Then Moussa pulled up one of his arms and laid down in a comfortable position.

She nuzzled against him and closed her eyes.




Oooo.” Chelsea saw that she had actually gotten his c*ck out, leaving him alone.

He let out another “oooh” nasal sound in agitation.


“Be good.

Be quiet.” Moussa closed her eyes and patted him soothingly on the chest, muttering, “I’m exhausted.

Let me rest first before I do it.” And then she fell asleep.


“Oooh.” Listening to her even breathing, he knew she was asleep.

Chelsea wanted to cry.

She did it on purpose.

On purpose to fix him! Oh Lord, he was so uncomfortable that she left him alone to sleep.


“Little thing, you wait for me.

When I can move, see how I clean you up.” Chelsea vowed in his heart that when he could move, he would have to torment her for three days and three nights.


He had his bloodshot eyes open, and his crotch was swollen to the point of uncomfortable hardness until sunrise.


“Hmm.” Moussa comfortably slept.

She woke up, stretched, and suddenly her arm was blocked by an unknown object.


Moussa turned her head to see that it was Chelsea.

So everything from last night slowly came crashing into her.


Seeing that his crotch was still erect and his red eyes shone murderously, she screamed crap.

She didn’t even satisfy him last night and fell asleep.

For sure, he suffered a lot from that night.

Oops! She had no idea if he could move, would he strangle her


After thinking about it, the more scared Moussa was.

She hurriedly got up, dressed carelessly, put on her animal skin boots, and fled in a flash.


“Ivy, help! Help!” Moussa shouted and rushed into Ivy’s house.

She happened to see Ivy and Sander both panicking around the animal skin skirt.


Moussa guessed that she had probably interrupted someone’s good deed.

Moussa blushed, turned around, and wanted to go out.

But she had just taken a step out when Ivy pulled her back and asked curiously, “What’s wrong with you Directly shouting for help.”



Um ……” Moussa opened her mouth and did not know how to continue.

The absurdity of what she did last night really made her unable to talk about it.

A moment ago, Moussa was so scared that she did not even think about it and ran to Ivy.

But how in the end was she going to tell her


“Hey, tell me.

It’s killing me.” Ivy saw her start stammering again and stomped her feet.


“That, that …… Chelsea is going to kill me.

Is there anywhere I can hide for a while” Moussa said ‘that’ and finally came up with a whole sentence without a clear picture.


“Huh” Ivy and Sander were both taken aback.

They looked at each other in disbelief.


Secretly, they prayed, “What did she do to make Chelsea want to kill her.

Did she really…”


“Come on, hurry up.” Moussa saw that the two were dumbfounded and did not speak.

She urged anxiously.

Karida said that the paralyzing effect could only last until the morning.

The day had been bright for a while, and the impact of the medicine might have been over.

Once Chelsea could move, she was dead.


“Okay, okay, okay.

Take it easy.

Let me think about it.” Seeing that she was really in a hurry, Ivy patted her shoulder and comforted her.

Then she frowned and thought about where Chelsea couldn’t find her.

But all the beastmen’s sense of smell was very sensitive.

If Chelsea was sincere about finding someone, how could there be a place where he couldn’t find her Unless she hid in another beastman’s place, but that would be too dangerous.

Moussa was a female and could be eaten at any time.


Ivy thought for a while and had not thought of a good place.

Moussa was anxiously going around the room.

Sander, who had not spoken, suddenly put his arm around Ivy and said, “Don’t think about it.

It’s too late.”


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