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“Huh” Moussa and Ivy exclaimed at the same time, knowing that it was Chelsea that was coming.


“What to do What to do Ivy, help me.” Moussa was so anxious that she grabbed Ivy’s arm, shaking it hard.


“The cabinet, the cabinet.

You first hide inside the cabinet.” Ivy knew that hiding in the cabinet was only self-delusion.

But she was going to throw up if she shook her again, so she casually pointed out a place for her to go.


“Oh.” Moussa did not think and followed Ivy’s instructions.

With no more than three steps, she ran over and climbed into the cabinet to hide.


Moussa had just hidden when she heard the sound of ‘!’ Chelsea broke through the door.


He didn’t even look at Ivy and Sander for a second.

Then he walked straight to the cabinet, pulled open the door, reached out, and grabbed Moussa, who was scared silly.

He carried her over his shoulder and headed out.


“Ah! Ivy, help!” Moussa returned to her senses and began to struggle and scream.


“Shut up,” Chelsea said through gritted teeth as he gave her a slap on her small buttocks.


“Mmm,” Moussa’s buttocks were in pain, but she really did not dare to scream.


Chelsea paused at the door and turned to Sander, who was still a bit confused and said coldly, “Sander, take care of your partner.

I’ll settle this score with you.” After saying this, he carried Moussa and walked out quickly.


Yesterday, he thought that Moussa used paralyzing powder on him because Ivy had taught her.

Although he could not do anything to Ivy, he would get it back on his partner.


“Er,” Sander froze and looked at Ivy in confusion.


Ivy hurriedly clarified, “Don’t look at me.

I don’t know anything.

I haven’t done anything bad.” Goodness, she was wronged! Yesterday, she persuaded Moussa to make up with Chelsea.

If Chelsea didn’t appreciate her, how come he had to find Sander to settle the score with him in the end.

What did Moussa do


Sander did not quite believe her and said, “You did not do anything.

Chelsea will let me take good care of you and also find me to settle scores.

I don’t care.

He wants to clean me up.

I’ll get it back on you first, and you won’t get out of bed today.” And with that, Sander pounced on her viciously.


“Don’t! Listen to me.” Ivy felt she was really wrong as she tried to explain to Sander while avoiding him.


But Sander simply refused to listen and directly pounced her on the bed.

He ripped the animal skin skirt from his body and kissed her fiercely.

In a short while, Ivy could only let out a moan of ahhhhhh.


Ivy’s side was aggrieved, and Moussa’s side was not easy either.

Being carried on Chelsea’s shoulders, she was on the verge of vomiting and was afraid that he would take care of her at home.

Therefore, her eyes were red, and she softly begged for mercy, “Chelsea, I was wrong.

I was wrong.

Put me down quickly.

I’m going to vomit.”


Chelsea ignored her pleas and carried her into the house.

He threw her gently onto the bed and then pounced on her, tearing her clothes and kissing her hungrily.


“Chelsea, don’t.

Don’t tear my clothes.

Listen to me.” Moussa avoided his kisses while turning her head and protecting her clothes.  Although she did not resist his advances, it was now daylight, and Philo was still in the room.


The thought of Philo made Moussa uncomfortable, and she slapped the hand that was rubbing her breasts and snarled, “Philo is still here.

You promised me that she would move out.”


Chelsea only wanted to put his swollen, and uncomfortable d*ck into her p*ssy and have a good ride.

He had no time to think about other things.

“You have to satisfy me first.” He said as he forced her legs apart, pushing his long, slender fingers into her p*ssy and pumping up quickly.


“Hm,” Moussa muffled a grunt from his poking while twisting her waist, trying to squeeze the foreign object out of her p*ssy while threatening, “You take it out.

If you touch me now, I’ll … won’t care about you anymore.” After thinking about it, she added, “I’ll do what I say.”


Chelsea was shocked to hear that he had stopped moving his hand.

Although he could have ignored her threat and forced her, along with his bulge underneath urging him to do so, he could not stand to do anything.

These days, she refused to pay attention to him, and it really made him uncomfortable.


After hesitating, he finally compromised and pulled his finger out, saying with hatred, “Little thing, you are so annoying.” While saying this, he kissed her lips, dragged out her little tongue, and nibbled on it.

He waited until she was about to suffocate before releasing her.

Then he took a new dress and threw it at her.


After she was dressed, he pulled her and went to gather a few males without partners.

Braving the rain, he would give a high house off the ground for those fox females who lived temporarily in the village.


Chelsea kept Moussa standing at the door of a beastman’s house to shelter from the rain.

He could not leave her sight for fear that she would take the opportunity to run away.


The house was soon built.

Chelsea immediately asked people to help move Philo and other females’ things in.


In this case, Philo had no reason to stay in Chelsea’s house.

Reluctantly, she moved into the new house.

When she left, she pretended to thank Moussa.


Moussa was trembling with fear thinking about how to deal with Chelsea later.

After a couple of perfunctory remarks, she did not have the energy to pay attention to her provocations and was pulled home by Chelsea.


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