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It Is Hard To Change One's Nature

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


When they entered the door, without waiting for Moussa to say anything, Chelsea pressed her against the door.

He lowered his head and kissed her fiercely.

His tongue pried open her teeth and swirled around in her mouth, dragging out her tongue and sucking it hard.


His hands were not idle as well.

With a bit of effort, he destroyed another piece of Moussa’s clothing.

Then one hand wrapped around her waist, and one hand went down to squeeze between her legs.

When he reached the entrance to her p*ssy, he inserted a finger and quickly pumped it up.


“Mmm,” Moussa’s lips were blocked by him.

A burst of tingling from beneath her body made her involuntarily soften, and her whole body fell on top of him, whimpering.


Chelsea could not stand it any longer and pulled his fingers out of her p*ssy.

Pulling her legs apart, he held his shaft and pushed it in hard.

Then he had her hips and lifted her upward.


“Ahhhhh!” Moussa was not wet enough yet.

She screamed in pain as he pushed in so eagerly that her p*ssy tightened up even more.


“Mmm.” Chelsea did not go all the way at that time.

He couldn’t move because of her tightness, and it hurt a bit.

So he kneaded her buttocks, trying to make her relax while taking her earlobe and coaxing in a low voice, “Baby, relax.

Let me go all the way in.”


Moussa was actually also pained that he had a hard time holding it in.

She just couldn’t stand his eagerness.

But now, it was impossible to get him to take it out, so Moussa had to strike him on his chest to relieve her anger.

Then she relaxed and let him enter all the way.


Chelsea felt she was not that tight anymore.

Only then did he withdraw his stick a little and then thrust it forward with a ‘poof’ to the end.


“Ah!” Although she was mentally prepared, the feeling of being filled instantly still made Moussa involuntarily scream out.


Chelsea seemed rational at the moment.

Remembering that he promised not to hurt her, he did not penetrate her cervix.

He stopped only at the deepest part of her p*ssy, then withdrew and pushed in again.


However, Moussa was still slammed repeatedly against the door panel behind her by his intense strength.

The entire of her back rubbed painfully throughout.



Back to bed.

My back hurts.

Mmm.” Moussa did not know how many times he had to do it today before he could be satisfied.

So she had to find herself a relatively comfortable place, or else she would be aching all over in the morning.


Chelsea obediently carried her back to the bed, then resumed his efforts on her.

He was fast in his thrusting.


Chelsea had been hungry for a long time and controlled his strength.

He could not take advantage of the situation and felt that he could not enjoy the warm and gentle action.

He stopped moving for a moment and looked at her, and said, “Wife, I am not comfortable like this.”


Moussa gave him a blank expression.

She knew that his nature would be difficult to change.

It would not be natural to become gentle and considerate.

However, she was delighted that he was willing to submit himself for her for so many days.

He also knew to seek her opinion first.    She took a deep breath, tried to relax, and closed her eyes.

She said resignedly, “Do what you want.”


Chelsea was happy to hear that.

He lowered his head and gave her a kiss on the lips, praising, “Baby, you’re so good.” After saying that, he lifted one of her legs upon his shoulder.

Then he slammed his hard stick, which was in Moussa’s p*ssy, into her cervix as hard as he could.


“Ahhhhh!” The sharp pain of having her cervix opened made Moussa scream as she threw her head back.


Chelsea was unable to think straight because of the tightness inside of her.

He withdrew his stick and entered again vigorously.

His mouth was full of naughty words that made Moussa even more ashamed.

“You’re so tight, baby.

Your p*ssy is so tight, I want to f*ck you through and tear you apart.

Are you satisfied Do you feel good when I do this”


“Ah! Ah!” Chelsea was totally wild.

He couldn’t care less about showing mercy and was ramming inside Moussa on instinct.

Moussa couldn’t keep up with his rhythm and was out of breath.

He forced her to say those shameful words and tossed her even harder if she didn’t.


Moussa continuously withstood his relentless impact.

She cried out and moaned helplessly.

After gradually getting used to his roughness, the pain was overwhelmed by more intense pleasure.

She involuntarily yielded to him and let him have his way.


“Beg me to break you! F*ck you through,” Chelsea’s eyes went scarlet as he stared down at the little person he was f*cking who was crying and writhing seductively.


“Ahhhhh!” Moussa was knocked out of her senses by the giant pestle in her p*ssy.

She cried out submissively, “It’s so good! Ah! Chelsea, please break me! F*ck me to death! Ahhhhhh! So deep.




“Little thing, I’ll f*ck you through and through!” Chelsea was finally satisfied.

He fastened his grip on her thin waist and accelerated the speed of his impaling.

After a relentless pounding, Chelsea plunged his stick, which had grown another size, hard into her p*ssy.

He rammed the whole length of his flesh into the cervix.

He roared and came blasting out.


“Ah!” Moussa shuddered and climaxed due to the burning passion he shot inside her.


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