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Do you really like it So eat more.

We got more here.

Try some soup, will you” Moussa felt satisfied when she saw that he liked to eat what she had made.

Chelsea had never eaten anything she cooked.

She wanted to cook for him, but he gave her no opportunity.



You know, it tastes great.

I never thought the soup made with the bones would be such a good one.

We used to throw those out.

That was a waste.”


Ryan was amazed.

He never expected her to have that kind of talent when she was too small.

But she made the food so delectable.



If you like it, visit often.

I’ll make it for you.” Moussa felt so relaxed with him as opposed to the pressure of being with Chelseae.


“Well, I shall come again and again.

Don’t be angry with me and throw me out.

” Ryan was very pleased to answer her invitation.


They both had a good time at lunch.

After eating, Moussa then plowed the ground in the yard with the help of Ryan and planted all the seedlings she brought home.


She had never planted it before, so she didn’t know if it would survive.

But once planted, there was hope.

She was also careful to water the seedlings.


Shortly after that, Chelsea came back from the hunt.

He brought the prey back into the storage area.

When he went out, there were two people behind the house talking and laughing about something.

He walked with a gloomy face.

Looking at the green seedlings on the ground, he frowned and asked, “What are these”


Moussa flinched and subconsciously took a step back.

She responded in a small voice.

“It’s a white dango.

I wanted to grow them myself to see if they could live.”


Chelsea felt that she feared him.

He didn’t feel very comfortable.

One minute ago, he saw her with Ryan laughing and joking.

So how did she turn into a different person as soon as she saw him


Ryan could see everything and could not help but say to Chelsea, “Hey, you’re back.  There’s something I need to tell you.

Let’s go to my place for one minute.”


Chelsea glanced at Moussa and nodded to go with him.

When Moussa saw that both men had departed, she entered the house in silence.

It was dark, and he had returned.

Her nightmare was going to start again.

She was beginning to feel scared.


Chelsea was not long gone, but his face did not look good.

He started roasting without speaking a word.

Seeing that he was not in good spirits, Moussa did not dare to provoke him.

So she sat quietly and watched him busy.


Chelsea soon finished roasting.

He saw that there was still leftover bone stock in the pot at one end.

He was like, “What is that”


Not expecting him to speak to her out of the blue, Moussa was startled.

Then she reacted and realized what he was asking.

She responded in a hushed voice, “It’s a soup made from bones.

I made it when Ryan was here for lunch.”


Chelsea’s face became even more gloomy.

He picked up one spoonful and tried it.

He never expected it to be good, so he took out two bowls.

Chelsea gave one to Moussa and a slice of roasted meat.

She took the roasted meat and slowly ate it into little bites.


They didn’t have any entertainment there.

So, after dinner, he would soon put her back to bed and do whatever shameful and painful things he could.

That was her biggest fear.


So now she just had to delay as long as possible.


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