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A Bit Harder

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Knowing that he was too rough last time, he left Moussa an awful memory.

To make her no longer reject his entry inside, this time, he must make her change her mind.

He must be very gentle, very gentle to hurt her.


Chelsea was rarely so gentle in sexual matters.

Moussa’s *sshole also slowly adapted to the foreign body invasion.

It gradually secreted some fluid, and the inner wall was much softer.

It no longer strangled his rod to death.


“Baby, are you feeling better” Chelsea increased the rate of in and out.

He moved gently on Moussa’s back and kissed her on the neck as he moved in.


His rough hands went around from her armpits to the front and dominantly grabbed her jiggling breasts from his impact.

He rubbed them vigorously.


Moussa was tormented by this tingling and painful sensation.

Clutching the animal skin beneath her, she whimpered.


“Tell me, is this comfortable” Chelsea relentlessly pursued.

Rubbing her breasts, his large hands were getting fiercer and fiercer.

He kept changing the angle of his rod in her *sshole and poking at the inner wall.




Mmm.” Moussa had been teased by his almost deep and shallow poking and prodding.

It seemed like there was a feather continuously teasing her *sshole.

She wanted him to go harder and faster but was too embarrassed to say it out.

She could only twist her waist to clamp him impatiently.


“And how about this” Chelsea asked as he slammed her hard and fast a few times.


“Ah,” Moussa moaned in what seemed like comfort and pain.

Her *sshole contracted unconsciously.


“That’s good too Hmm” Chelsea felt pain from the unconscious tightening of her inner walls and pulled out.

He poked shallowly at the opening of her ass, grinding slowly and deliberately.


“Mmm.” The sudden emptiness felt unbearable.

Moussa wriggled her waist and hips more violently and whimpered.


“Baby, do you want me to be gentle or go harder Tell me, baby, tell me!” Chelsea’s voice was low and ambiguous, tempting her.


“A little harder.

Chelsea, husband.

A little harder,” Moussa cried out.

She finally threw back her head as she was tortured.


“Good, baby.

All at your service.” Chelsea roared and pushed in hard.

He started to move in and out vigorously.


“Ahhhhh!” Moussa shrieked.

He slammed her down on the bed, pressing his hips fiercely.

Chelsea kept pushing his hideous rod in and out of her *sshole.

Moussa’s snow-white ass shoved forward as he slammed it, making Chelsea even more excited.

He simply pulled her up from the bed and let her sit on top of him.

Then his hands grabbed her waist, lifting and dropping her.

He was having a lot of fun.


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