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A Bit Harder

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


   Moussa, in such a position, was already a little nervous.

He brought her up and then let go of her.

She sat down heavily because of her weight and let his rod enter deep and heavy.

Moussa could not stand it after a few strokes.

She cried out and begged for mercy: “Ah! Husband.

Forgive me.

Forgive me.

I can’t stand it.





“”That’s not good enough Didn’t you just ask me to go a little bit harder, huh I have not come out once.

How to spare you” Chelsea was soothed by her twisting.

Behind her ear, he panted heavily while responding.”Gently.



Ahhhh! ” He was so fierce that Moussa felt like she was about to be torn apart by him.

She whimpered in fear and pain.

Moussa begged for mercy.

She brought her small hand down, trying to hold his rod that was pounding ferociously in and out of her ass to slow the force of his pounding.



Little thing.

F*ck you!” Moussa’s small hand held Chelsea’s rod.

While moving in and out of her *sshole, her small hand also fondled him.

Chelsea was served by her *sshole and small hands at the same time.

He pinned her down again and pounded her heavily and deeply a few times.

He was somewhat overwhelmed and roared.

He moaned and poured all the burning seed into the depths of her *sshole.


Moussa also followed it with a powerful convulsion and came.


After the passion, Chelsea seemed very satisfied with Moussa’s performance.

He lay on her back and refused to get off.

He pecked at her back, nibbling and biting as he got excited and made Moussa’s back bruised and battered with marks.


After the peak, Moussa was dizzy.

Under his constant teasing, she came to her senses again.

The moment Moussa moved, her *sshole became painful and uncomfortable.

She had an energetic and oversized husband who made her suffer a lot, but she couldn’t help it because she seemed to be in love with him.

Helplessly, she sighed and said with some grief, “Husband, you take it out.

It is rising again!” One more time and he would have had her killed.


Chelsea saw that she had eased up, so he turned her over.

Lying on her side, he wrapped his arms around her from behind.

Taking her earlobe, he asked ambiguously, “Wife, do you feel good when I did your behind ”


Moussa blushed in shame and almost bit her tongue.

Although it was not the first time to hear him say such shameless words, she was still not accustomed to it.

However, Moussa knew that he would not rest until he got a satisfactory answer.


She had no choice but to nod helplessly and give a perfunctory “hmm,” hoping he would be satisfied.


Chelsea got a satisfactory answer and happily pulled out the softened rod.

Then he moved her head, pressed his lips against hers, stuck his tongue into her mouth, and hooked her little tongue into a passionate, fiery kiss.


Moussa seemed to be particularly good today.

He kissed and caressed her for a long time.

The good thing was that Chelsea was concerned about the swollen two holes below her, so Chelsea didn’t put the rod in again.

Having kissed enough, he hugged her tightly from behind, and soon they both fell asleep.


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