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Settlement Of Accounts

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


Chelsea was choked and then shouted angrily, “What are you talking about I’m asking you why you tricked Moussa into rubbing the ointment containing the ‘love fruit.’””I just want to let you feel good.” Karida looked like he had done a good deed.

The ‘you should thank me’ look was on his face.

“Seeing that you have recently been unsatisfied, I am kind enough to help you out!””You,” Chelsea was rendered helpless by him.

It was a fact that she didn’t let him enjoy it more, so he threw a line saying, “Who wants you to meddle” Then he turned around and walked away.


“You’re so heartless.

You didn’t even thank me when you got laid, really.” Karida muttered behind him and turned around to go inside.


The following day, Moussa was awakened from hunger.

She had eaten a meal yesterday, and that much ‘exercise’ would be strange if she was not hungry.


Trying to open her tired eyelids, she felt no place in her body that was not sore.

Especially below, it was hot and painful.

This feeling was familiar to Moussa, and she could not help but curse in a small voice, “Bad guy.”


“Baby, who is the bad guy” Chelsea had long been awake.

Seeing that she was still sleeping, he was bored and kissed her body.

Suddenly he saw her eyes open and pouted, “Bad guy.” He was in a good mood.

He put his arm around her from behind and teased her around her earlobe.


“Hmm,” Moussa stiffened at the sound.

She suddenly remembered the rainy season, and Chelsea didn’t even have to go out hunting.

All the things yesterday came back to her slowly.

Moussa was so ashamed that she wanted to find a hole in the ground.

Oh my God, the person who kept rubbing against him and shouting for him to stuff her heavily was really her.

Oooh …… she had no face to meet people.


Chelsea saw that she had not spoken for a long time and that her face was shockingly red.

He knew that she remembered what happened yesterday and became shy.

He liked to see her shy and timid appearance, so he teased, “What Yesterday, you kept pulling me and asked me to do it hard.

But now that you are satisfied, you are ignoring me and calling me a bad person.



“Chelsea …… please, don’t say it!” Moussa was so ashamed that she buried her face into the animal skin covering the bed and muffled a plea for mercy.


“Haha, little thing, you did it all, and you still won’t let me mention it.

Huh” Chelsea was amused at her.

He laughed out loud, and his big hands kept moving back and forth on her body, causing Moussa to shyly shudder a little.


“Don’t, Chelsea.

I’m still in pain.” Feeling his hands moving further and further down, Moussa couldn’t care less about being shy and grabbed his hands to stop him from going down.


“Okay, my little baby.

Let’s take a bath and eat then, okay” Chelsea already checked earlier while she was sleeping, and both holes down there were indeed swollen.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have to be so bored.


“Yeah.” Moussa was too shy to hear him call her little baby dotingly, but she felt good.


Chelsea was very good at helping Moussa take a bath.

He also helped her apply the ointment to relieve the swelling and pain.

Of course, the one without the ‘love fruit.’ He wanted to get rid of the one containing the love fruit.

Still, remembering yesterday’s soulful taste, he really had some reluctance to part with it.

He wanted to have another one someday, so he quietly put it away.


The two ate their meals.

There was nothing to do, so they lay on the bed and chatted.

As they talked, Chelsea was out of sorts again.

The big hands that kept kneading her body were gradually getting out of control.

It was getting increasingly aggressive.


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