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His thick rod kept poking and prodding violently and furiously.

Their union kept oozing lustful fluids and making ambiguous noises.


“Ah! Ah ah! Ah! Ah ah ah!” Moussa’s sweaty little face turned into a wrinkled mess while her little mouth unconsciously screamed loudly in lust.

Her naked body shook because of Chelsea’s wild thrusting.

The two snow-white masses on her chest also almost flew up, like two bouncing bunnies.



Slow down.

Ah! Ah! Gently.

Ah! Ah! Please, husband,” Chelsea’s every entry was as vigorous as if to tear her apart.

However, the pleasure from the violent friction inside her walls kept driving her crazy.

Under the double stimulation, Moussa became confused, tightening herself and begging for mercy.


Chelsea ignored her pleas for mercy.

His huge rod was thrusting fiercely inside her, and his eyes turned scarlet with desire.


No one could tell how long it had been, but Moussa had already been f*cked by him several times.

There was no strength left in her body, and she was completely soft under him.

Her cries had turned into feeble whimpers.


“Uhhh!” Then, he pounded deep, making Moussa’s vision go white as she felt herself coming again.


“Roar!” Almost at the same time, Chelsea roared back and shot his load all the way up inside her.


Chelsea was satisfied.

After pressing on top of her to slow down for a while, he moved to give her sweaty little face small kisses.

After kissing her for a time, Moussa felt the rod inside her harden again.

She pulled it out and turned her limp body over to a crawling and kneeling position.


“Take a break.

I’m exhausted.” Moussa was unhappy that he was trying to torment her again so soon.

She squirmed and refused to cooperate.


“Slap.” Chelsea gave her a not-so-gentle two slaps on her little buttocks, warning, “Don’t move.

Be a good girl, and keep your butt up.

You promised to give me a baby.

Be good.”


“I’m tired to death.

See who will give you a baby.” Moussa mumbled, but she still cooperated by sticking her ass up.

She suddenly felt something wrong.

How could it be so fluffy She glanced back in confusion and almost fainted from fear.

Chelsea had transformed into a beast, holding the huge thing between her legs, which was several times larger than his human form.


“Ah!” Moussa screamed.

She didn’t know where she got the strength, but she rolled to the edge of the bed and then dashed to the floor.

She looked at Chelsea, trembling and frightened, shaking her head randomly, “No, no! No, Chelsea, I don’t want to.

If you dare to do it in beast form, I’ll… I’ll bite my tongue and kill myself.”


Oh my God, it was so horrible.

Chelsea wanted to use the beast form that Moussa could not accept in any way.

Earlier, she compromised and agreed to let him play with her because she loved him, but this was a human beast.

Moussa would never agree to anything.

If he used force despite her wishes, she would rather die in front of him than be ravaged to death by him.


She began to wonder what kind of feelings Chelsea had for her in his heart.

He doted on her, loved her, and shed tears because he was worried about her death.

But every time she was hurt, it was him who got hurt despite her feelings.

Now he didn’t care about her life and death and even wanted to use his beast form to have it with her.

Was she a wife in his heart who he could keep for the rest of his life, or was she just a pet for him to give vent to his desires


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