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Chelsea saw her determined attitude, threatening him to bite her tongue but also trembling with fear.

He figured that he had been a little impatient.

It seemed that the time had not yet come, and Chelsea had to slowly coax her to agree.

So he transformed into a human form.

He waved at her and softly coaxed, “Okay, I don’t need the beast form.

Good girl, come here.”


Moussa’s heart was all over the place.

She didn’t dare to come close, fearing that he was coaxing her to relax her guard.

If she hadn’t noticed in time, she would have been forced down by him.

Then he would turn into his beast form and move his way in, just like earlier.


Chelsea saw she looked guarded.

Knowing that she did not believe him, he sighed and assured, “Wife, I promise.

If you won’t nod and agree to let me use my beast form, I will never use it.

It’s OK, come on over.

I am so hard.”


Moussa heard him say so relaxed her a little.

She followed his gaze and saw that his great baton was standing up and trembling slightly.


She swallowed unconsciously.

That was the size she was struggling to cope with, right She eyed the distance between Chelsea and her and glanced at the distance between her and the door.

There should be a chance to run away.


So she ran towards the door while saying, “You calm down for one night.”


“Little thing, you’re so naughty.” Unfortunately, Moussa had just touched the door when Chelsea caught her back.

He picked her up by the waist and threw her back to the bed amidst her shrieks.


“I am not!” Moussa was still struggling to get up when Chelsea pounced on her.

He flipped her over and seized her tiny hips with his big hands, making her unable to move.

The huge burning size rushed into her red and swollen p*ssy without warning.


“Don’t! Ah ah!” The sudden impact made Moussa scream out of breath.

Her ten fingers tightened their grip on the animal skin beneath her.


“If you won’t let me use the beast form, then you’ll have to do it with me all night.” Chelsea nibbled on her snowy back as he decreed.

His lower body sharply slapped the white flesh of her buttocks.

Within a few seconds, Moussa’s buttocks were red.


“Mmm, ah!” Moussa couldn’t speak because of his high-speed banging.

She threw back her head and moaned helplessly.

Her elbows collapsed from his heavy ramming and couldn’t support her.

The two white masses on her chest reddened quickly because of the strong impact and the friction of the animal skin under her.


Chelsea really did as he declared.

Despite Moussa’s cries and pleas, he tossed her all night long.

Finally, Moussa couldn’t take it anymore.

The two holes below her were red and swollen due to his efforts, but his rod was still hard and not happy.

There was no choice but to offer to use her mouth to help him solve the problem.

Chelsea came again in Moussa’s mouth.

This was how she was spared.


Moussa was nearly knocked back to sleep.

Chelsea looked at the little sleeping person in his arms, murmuring something like, “You’re a liar.

You said you want to give me a baby, but you won’t let me use the beast form, you little liar.”


Although he also wanted to have a baby like her, he was unwilling to force her if she really refused.

After all, he was also a little worried that she could not withstand his beast form.

However, when he thought that the elders of the tribe wanted to hurry things, it gave him some headache.

Now it was okay to say that she was not here for a long time.

However, when spring arrived, and her belly was still not moving, the elders would have to discuss their plans.

Probably the elders would have to discuss the collective action.

Inevitably, there would be another storm.


But on second thought, there was nothing more.

The big deal would be for Chelsea to stop being the chief of the tribe.

If it still wouldn’t work, he would take Moussa to another place.


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