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After thinking about it, he was relieved.

However, as the chief of the tribe today, he still had to work for the welfare of the tribe, so he pulled the animal skin on one side to cover Moussa and got up from the bed.

He went to the bathroom and freshened up, then opened the door to go out.


Since he could not breed a new life for the tribe now, it would be good to help those beastmen who did not have partners.

It would be good for them to breed a few more new lives for the tribe so that the elders would not be too much for him.


When Moussa woke up, it was already afternoon.

She had no idea where Chelsea had gone.

She was aching all over her body, and the slightest movement made her want to cry.


After a while of dawdling on the bed, she was so hungry that she couldn’t stand it anymore, so she reluctantly got up.

She couldn’t count how many times she hadn’t eaten.

Anyway, since the rainy season, Chelsea had been busy tossing her around, always making her hungry.


She grabbed some fruit and ate it, and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

She felt alive again.


Chelsea was not at home.

She looked around and felt a bit empty and wanted to see him right away.

Realizing this thought made Moussa’s face flush.

How could she be like a young girl who had just fallen in love and felt as if she had not seen him for a while


Although shy, she still could not resist and went out to find him.


Fortunately, the rain was not too heavy.

There were still a few beastmen moving around outside.

Moussa casually asked someone and was told that Chelsea was in the middle of the village open space there.


When Moussa arrived, she could not help but be shocked by the scene in front of her.

She only got up a little late, but the change was too big.


A very tall pavilion was built out of thin air in the middle of the open space between the village.

This was not the most surprising to Moussa.

What surprised her most was that the younger generation were almost all gathered here.

A table of four or five people was playing mahjong.


Oh, dear.

This was simply a mahjong hall, which really gave her a sense of time and space dislocation.


Chelsea was looking down to teach a beastman how to play mahjong when suddenly as if sensing, he turned his head and saw Moussa standing dumbfounded at the door.


He hooked the corners of his mouth and then called over to Ivy, instructing at another table.

He told her to continue teaching the beastman and walked quickly to Moussa’s side.

He took her into his arms and asked softly, “You’re awake.

Have you eaten”


“Hmm,” Moussa nodded stiffly.

Pointing at the whole mess, she asked, somewhat incredulously, “Did you do this”


Chelsea looked at her dumbfounded small face.

She was so cute that he couldn’t help but give her a deep kiss.

Only when she was panting from the kiss did he let her go and look at the excited and smiling faces of the new females.

He proudly said, “How about it.

Your husband is smart, right”


Moussa followed his gaze and realized that every new female fox had been accompanied by single males.

Most of the males at the table with them were also singles, then it dawned on her.


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