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Ryan saw a small figure swaying left and right in front of his house from afar.

His heart moved and suddenly accelerated his steps.

When he saw that the small figure was really Moussa, he unconsciously slowed down the speed.


She looked like a female standing in front of the house anxiously waiting for her partner returning late.

Although he knew it was only his self-deception or just a dream, he still hoped that this dream would be longer.

It would be best not to wake up.


Moussa was anxiously waiting for Ryan to come back.

Although she only came to give him sweet potatoes, the passersby looked at her with strange eyes as if she was doing something terrible behind Chelsea’s back.

But Moussa was also a little afraid that Chelsea would catch sight of her.

She was cautious.

Although he would not say anything, he would bully her harder in bed if he saw her.

For every time she was forced, she was miserable.


She was still worried when she saw Ryan coming from afar.

She was so happy that she ran to him with a smile.


Ryan saw her running towards him from a distance and hurriedly vaulted to her.

Although he enjoyed the way she ran towards him, he couldn’t let her work hard in the end.


Moussa was not prepared for his sudden appearance in front of her.

For a moment, she could not stop her steps and ran straight to his arms.

Surprised, she took two steps backward, and the sweet potatoes she was holding fell to the ground.


Moussa looked embarrassed to see his hand raised in preparation to help her.

She was annoyed that she had overreacted.


Ryan smiled at her and put his hand down.

He said softly, “Watch yourself when you are in a hurry.

This is for me.” While saying this, he squatted and picked up the sweet potatoes.


Moussa came back to her senses and also squatted to pick the sweet potatoes together.

While picking them up, she said excitedly, “Ryan, you know what.

My small vegetable garden has a lot of sweet potatoes, thanks to you.

If you hadn’t helped me take care of it, it would not have grown so well.

I came to you with a few.

Tell you what, these sweet potatoes, roasted or boiled, are very delicious.


“Thank you, Moussa, for bringing these to me.” Ryan stood and received all the sweet potatoes in Moussa’s hand.

Then he softly thanked her.

In fact, he wanted her to do it for him, but unfortunately, he could not say it because he was not qualified.


“Oh.” Moussa saw the gentle gaze of his eyes filled with affection.

She suddenly felt a little embarrassed and didn’t know what to say.

She smiled and looked away, but she saw Chelsea standing not far away.

He was watching them with a gloomy face.


Moussa secretly screamed crap.

Really, why was she so unlucky Moussa wouldn’t do anything bad, but she was caught every time.

Although she didn’t do anything bad, Chelsea acted as if she had done something terrible every time.


She jumped to his arms and said, “Husband, you are back.

Let’s go to Ivy’s house for dinner, okay I dug up a lot of sweet potatoes in the garden today.

I’ll do it for you, okay I gave some to Ryan just now because he has been helping me take care of the vegetable garden.” Moussa tactfully explained to him what had just happened, hoping he wouldn’t misunderstand.


Chelsea did not say anything.

He greeted Ryan as usual and then walked home with the prey in one hand and pulled Moussa with the other.


Moussa couldn’t tell if Chelsea was angry or not, but she tried to be nice.

“Husband, you’ve hunted so much today.

It’s great.

You’re great.”


Moussa praised him, but Chelsea did not talk.

He dragged her all the way home, and as soon as he entered the house, the prey was thrown to the ground.

He pressed her against the door and kissed her little mouth that had been chattering.


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