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The days passed without fail as Chelsea and Moussa persistently bullied and resisted.

Ivy’s belly gradually grew, and Moussa devoted herself to her vegetable garden every day, in addition to taking care of her.


After countless failures, Moussa finally succeeded in spinning a ball of yarn.

Although it was not enough to weave a dress, a little goes a long way.

Looking at this hard-earned cotton yarn, Moussa was thrilled.

She believed that she would be able to successfully make a dress next year before winter came.


The weather gradually became colder.

The tribe was even busier, leaving early and returning late every day to prepare food for the winter.


Chelsea was also busy.

Not only did he have to go out hunting, but when he returned, he had to take the males around the village to build the fortification.

Because of the lack of food in winter, there were inevitably hungry and crazy beasts that would attack the village.


With the first snowfall, winter officially arrived.

The village also held the usual welcome party again.

This time, because of the strong recommendation of the fox females who stayed behind, as well as the attraction of mahjong, chess, backgammon, and other fun games, almost all of the dozen females from the fox tribe stayed for the winter, causing the males who did not have a partner in the tribe to cheer.


However, Moussa was not too comfortable because Philo was also listed.

She felt sour in her heart and lost her temper with Chelsea in private.

Moreover, Philo had nothing to do to Chelsea’s side.

On the contrary, Chelsea took her down on the bed and bullied her.

She pinched and bit him violently, but Chelsea’s skin was thick and didn’t matter at all.


In fact, Chelsea was not unaware of her little thoughts.

But for one thing, Philo often appeared beside him and did not do anything too much.

For another, he enjoyed Moussa’s little jealous expression.

That was why nothing was said, and she was allowed to act like a little wildcat.

When she got tired of it, she was pushed down on the bed.

She cried for mercy and no longer had the energy to make trouble.


“Ah! Husband, you hurry! Ah ah ah!” The hoarse and raspy moans and gasps continuously sound from the big messy bed.


Moussa’s soft and white fingers gripped the animal skin beneath her.

Her small buttocks buckled upwards, bearing the violent impact behind her.

She panted and moaned intermittently because of the violent impact.


The blushing and tear-stained face were pressed helplessly against the animal skin beneath her, rubbing in response to the force of the ramming behind her.

Her naked body was covered with red and purple hickeys, from her neck to her smooth back, to the roots of her thighs, all of which were marked by bites.


The two soft masses on her chest were also covered with finger marks and nibble marks.

But the most unbearable thing was between her legs.

She was forced to gulp down his huge stick.

She was already stretched to the limit, and with each deep withdrawal, white fluid dripped from her onto the white animal skin, which was lewd and seductive.


Chelsea held her waist firmly with his two large hands as she sat back while he pushed forward.

This position and movement allowed the huge object in his crotch to poke deeper and heavier.


With each poke, Moussa, who had already fallen into ecstasy, let out a pitiful sob, “Ah! Spare me! Please.





Chelsea’s wet silver-white hair stuck to his forehead.

The original cold-hearted face showed a soothing expression, staring hard at the small person underneath.

His eyes had a hot desire that could not be concealed.


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