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Chapter 16: Elite-Grade Genetic Armament, Extraordinary Gene

Translator: Lordbluefire

Lu Yuan didnt directly take his gains out to check.

He rested awhile and continued moving on the arid land, planning to find a location that could provide cover for the wind before he checked his gains.

When Lu Yuan left, in another region of the Graystone Forest, there was a party of four gene fighters.

The four were currently taking a break, and there were corpses of over ten graystone beetles on the ground beside them.

All of a sudden, a tall and skinny man shouted in shock.

“Guys, look over there!”

When the other three heard it, they lifted their heads and looked over.

In the direction where the tall and skinny guy was pointing, they could see flames towering up the sky.

A moment later, everyone opened their eyes wide and revealed looks of shock and bewilderment.

“Whats going on there Why would there be such a huge fire”

“Could a treasure have appeared”

“Or some strange mutated ferocious beasts were just born!”


“Why dont we go over to take a look”

The tall and skinny guy turned and looked at his companions, seeking their opinions.

After that, the tall and skinny guy and two others turned and looked at a muscular dude who wielded a greatsword. He was clad in black metal armor.

“Boss, what do you think”

The muscular dude stared at the fire far away. His eyes flashed as he contemplated. After that, he narrowed his eyes and spoke.

“Lets go over and take a look. However, we have to be more careful. There might not only be us in this region. This is such a huge commotion, so other lifeforms would surely have discovered the situation there too. Maybe they would also head over. We better maintain our vigilance to not get one-upped by others!”

When the other three heard this, all of them grinned.

“Boss, dont you worry! No matter what, we have been in the Land of Origins for a while. We naturally understand something like this.”

“Lets go then!”

The muscular dude used his greatsword to push himself up as he stood.

The other three also rose to their feet with excitement in their eyes.

The four of them began to move in the direction of the fire.

Not long later, the sand and stone fragments in the air were completely blown onto the ground. The flames also started to dissipate.

As the intensity of the flames weakened, the two black-rune graystone beetles shrieked frenziedly and charged through the wall of flames. After they got past it, they ran back to the location of the wooden treasure chest.

However, they soon saw that the wooden treasure chest had been opened, and the items within had disappeared.

Ji, ji, ji!

A moment later, the two black-rune graystone beetles emitted angry shrieks. Their claws scratched the ground unceasingly as streams of white light flashed from their bodies.

After that, they rushed out and searched everywhere to see who it was that had stolen their stuff.

But it was a pity that Lu Yuan had removed all his traces. Not even his scent remained.

It was naturally impossible for the two black-rune graystone beetles to find Lu Yuan.

And right now, the four human gene fighters gradually got close to this place.

The muscular dude clad in metal armor and wielding a greatsword was walking at the front vigilantly. The three other males followed behind him.

When they passed a tunnel, they abruptly halted their steps.

This was because three elves were walking out of a location not far away from them. Two of the elves were male and one was female.

Both parties glanced at each other with wariness.

But before they could speak, another three kobolds walked out of the other tunnel.

These three parties of people met and stared at each other.

After that, one of the male elves who was wielding a bow gently spoke.

“Im sure everyone was drawn here by the light from the fire. We still have no idea what exactly is there. Why dont we form an alliance first to check the situation out before we decide what to do How about it”

After hearing this, the humans and kobolds both exchanged glances among their own parties.

A black-furred kobold that was two meters tall laughed malevolently.

“Hehe, I have no objections.”

The muscular dude from the human race coldly spoke.

“We are okay with it too.”

The three parties then split up and maintained a certain distance between them as they continued to advance.

But before they could go far, they saw two dark shadows rushing out from an area ahead.

After they saw clearly what the two dark shadows were, they all shouted at the same time.

“Black-rune graystone beetles!”

“Damn! There are actually two!”

“On guard!”

The two black-rune graystone beetles also discovered the three parties immediately.

After seeing them, the two bugs eyes turned red.

(You guys definitely are the thieves!!)

(Prepare to die, scums!!)

White light flashed from their bodies as an additional layer of stone armor covered them. They then shrieked crazily as they charged the three parties.

Battle technique, Stoneskin!

The three parties: “”

They looked at the frenzied looks of the black-rune graystone beetles and felt a little dumbfounded.

“Using their battle techniques the moment they saw us Damn it, are these two black-rune graystone beetles crazy!”

“These two black-rune graystone beetles must have gone mad!”

“Ranged fighters, attack now!”

A few archers raised their bows and fired at the same time. However, when the arrows slammed into the armored shells of the black-rune graystone beetles, they merely left a white dot behind and were repelled after that.

The female elf had recorded and engraved a rune. At this moment, a fireball the size of a human head appeared in her hands, and it zoomed toward one of the black-rune graystone beetles.


Heatwaves ravaged the area. The black-rune graystone beetles charged out from the flame, and although its stone armor was somewhat black, its imposing aura didnt diminish.

A moment later, the expressions of everyone changed.

“Damn! What a powerful defense! We must block them, dont allow them to rush to the backline!”

For a time, the entire scene was in chaos.

Currently, the main culprit, a man with an extremely handsome appearance and someone that was destined to become the pillar of humanity, had found a spot on the top of the stone wall where he could avoid the wind. He was currently humming a melody as he checked his gains.

He first took out that light-green ball of light.

There was a large sword in it.

Lu Yuan exerted force as he grabbed it, and the ball of light shattered, causing the sword to fall onto the ground.

The body of the sword was as black as ink. Its length was roughly 1.5 meters, and there were two areas on the sword body that seemed slightly thicker, resembling the joints of graystone bugs.

Lu Yuan placed his hand on the sword hilt and a moment later, information regarding this greatsword was transmitted into his mind.

Lu Yuan wasnt surprised. This was one of the miraculous things about the Land of Origins. There would be an introduction given to the users regarding some gains they obtained.

The Land of Origins was too magical. As to why it was so, no one knew the answer.

In fact, no one knew if the Land of Origins merely existed in their consciousness.

However, this wasnt something Lu Yuan was concerned about now.

After reading the information, a smile appeared on his face.

This greatsword was named the Bugclaw Sword, an elite-grade genetic armament.

The difference between genetic armaments and ordinary weapons was that genetic armaments were created with special materials, and users of genetic armaments could enjoy an enhancement effect.

For example now…

The moment Lu Yuan held the Bugclaw Sword, he could sense quite a large increase in his strength. The increase was roughly about one-fold.

This was really exaggerated.

Naturally, it was because Lu Yuans current strength was too weak and elite-grade genetic armaments were very powerful. This was why it enabled him to gain such a huge increase in terms of power.

When Lu Yuans strength grew stronger, the amount of increment would become smaller and smaller.

But right now, this Bugclaw Sword was like a divine weapon to Lu Yuan!

Not only so, but when Lu Yuan pierced the tip of the Bugclaw Sword into the ground, it penetrated the rocks as easily as cutting tofu. The sharpness was much greater compared to the Blacklight Alloy Sword that he was using. The difference between them could simply be described as one as the heaven and the other as the earth.

With this weapon, what the hell was the Blacklight Alloy Sword It could screw off!

Lu Yuan stroked the body of the Bugclaw Sword sweetly as he felt joy in his heart.

With this weapon, wouldnt it be very relaxed if he wanted to kill graystone beetles

Wouldnt the speed of his cultivation become extremely fast!

Lu Yuan exerted his will, and the Bugclaw Sword transformed into a ball of inky light that fused back into his body. It passed through the white mist and eventually transformed into an illusory shadow that floated in the surroundings of his genetic chain.

This was another effect of genetic armaments. The enhancement effect provided by the genetic armament could exist all the time. It was fine as long as his body in the Land of Origins could withstand the effect.

If the enhancement effect was too great, it might cause the body to be unable to withstand the load and eventually collapse.

After all, the strength granted by genetic armaments was just external aid.

For example, like now. With the enhancement effect from the Bugclaw Sword, Lu Yuan already felt that his body was extremely bloated. If there were any more enhancement effects from genetic armaments, his body probably wouldnt be able to withstand them.

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After he finished checking the genetic armament, it was time for the highlight of his gains next.

Lu Yuans eyes had a hint of anticipation as he took the white ball of light out.

Inside the ball of light, numerous strange-looking threads could be seen weaving in and out. It appeared that they operated in a mysterious rhythm.

Extraordinary genes were the core of all gene fighters.

This was the first extraordinary gene Lu Yuan obtained!


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