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Chapter 5: Li Qinghe

Translator: Lordbluefire

Lu Yuan was somewhat astonished as he looked at the floating and dancing spirit qi particles in his consciousness. After falling silent, he cautiously used the method described in the Basic Spirit Qi Guiding Technique to absorb the spirit qi particles.

The moment he breathed in, all the spirit qi particles seemed to be attracted by a magnet. They lunged toward Lu Yuan with flying speed and melded into his body.

In his consciousness, the spirit qi particles passed through the white mist and fused with the double helix genetic chain.

Originally, the light emitted by the double helix genetic chain was dimmer. But gradually, from the bottommost part, its glow began to intensify.

As the genetic chain became increasingly brighter, Lu Yuan felt his body growing warm. There seemed to be some swelling in his glabella and his mind became clearer and clearer.

This feeling caused joy in Lu Yuans heart.

According to what was happening now, the spirit qi was refining his genetic chain, and the genetic chain was nourishing his body and mind in turn.

There seemed to be no problem.

The only problem was that his speed of absorbing spirit qi seemed to be much quicker than what the Basic Spirit Qi Guiding Technique introduced.

In the introduction of the Basic Spirit Qi Guiding Technique, it stated that people with relatively good talents usually needed three to five days for the entire process. For people with average talent, they might require ten days to half a month.

However, Lu Yuan succeeded the moment he closed his eyes. What sort of talent could this be considered as

Could this be due to the evolution cube

Lu Yuan stared at the revolving blue-colored cube as he felt joy in his heart.


(As expected of me!)

At this moment, Lu Yuans consciousness swelled and a small-scale space split apart from it.

This space was originally the size of a fist, but as he continued to absorb spirit qi, it gradually grew larger.

Finally, the space became the size of roughly a cubic meter.

Although there was nothing in this tiny space, Lu Yuan could sense the connection between him and it.

He instinctively knew what this space was.

Wasnt this what the forum post earlier had mentioned A space would be excavated by his gene battle tattoo the first time he absorbed spirit qi

However, according to what the post stated, it seemed that it was exceptionally difficult to excavate such a space.

Because of it, Lu Yuan didnt even dare to imagine that it would be so easy for him to excavate it. Everything was extremely smooth.

It was just that this space was a little tiny.

When the space no longer grew, Lu Yuan opened his eyes.

After that, he saw a stream of dawn light entering his room and couldnt help but be startled.

He immediately turned on his mobile phone and glanced at it.

6.34 a.m.

(Its actually already morning!)

He somehow felt that only a few minutes had passed, not expecting that it had been so long.

Amazingly, his mental state was still very clear. It felt even clearer than after having a very high-quality sleep.

(Is this the effect of spirit energy Its pretty amazing!)

Lu Yuan then got off his bed. After washing himself up, he left his room.

However, when Lu Yuan had just opened the buildings door, he saw a woman with a pair of beautiful bright large eyes pushing the door open as she walked in. She had exquisite makeup on and was wearing a tight-fitting dress.

After seeing Lu Yuan, the woman smiled.

“Younger Brother Lu Yuan, are you heading to class”

Lu Yuan nodded. “Mn, Elder Sister Qinghe, have you just finished work It must have been tough on you.”

“Hehe. Just so coincidentally, I bought a few extra buns here. Why dont you take them and eat them on the way”

Li Qinghe smiled brightly and lifted the buns in her hand.

Lu Yuan felt a slight warmth in his heart and laughed.

“Elder Sister Qinghe, you seem to have bought too many buns every time ah.”

Lu Yuan moved out of the welfare agency a year ago and came to reside here.

But then Li Qinghe had stayed here even longer than Lu Yuan. The life of a weak and helpless female living alone in the slums was naturally extremely difficult.

In order to live, she had to be willing to give up everything.

However, to Lu Yuan, Li Qinghe was a good elder sister that showed relatively much care and concern for him.

In the memories of this original body, after Li Qinghe learned that Lu Yuan was an orphan and his monthly allowance was very low, she would always buy extra breakfast and give it to Lu Yuan after she returned.

She would also often talk about the precautions and major matters he needed to pay attention to in this district, telling him when he should hide away and whom he couldnt afford to antagonize.

If it wasnt for Li Qinghe, Lu Yuan might not have survived until now.

From the deepest of the original bodys heart, Lu Yuan was extremely grateful to Li Qinghe.

She was one of the few sources of warmth in his heart after he became an orphan.

The original body had always wanted to help Li Qinghe. But sadly, he couldnt even earn enough to keep himself alive, let alone help others.

Lu Yuan suddenly thought of something. He was already a gene fighter. Not long later, he would move away from this place, and at that time, he could help Li Qinghe to find a good job for her, bringing her away from this chaotic district.

After seeing the smile on Lu Yuans face, Li Qinghe started. A strange light flashed in her eyes as she surveyed Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan was a little puzzled. “Whats the matter

Li Qinghe laughed.

“I only feel that Younger Brother Lu Yuan seems a little different from before. You wouldnt smile like this yesterday.”

Lu Yuan came to a realization and understood that the degree of his transformation was a little great.

Li Qinghe was someone from the slums and had met various types of people before. She was most probably quite sensitive in this aspect.

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He then laughed.

“Actually, I encountered something good.”

“What is it”

“Yesterday, I awakened as a gene fighter. I feel that my life might be different now, so I decided to change a little.”

Upon hearing this, Li Qinghe started and revealed a surprised smile.

She went over and patted Lu Yuan on his shoulder.

“Congratulations to you, Younger Brother Lu Yuan. In the future, you will be a major character!”

“Its not certain yet. However, I definitely dont have to stay in the slums anymore in the future.”

“Hmm, it would be pretty good to leave here.”

Li Qinghe nodded in agreement.

Lu Yuan looked at Li Qinghe and smiled.

“Sister Qinghe, when I leave, I will find a good job for you and bring you together with me.”

Li Qinghe was startled. She then took out a packet of cigarettes from her pocket and took one out skillfully, lighting it and taking a puff.

Her right hand was supported by her left as she puffed out white smoke. She smiled, looking at Lu Yuan.

“Why You dont regard this elder sister with disdain”

Lu Yuan then replied with a straight face.

“Ive always remembered those who treat me well and those who treat me vilely. Elder Sister Qinghe is the only one here that treats me well.”

Since Lu Yuan inherited the memories of this body, although he had no other thoughts toward Li Qinghe, he also treated her as an elder sister that cared for him.

If he could help her, he would naturally lend her a hand.

Li Qinghe fell silent. After that, she laughed and rubbed Lu Yuan on his hair.

“Right now, the situation is not set yet. Lets talk again when the time comes. Take the buns and go to school first, dont be late for your class. Elder Sister Qing doesnt know much about matters of gene fighters, but you should handle those step-by-step and remember to always pay attention to your safety first.”

“Ill make a move first then.”

Lu Yuan helplessly tidied his messed-up hair. He then took two buns and went out of the buildings door.

Meanwhile, Li Qinghe glanced at the tightly-closed door and fell silent. She then snuffed out the cigarette in her hand and chewed on a bun.

She walked to Lu Yuans room. After standing there for a while, she narrowed her bright large eyes and stepped forward, moving through the door and entering the room. After that, the door behind her shut tightly.

As Li Qinghe chewed on the bun, she glanced at the surroundings. At this moment, her eyes landed on an old notebook as well as the three-step plan that Lu Yuan had prepared for the sake of entering the Land of Origins.

She walked over and looked, then she laughed.

“The anti-social little boy has really grown up.”

She shook her head and left through the door, returning to the buildings lounge. After that, she continued to eat her buns before returning to her own room.


Actually, Lu Yuan didnt go to school.

This original body might be anti-social, but he was pretty intelligent. His results in the cultural classes had always been near the top.

(As expected of my previous life!)

Lu Yuan naturally didnt need to worry about the cultural classes, having applied for leave from the teacher in charge. He planned to use the remaining time to focus on improving as a gene fighter.

The teacher naturally could understand this point and directly agreed to his request with no objections.

For the following two months, Lu Yuan could choose not to attend classes.

Hence, he wanted to go to the shopping district today.

Thats right, he had to prepare some necessities for his trip to the Land of Origins.

As the saying goes, with rations in hand, panic does not appear in ones heart.

It was the same thing for money.

Holding his card that contained over $5,000, Lu Yuan felt as though he owned this entire world. Even the way he walked was tinged with a little arrogance.

He wore his best clothes, which were also his school uniform, and strode with large steps into the shopping district as he began to shop.

The purchasing power of the red maple coins was slightly stronger compared to the RMB* in his previous life, but it wasnt that much stronger.

$5,000 actually wasnt considered a lot.

Luckily, what Lu Yuan bought were all common goods.

Compressed biscuits that were used by the military, energy bars, filling bread, and bottled water.

He also purchased insect repellent that was necessary for survival out in the wild, deodorant, ropes, etc.

Originally, Lu Yuan planned to buy a sleeping bag and a tent, but after thinking that he could only spend 24 hours there, he decided to save money.

Leave the sleep to the dead. If he lived, he could always sleep after he exited the Land of Origins.

However, just all these miscellaneous items already cost roughly $1,000.

He only had $4,000 remaining.

Lu Yuan then took the money and went to the alloy weapon shop in the shopping district.

[1] RMB = Renminbi, Chinas currency. All $ = RMB for this series.


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