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"Have you ever hooked up with one of your fans?", Sun-Hee tilted her head to the side with a fake smile as she internally shuddered at the stupidity of the question she was just asked. She can go anywhere without someone taking her picture, how in the hell was she going to go about dating a fan in secret. She was so close to asking the interviewer how the questions she had asked would benefit her career in any way, as this was setup to promote her recent comeback. She ultimately decided against it, as being considered rude or bratty was not something she would like to be known for, especially since she has many young fans that look up to her. "No, I haven , Id like to focus on my career but if you know someone let me know" she chuckled rather uncomfortably.

"How do you feel about your fans?", once again Sun-Hee resisted the urge the roll her eyes at the question, not because it was a bad question but because it was all so repetitive, different interviewers, same questions. How many more times is she going to have to answer this exact question? Are all interviewers just working from one list of questions? "My fans are an incredibly important part of my life, they are the reason I get to live my dream every day. I would not be here if it weren for their constant support, so I love all my fans dearly and feel incredibly blessed to have them by my side" she answered honestly. "Are you dating anyone right now?", Sun-Hee deadpanned regretting that she had accepted this interview. Didn she already cover this topic? Does the interviewer suffer from memory loss or something? it was becoming difficult to keep her sarcasm to herself at this point. She was trying her best to be a good respectful guest but everything about the interview made her want to stand up and leave or perhaps that was the lack of sleep talking she didn even know anymore at this point.

"No, Im not", she said, her face blank and her annoyance visible to the interviewer who shifts uncomfortably. The interviewer skimmed over her questions trying to find one that would drop the awkward atmosphere, chuckling nervously she finally spots a question "So youve recently been in the US to promote your comeback, how was the experience visiting the US different a second time around?", Sun-Hee blinked back her surprise at the question actually excited to answer. "It was definitely different, mostly because the first time I went to the US I barely had any fans outside Korea so going back there was a very new experience for me now that Ive gained a following. It was very exciting to say the least, I got recognized way too easily this time around which is a good thing of course but it made sightseeing an extreme sport ", chuckling softly, Sun-Hee sits back comfortably as the interviewer visibly relaxes at her light tone of voice that contrasted the deep aggravated tone, she had just a few minutes ago.

" Whats the one thing youd like to accomplish in your career most of all?", Sun-Hee smiled gratefully at the turn this useless interview had taken. "Thats a hard one, to be completely honest this is an ever-changing answer for me, theres always something new Id like to accomplish. Im going to have to get back to you on that one", the interviewer laughed quietly while Sun-Hee genuinely thought of what she would like to accomplish in her career, did she want to win more awards? Did she want to have an international collaboration? Were these really the only valid accomplishments she could think of, shouldn her goals be really introspective and meaningful like using her career to create awareness of real-world issues or releasing music that helped her fans through their message. What was it that she wanted to achieve through her career that she could say was her most important accomplishment?

"So far what has been your favourite concept throughout your comebacks over the years? ", Sun-Hee thought about her answer for a moment, "It would have to be the darker concepts that Ive done", "Because you get to wear so much black? ", Sun-Hee laughs enjoying the interview a lot more now. "Oh yes definitely, I generally tend to gravitate towards darker colours and contrasts naturally anyway so it suits me well I guess", "That makes sense, okay one last question before I let you go, what type of legacy would you like to leave behind, how would you like to be remembered by your fans? ", taking in the question Sun-Hee really thought about this for a moment. "I would like my fans to find solace in my music, I know most times I may not express myself or personality as much as I would like but my music has always spoken for me. Ultimately Id like to be remembered for doing great things in my career and doing even better things for my community, I want my fans to be proud of me and unashamedly be able to say that they support me. "

With the interview over Sun-Hee headed over to her manager Kim Hyun Shik who had been on his phone throughout the interview sorting through her schedule," How did I do? ", " You got agitated too easily at her questions Sun-Hee", she sighed walking to her dressing room quietly while her manager continued to scold her "Im sorry okay, I tried my best to be a good guest but honestly how many times a day can I be asked the same things and not become annoyed?". Her manager had wanted to stay mad at her but there was too little time they had to head back to the M.Y building to discuss her upcoming performances and get her schedule sorted." Well continue this conversation another time we have a meeting scheduled with Mr Wong ", "Ugh thats today, but I have meet up with Mina tonight and I love him but Mr Wong has the tendency to drag meetings out as long as possible", Hyun Shik chuckles seeing Sun-Hees reluctance, she had always found all the logistical details that went into her performance very analytical and boring, there was too much documentation and way too many meetings she didn care to attend.

She preferred to focus on her performance, constantly perfecting it for her fans to appreciate and enjoy, revelling in the amazing feeling of accomplishment she has when the final products blow them away. "Itll be quick I promise little sunshine and if it does drag on too long, Ill fake a migraine so we can leave early", "pinkie promise?", laughing at the cute little pout on Sun-Hees face interlocking their pinkies sealing the deal by connecting their thumbs. "I promise, I will always be on your side I hope you know this little sunshine", with a cheeky smile he gently ruffled her hair and rushed her inside the dressing room so they could get on with their day.

"Sun-Hee why don you have a look at the wardrobe options with Minji while me and Hyun Shik go over the budget", nodding she takes a peek at the designs while they went over all the finer details of her tour budget. Staring blankly at the designs while Minji rambled on she was just about ready to jump out the closest window to escape the mundane chatter, checking the time she discretely motioned her arm to face Hyun Shik to indicate that it was time to leave. Catching her hint Hyun Shik can help the smile that breaks out on his face, this girl was so damn impatient. Composing himself he sighs deeply, squeezing the bridge of his nose using his thumb and fore finger, getting an immediate response from Mr Wong, "Are you okay Hyun? Do you need some painkillers? I told you to stop overworking yourself boy". At this point he had felt a bit of guilt at faking a migraine to escape, poor Mr Wong always falling for their acting.

" Its nothing Hyungnim, its just been a long day thats all". Why was he wasting his talent being a manager when he could have been a successful actor by now, he thinks begrudgingly. Sun-Hee sits back comfortably, eyebrow raised, watching Hyun Shik over act. "I think we should call it a day, what do you think Sunny?", Mr Wong interjects frowning slightly. "I think that would be best, Im feeling a bit tired as well and I really don want to deal with an upset Younha shes terrifying", "Im telling her you said that". Huffing at Hyun, she shudders at the thought of dealing with her managers very pregnant wife that was very fond of lovingly putting her in her place. Chuckling Hyun packed up everything and escorted her out.

"Please don actually tell her I said that, shes scary Oppa", "Its a miracle not only did you say please but you addressed me as Oppa, did she scare some manners into you". Playfully she stuck her tongue out at him "Savour it, OpPa this was a once in a lifetime opportunity", "Yah respect your elders you brat". Chuckling she greeted her driver Joon waving enthusiastically at Hyun Shik.

"See you tomorrow Hyunnie, drive safely", Shaking his head he scoffed slightly muttering disrespectful brat under his breathe with a smile present on his face.

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