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Chapter 140: Dragon Tomb pt.


“What’s that”

Other cultivators also fell on other stone steps one after another, and couldn't help but exclaim.

Even demonic cultivators, who were used to ‘big scenes’, looked grim.

After all, who could be at ease with so many weird faces staring at them

Seeing that everyone was steady on their feet, Jing Yue retracted his energy and said, “This is an aquatic creature, a human-faced fish.”

When the dragon race and the Yao race were estranged back then, aquatic creatures with the dragon bloodline were ruled by the dragon race, while others belonged to the Yao race.

The human-faced fish looked scary because this fish had a human face on its large back, which had the same expression as a human being, showing joy, happiness, anger, and sorrow, but it couldn’t speak.

Everyone fell silent.

Lin Huaifeng looked at the stone steps that were scattered on the water with no end in sight and felt creeped out.

These stone steps were not too high from the water, giving him the illusion of stepping on people's faces.

Suddenly, a two-foot-long human-faced fish jumped into the air, and the human face on its back stared at him with a slanted eye.

The fish's mouth opened wide, revealing a row of sharp teeth, and bit him!


Lin Huaifeng couldn't help but curse and punched the human-faced fish.

The fish fell into the water, its body bleeding, and the human face on its back also showed a painful expression, while the other human-faced fish swarmed up and surrounded the injured human-faced fish.

Within a few seconds, the injured fish was devoured.

Many people gulped.

Although cultivators were mentally stronger than mortals, they still felt uncomfortable watching the scene in front of them.

Jing Yue, “Let’s go.

As long as you don't fall into the water, there's nothing to fear.”

He took the lead and jumped onto the next stone steps.

Qin Yanzhi followed closely, and the other cultivators also reacted and hurriedly followed.

At this time, Lin Huaifeng heard a voice transmission from his brother, “Let's follow Jing-laozu closely.

I think he seems very familiar with the Dragon Tomb.”

Lin Huaifeng also said, “I think so too, but he couldn't have been to the Dragon Tomb before, could he”

Lin Huaiyu, “Don’t forget, he and Qin-zhenjun were sent here by the dragon race.

Since the dragon race can violate the Dragon Order for them, it’s not surprising if they told Jing-laozu about the Dragon Tomb.”

Lin Huaifeng came to a realization.

“I see.”

Many others shared the same thought.

While avoiding the attacks of the human-faced fish, they followed Jing Yue, and the eyes of the human-faced fish kept following them during the process.

After a long while, the stone steps in front became fewer and fewer, and finally, only one column remained, extending straight into the distance.

Jing Yue stopped and said, “Further down, some stone steps may be a fluke, and you may step on air instead.

You must distinguish it carefully, and don't try to find shortcuts.”

After speaking, he and Qin Yanzhi jumped to the previous stone step.

Jing Yue was followed by a demonic cultivator.

Although the demonic cultivators fought fiercely with the righteous path cultivators just now, under the watchful eyes of thousands of human-faced fish, and the lack of spiritual energy now, no one had the heart to fight, and everyone just wanted to leave.

Besides, they also wanted to make use of Jing Yue's ability to go further, so they kept a low profile.

The demonic cultivator tried to distinguish between the real and false stone steps and found that it was necessary to use the divine consciousness to find out the difference, however, it’d consume a lot of divine consciousness this way.

Thinking that there were still many unknown dangers in the Dragon Tomb, the demonic cultivator wanted to conserve his energy and laze around, so he thought nothing would happen if he jumped with Jing Yue.

So, when he saw Jing Yue jumping to the next stone step, he quickly jumped onto the stone step Jing Yue stood before, but he stepped on air and fell into the water.

The water surface churned and red waves gradually appeared along with the screams of the demonic cultivator.

The others looked horrified at the tragedy in front of them.

Jing Yue, “I already told you to distinguish the stone steps carefully.

It was uncertain if these stone steps were real or false.

Maybe it’s real when I stepped on it, but false when you step on it.”

A demonic cultivator said angrily, “Why didn’t you say so earlier!”

Jing Yue, “I’m already kind enough to tell you this.

You guys just wanted to kill me, don’t you”

Demonic cultivator, “…”

When the demonic cultivators thought about it, they had to agree.

They had different positions, and Jing Yue had done all he could.

Qin Yanzhi transmitted his voice to Jing Yue at this time, “Why do you want to help them”

Jing Yue, “After thinking about it, I only reached the Dragon Prison the last time, and the danger after that is unknown.

If there are more people, it may come in handy at a critical moment.”

Qin Yanzhi nodded and reminded, “Demonic cultivators are unreliable.

Even if you use them, you must be careful.”

“I know.” After saying that, Jing Yue looked at him in particular, his gaze rather complicated.

“Besides, I still have you, don’t I”

Qin Yanzhi was briefly startled and couldn’t help feeling that there was more to Jing Yue’s words.

The two continued to move forward, stopping and walking along the way, and finally passed the area where the human-faced fish was most congested.

A stone stairway appeared not far in front of them.

Everyone's spirits lifted.

They knew that they were finally going to leave this dreadful place!

Jing Yue stepped on the last stone step at this time and was about to reach the platform when he heard a muffled sound.

The stone step shook violently as if struck by a heavy object.

He swayed, and Qin Yanzhi quickly grabbed hold of him, and the two looked down together.

The surface of the water was still as clear as a mirror.

In the water, a large face ten feet wide slowly raised, obviously a giant human-faced fish.

In his past life, Jing Yue didn’t encounter this situation, and he wondered if this human-faced fish grew up in the past ten thousand years.

The big face got clearer and clearer, and a happy smile on the corner of its mouth could be seen as if it had found the long-awaited prey.

Jing Yue retracted his gaze and jumped with Qin Yanzhi onto the stone platform.

Almost at the same time, the human-faced fish jumped out of the water and bit down on a corner of the stone steps!

In this way, the cultivators who hadn’t landed on the shore hurriedly jumped onto the stone platform.

It was still fine if they were close, but once they were far away, some people fell into the water halfway and became the food for human-faced fish.

The remaining cultivators saw the human-faced fish rushing toward them, so they could only attack with their weapons first.

The fish was in pain and the human face on its back was distorted, and a green mist spewed out of its mouth.

The mist was obviously poisonous.

Lin Huaiyu accidentally inhaled some and felt an itch on his right hand.

He spread his hand out and saw a face growing out of his palm, the same as the face on the back of the human-faced fish, which was smiling at him at this time.

Lin Huaiyu was startled and instinctively gouged it with his other hand, trying to tear off the face.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the left hand touched the human face, his fingertips began to itch, and a small human face grew on all five fingers.

Lin Huaiyu screamed.

For him, the psychological stimulation far outweighed the physical discomfort.

Thus, he pulled out his long sword and cut off the first phalanx of the five fingers of his left hand before he held the sword with his left hand and cut off his right hand!

Lin Huaifeng was also disgusted, but it was his brother who was injured, which made him anxious and heartbroken.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a demonic cultivator reaching out, trying to push his brother into the water.

Lin Huaifeng immediately realized that the other party wanted to use his brother's sacrifice to attract the attention of the human-faced fish in exchange for a chance to escape.

“Brother! Watch your back!” Lin Huaifeng shouted and rushed over.

With his brother's reminder, Lin Huaiyu successfully avoided the demonic cultivator's attack, but he refused to let the other party get away with this.

Lin Huaiyu turned around and fought with the demonic cultivator.

He was injured and was at a disadvantage at first, but Lin Huaifeng quickly joined in.

The two brothers attacked the demonic cultivator in turn and managed to push him down the stone steps.

A giant human-faced fish jumped out of the water, the splashing water was like fog.

They vaguely saw the falling demonic cultivator being bitten and swallowed in the blink of an eye.

This scene made all the other cultivators tremble, but when they saw the two brothers of the Lin family fleeing to the stone steps, they realized that this method was feasible.

So everyone quickly changed their targets, and the two sides fought again.

The scene was extremely chaotic, and the human-faced fish swallowed several cultivators, some righteous and others demonic path, and Jing Yue couldn't help worrying.

At this moment, the fight had reached its peak.

Despite the loss of spiritual energy, their moves were still aggressive and deadly.

The challenges in the Dragon Tomb came not only from the dangers of the secret realm itself but also from fellow humans.

At this time, a figure swooped in from the left and struck again.

The long sword slashed out, and the sword shadow injured four or five demonic cultivators in one go.

This person was a woman.

Judging from her demeanor and posture holding the sword, she was most likely a sword cultivator.

Jing Yue saw this scene on the stone platform and said to Qin Yanzhi, “She is somewhat similar to you.”

He didn't speak loudly but the female swordsman still heard him.

She looked at Qin Yanzhi with admiration in her eyes and more fighting intent.

Qin Yanzhi, “She’s a disciple of the White Phoenix Sword Sect, quite famous among sword cultivators.

Back then, she and Ruan Jiu participated in the same Martial Arts Tournament of the Ten Sects.

Ruan Jiu was the first, and she was the second.”

His eyes fell on the sword in the other party’s hand.

“The sword in her hand was obtained from the sword capsule pond of Sword Inscription Sect.

To get this sword capsule back then, she passed through the Thousand Sword Formation in the sect when she was only a mid-level Golden Core cultivator.”

Jing Yue was a little surprised.

As far as he knew, the Thousand Sword Formation was used by Sword Inscription Sect to evaluate their disciples.

The formation contained a thousand variations of swordsmanship, and every disciple in the sect had to pass through this formation before Amethyst Abode before they could learn any techniques of the Amethyst Abode level.

But most people only had the ability to do so at the absolute level of Golden Core.

“What’s her name” Jing Yue asked softly.

Qin Yanzhi, “Cheng Yun.”

Jing Yue praised casually, “She’s quite amazing.”

If it were him, he might not be able to pass through the Thousand Sword Formation at the mid-level of Golden Core.

Qin Yanzhi paused and said, “I passed it during my Foundation Establishment stage.”

He didn't seem to think that his bragging behavior was childish and said with a natural expression, “I thought of a way that maybe could save them.”

Jing Yue, “What is it”

The age and strength of the human-faced fish in the water could be determined by their sizes.

At this time, everyone's spiritual energy was sealed, so they could only cause superficial injuries to the fish at most.

Moreover, the wounds of human-faced fish healed quickly, which meant they could heal themselves.

Then, he saw Qin Yanzhi take out several robes from his Sumeru Ring.

With a flash of his long sword, the robes were shredded into strips of cloth.

Qin Yanzhi tied the cloth strips together by knots, stood on the stone steps, and tossed the cloth strips around someone's waist.

The man lowered his head in astonishment, and the next moment, Qin Yanzhi pulled him over.

The cultivator was grateful for being rescued, but Jing Yue fell silent.

After half a beat, Jing Yue said, “I don’t have so many robes.”

Qin Yanzhi, “Use mine.”

With that said, he took out a few more from his Sumeru ring.

Jing Yue, “…”


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