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“Miss Zhao, youre here to see my Jiang Xi, right Hurry up and enter the house, my family is poor, I hope you dont mind.” Yang Fen cautiously wiped her hands on her waist and hurriedly went to pour some water.

From the corner of her eye, she saw Zhao Yingyings skin was as white as snow, and she was very pretty.

Her family was also from a powerful family in Jing City.

Jiang Si had said that if he could marry Zhao Yingying, his whole family would be able to benefit from it.

With this in mind, Yang Fens attitude toward Zhao Yingying became even warmer.

“My family is made up of farmers, so theyre not very good with words.

Ill call my fourth son, Jiang Si, over.

Hes studying in town, so hes good with words,” Yang Fen said with a smile as if there was no one at home to entertain Zhao Yingying.

“Youre such a strange woman.

My sister is a girl, what do you want to do by asking a man to entertain her Are you trying to ruin her reputation Youre even calling a scholar over.

Do scholars have no sense of shame” Yuan Qilin rolled his eyes and scoffed at Yang Fens words.

Yang Fens old face suddenly blushed.

“This… I didnt know the rules.

I hope Miss Zhao doesnt blame me.”

“He doesnt know the rules, and he still wants to be an official” Yuan Qilin was still complaining behind his back.

He had never seen such a shameless scholar!

Yang Fens face changed and became a little gloomy.

She thought that there were countless girls who wanted to marry Jiang Si.

This girl from the Zhao family would probably be the same as the other girls after seeing Jiang Si.

If Jiang Si had not said that this girl would be good for him in the future, she would not have taken a fancy to this girl! With an officials wife who could not even lift a hand or resist and had to follow a bunch of rules, she would climb to the top of her mother-in-laws head and not put her mother-in-law in her eyes in the future right

Zheng Rong busied herself outside the house, as reticent as Zhao Yingying remembered.

In her dream, Zhao Yingying had never seen Zheng Rong give birth to a child before she died.

However, the eldest son of the Jiang family, Jiang Da, had never remarried under the pressure of his mother, Yang Fen.

Although Zheng Rong and Jiang Das days were a little bitter, they were envied.

In her dream, Zheng Rong had even sent her food several times secretly.

When Yang Fen found out about it, she was punished to kneel for a few days.

When Jiang Xi came out of the house, she saw the crown prince of the neighboring country, Yuan Qilin, staring at the wild boar in the yard in a daze.

Yuan Qilins eyes were filled with horror and fear.

He did not know why, but he felt a chill run down his spine when he saw the big wild boar lying there.

“The Jiang family is really bold.

Arent they afraid of the wild boars I cant stand wild boars the most.

If I didnt know better, I would have thought that I was trampled to death by wild boars in my previous life.” Yuan Qilin was spouting nonsense, but he did not know that Zhao Yingying was looking at him in shock.

Then, she turned to look at the big wild boar in the yard, and her heart was in turmoil.

She heard that the wild boar belonged to Jiang Xi.

How many more surprises did Jiang Xi have that she did not know about

“My brother asked me to bring these over.

The weather is getting cold, so make two sets of thick clothes.” Zhao Yingying looked at Jiang Xi with a smile.

For a moment, she had given up the idea of taking revenge with her own hands.

Why Although she had been considered reborn, her brain and body were still the same.

It would be tiring to take revenge on her own.

She might as well hug Jiang Xis thigh!

According to the usual routine, people who harbored hatred in their hearts, if reincarnated, would become big shots who could do anything with a flip of their hands.

However, Zhao Yingying was an exception.

Right now, she only wanted to cling to someone with power! She wanted to cling to her sister-in-law! As for dealing with the others, she would have to rely on her sister-in-law, Jiang Xi! In her dream, there was no Jiang Xi in her previous life, and her brother, Zhao Ruifeng, had been alone all his life.

Now that she was still alive, she had to help her brother marry this girl! Moreover, all the variables started with her sister-in-law.

If she still could not grasp this opportunity, she would be an idiot! The heavens must have given her the dream of her previous life in advance so that she could realize this!

Zhao Yingying firmly believed that with Jiang Xi as her sister-in-law, she would have nothing to worry about! The first unlucky one was Jiang Si! It was because Jiang Si had already received the money from Jiang Xis sacrifice and was about to leave Happy Village at this time in her previous life.

Now, she was just waiting to see how Jiang Xi would kill Jiang Si!

“Sister-in-law, look… Erm, no, Jiang Xi, look.

The color of this fabric suits your skin color very well.

I asked my brother to buy it.

Thanks to you, my brother can finally have a little bit of luck now.” Zhao Yingying looked at Jiang Xi with a smile.

She was not trying to flatter Jiang Xi.

Otherwise, why could her big brother take the crown prince of the neighboring country home when he should have been trampled to death by the wild boars Moreover, the wild boar in the yard was so similar to the wild boar that was rumored to have trampled the crown prince of the neighboring country to death in her previous life.

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