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Yuan Qilin did not know about Zhao Yingyings thoughts.

He was sitting on the chair without moving, and his eyes kept wandering to the wild boar.

After looking at Jiang Xi for a while, he came to a conclusion.

Wild boars were scary, but the girl who raised them was even scarier!

Jiang Xi raised her eyebrows and looked at Zhao Yingying.

“Your big brothers bad luck is indeed extremely rare.

I dont think theres anyone like him in a few hundred years.”

Jiang Xis extremely serious tone made Zhao Yingying facepalm.

Was she complimenting her big brother Or was she deriding her big brother

Now, Jiang Xi and Zhao Yingying were more and more satisfied with each other.

Zhao Yingying wanted to abduct Jiang Xi to be her sister-in-law, while Jiang Xi wanted to abduct Zhao Ruifeng to be her husband.

The old fortune-teller in the past had said that she had to find a man with a strong eight characters and very bad luck as her husband in order to pass the threshold of 20 years old.

It was just that poor Zhao Ruifeng, who had been kept in the dark by the two.

“Jiang Xi and I hit it off like old friends at first sight.

Im the only girl at home anyway, so why dont you come to my house to play My brother, Zhao Ruifeng, is more than 1.85 meters tall, handsome, and honest.

He doesnt have a woman by his side, doesnt like to smoke or drink, and has never fooled around outside.

Although the Zhao family in Jing City is a little messy, my brother has been living outside since he grew up.

He doesnt stay at home.” Zhao Yingying was trying her best to promote her brother to Jiang Xi as if Zhao Ruifeng was a cabbage on sale in the mall.

Yuan Qilin glanced at Zhao Yingying.

She said that she would invite Jiang Xi to the Zhao familys courtyard to play, right Why did it sound more like a blind date moreover, Jiang Xi seemed to be very satisfied with it.

What was going on Why could he not understand it


“It would be great if we could get married earlier.” Jiang Xi nodded.

Zhao Ruifeng was a good cabbage.

She had to act quickly in case someone else snatched it.

Zhao Ruifeng probably say, “Did you two forget to ask for my opinion”

“Mother, Im going to the Zhao family.

The little wild boar will stay at home and watch over the house.

Dont let anyone touch my things.

Whoever touches it will be squashed to death.” Jiang Xi waved her hand at Yang Fen and stopped her from saying anything.

In a few days, Jiang Si would be going to the county town to take the examination, so he needed the money.

Zhao Yingyings smile did not reach her eyes.

Jiang Si had once made it into the rankings in this examination.

This was the second time he had gone to Jing City to take the examination.

He had made it into the rankings twice in a row, making him very popular in Jing City for a period of time.

However, things were different now.

It was obvious that Jiang Xi was a lucky person who would not suffer any losses.

Jiang Si could forget about using her to rise to power!

It was not until Zhao Yingying had left with Jiang Xi that Jiang Si received Yang Fens message and hurried home.

Seeing that Zhao Yingying had already left, he was naturally very disappointed.

“Mother, the teacher said that with my ability, I will definitely be able to get the top spot in the exam.

If I can get the help of the Zhao family, I will definitely be famous all over the world.

In the future, mother, you can also live a good life.

When I marry Zhao Yingying, I will definitely make her filial to you.” Although Jiang Si had coaxed Yang Fen with his mouth, he was a little anxious in his heart.

He had wanted to coax her while Zhao Yingying was here.

He had some confidence in himself, but he did not expect Zhao Yingying to be so guarded against him, and Jiang Xi, that stupid girl, did not even know how to help him!

“Mother, when the time comes for the village chief election, everyone in our family will support Second Uncle Jiang Guoan.

It will be good for us if the second uncle becomes the village chief.” Jiang Si hurriedly gave Yang Fen a few instructions and then rushed back to the town.

At this time, in the Zhao familys courtyard, Zhao Ruifengs eyelids kept twitching as he looked at Jiang Xi, who had just entered the house.

He felt even sadder, especially in front of Jiang Xi.

However, Jiang Xi was Zhao Yingyings only friend.

Even if he was jealous of Jiang Xis good luck, he would not say anything.

Zhao Yingying had been in Jing City for many years, but she did not have a single friend in whom she could confide in.

Now that she was close to Jiang Xi, and Jiang Xi looked gentle and kind, Zhao Ruifeng felt more at ease with Zhao Yingying playing with her.

He thought that Jiang Xi would not lead his sister astray, rightWell, I dont think Ill be bad, Zhao Ruifeng thought.

It was not until one day when Zhao Yingying and Jiang Xi went on a killing spree in Jing City that he realized that he had misjudged her today.

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