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In the largest viewing box.

Upon seeing Xia Yangs appearance, the deans of the top schools all shouted,”

theres actually another genius student in the xuanyu Academy! &Quot;

After Qin Yi and the other nine students rushed into the array, their attention was all focused on them.

He didnt notice that Xia Yang had also rushed in.

Therefore, he didnt expect that the last Devil Fruit would be taken by Xia Yang.

Shua ~

The gazes of all the Academy presidents immediately converged on Zheng Chuan.

Dean Zheng, youve really hidden it well.

You actually still have a trump card! &Quot;

this Xia Yang was able to pick the devil fruit.

This is enough to prove that his strength is comparable to Ye Tian and the other students.

He is indeed very strong! &Quot;

it seems that Dean Zheng is preparing to take the lead this time, so he deliberately hid a trick! &Quot;


All the Academy presidents said with slight envy and jealousy.

There were thousands of students in the northern profound heavenly Academy, but only nine of them had ever reached Ye Tian and Qin Yis level.

Now that Xia Yang of the xuanyu Academy had shocked the world with a single brilliant feat, standing on the same level as Ye Tian and Qin Yi, the other Deans were all envious.

the xuanyu Academy is going to show off in front of Di Fu this time! &Quot;

They all thought to themselves.

Facing the complicated gazes of the Academy presidents, Zheng Chuan shook his head and smiled.


in fact, I didnt expect Xia Yang to have such an ability! &Quot;

Due to Xia Yangs special identity, he had personally recruited him into the xuanyu Academy more than two years ago.

In the past two years, he had been secretly testing Xia Yangs performance, but the results had never been satisfactory.

He really didnt expect that Xia Yang, who he had been watching to death, would suddenly burst out with such strength.

All the directors thought that Zheng Chuan was deliberately keeping a low profile, so they all ridiculed him.


“Keep pretending!”

Thinking that Lin Xuan was right in front of them, they quickly stopped complaining to avoid being rude.

Instead, his gaze fell back on the image transmission crystal, eagerly anticipating the next performance of the top ten students.


Mystic Light flashed.

The space around Qin Yi, Xia Yang, and the other top ten students changed and they arrived at the third level of the Xuan heavenly Golden Pagoda.

The space on this level was dark and chaotic, and dark light waves surged everywhere he looked.

One could clearly feel the powerful auras of demonic beasts rolling and spreading.

Everyone immediately showed a vigilant look and secretly circulated the true Qi in their bodies.

At this moment, the deep voice rang out again, ”

this level will be a comprehensive assessment of all your abilities.


there is a tunnel in front of each of you.

You need to pass through this tunnel and reach the final dungeon.

Then, place the devil Fruit in your hands into the crypt demon Qilins mouth.


during this process, all the magical beasts you kill will be automatically added to your points.

After completing the mission, you will receive an additional 10000 points as a reward.

Work hard! &Quot;

As soon as he finished speaking, ten dazzling purple passages appeared in the void.

Ye Tian and the others were all excited.

This round of competition would prove who was the most outstanding student.

At this point, the points were no longer as important.

This was because they were far ahead of the other students of North Mystic sky.

Now, whoever had the ability to take the lead and stand at the top of the students was the greatest pursuit!

It was obvious that whoever could put the devils fruit into the crypt Fiend Qilins mouth first would be the top person!

With this thought, Ye Tian and the others pushed their true Qi to the limit, shooting forward like lightning.

Xia Yang turned to Qin Yi and laughed, ” “Senior Sister Qin, you can do it!”

After he finished speaking, he turned into a ray of light and flew into the tunnel.

After entering the passage, the environment around each of them suddenly changed.

Demonic Qi attacked, and the roars of countless demonic beasts rang out.

It was as if they had entered a Valley of demonic beasts.


The top ten studentsvision went black.|| Bos Black demonic beasts turned into a turbulent wave of demons that pounced at them ferociously.

“Haha, good!”

“Watch how I exterminate you all!”

Ye Tian and the others all exploded with killing intent as they faced the demonic beasts.

“Swallow fist!”

“Hundred blaze Vajra kick!”

“Golden hand!”


He unleashed all of his Mystic techniques and crushed the demonic beasts in front of him as if he was crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

He advanced layer by layer.

Soon, the students arrived at the end of the passage.


With a deafening roar, ten huge Thunder demonic Tigers blocked their way.

a ninth-rank demon general-level demonic beast! &Quot;

When Ye Tian and the others saw the number of light rings in the demonic Thunder Tigers eyes, they all became extremely cautious.

They were all at the pinnacle of the Supreme realm, similar to the Thunder demonic Tiger in front of him.

It was obvious that these obstacles were the biggest obstacle for them to cross the passage.

At this moment, a heaven-defying Saber Light flashed, blinding Ye Tian and the others.

“Green feather sky shattering art!”

Xia Yang held a Dharma Treasure level green feather blade and rushed toward the Thunder demonic Tiger with a thick blade light.

Ye Tian and the others were all shocked.

“A high-grade heaven-tier cultivation technique!”

They didnt expect that Xia Yang not only had a Dharma Treasure level saber, but also a heaven-grade upper-class super cultivation method.

After a moment of thought, Ye Tians pupils shrank.


so hes the son of the Dean of the Qingyu Academy! &Quot;

In the red leaf Kingdom, where Ye Tian was born, there was an Academy called the green feather Academy.

This Academys principal also had the surname Xia, and he possessed a heaven-tier high-grade cultivation technique,”Azure feather heavenbreaker.”

Although this person was quite powerful, the school was too small for Ye Tian to consider.

As such, Ye Tian chose the larger and stronger canglan college and became a member.

With this experience, Ye Tian could immediately guess that Xia Yang was the son of the headmaster of Qingyu Academy!

When they heard the name of the Qingyu Academy, Qin Yi and the other eight students were shocked.

The scale of the Qingyu Academy was small and it was not famous.

However, three years ago.

It was widely spread in the northern profound heavenly Academy.

In one of the trials, the Qingyu Academy had killed a few armored dragon pythons, and the armored dragon Python clan had taken revenge on them.

Everyone in the Qingyu Academy had been killed overnight.

Qin Yi and the others did not expect that Xia Yang, the son of the Dean, was not dead.

Instead, he had joined the mystical Defense Academy.

In this case, Qin Yi felt that Xia Yangs sudden outburst was very reasonable.


While the students were still in a daze, Xia Yang had already slashed the demonic Thunder Tigers body.

This blade Qi was extremely strong and powerful.

It had the power to split the sky and earth.

With just one slash, the Thunder demonic Tigers head was split open!

Ye Tian and the other students hurriedly circulated their spirit Qi and charged forward.

Now that Xia Yangs identity had been revealed, they felt a greater sense of crisis and oppression.

They told themselves in their hearts that they would never allow Xia Yang to be the first to win, and they would never allow him to be with Qin Yi.

&Nbsp; boom, boom, boom ~

Light and shadow exploded.

Xia Yang was the first one to cut the Thunder demonic Tiger.

He jumped out and rushed into the dungeon.

He quickly saw a huge purple-black magical beast appear in front of him.

The demonic beast looked like a Qilin, with countless sharp spikes growing all over its body.

Its pure purple pupils made it look extremely fierce.

It was tied to the wall by four specially made black iron chains, so it couldnt move and could only sit stiffly in place.

“Demon Emperor!”

Xia Yangs eyes trembled slightly.

He took out the devil Fruit and held it in his hand.

Sensing that it was going to give the devil Fruit to it, the crypt demon Qilin opened its mouth and let out a low roar, as if urging Xia Yang.

“Put the devil Fruit in, and Ill be the first in this exam!”

Thinking of his bet with Qin Yi, Xia Yang couldnt help but get excited and wanted to throw the devil Fruit out.

hu hu hu ~”

Suddenly, several strong murderous auras came from behind him, making Xia Yangs eyes tremble.

Turning around, Xia Yang saw that Ye Tian, Chu fengchen, and the other three students were all attacking him, gathering several streams of tyrannical spiritual energy and attacking him.

“Bastard, how dare you use such a dirty move!”

Xia Yang was furious and wanted to raise his green feather sword to fight back.

However, after a moment, he suddenly recalled,””Somethings wrong!”

He had noticed that Ye Tian and the others had feinted and thrown the devil Fruit at the crypt demon Qilin.

Only now did Xia Yang understand that Ye Tian and the others had been trying to distract him so that they could strike first.

Xia Yang roared and charged at the crypt Fiend Qilin with his vital essence, throwing the devil Fruit in his hand into its mouth.

Aowuwu ~

The crypt Fiend Qilin devoured the five Devil Fruits they threw out and started chewing with great enjoyment.

Ye Tian laughed heartily.


“The five of us completed the mission together, but it seems that no one is the most powerful one!”

Chu fengchen and the others also laughed.

thats right, then who swore to enter the top three Im going to be disappointed this time! &Quot;

Xia Yangs special identity and hidden personality made them feel the greatest threat.

Now that the four major students had joined forces to stop Xia Yangs plan, he could only tie with them in the top five, which made them very proud.

Xia Yangs eyes were cold.

He had to admit that he had been too careless just now.

But Ye Tians group wasnt weak, and Xia Yang could only grit his teeth and admit defeat.

But …

the requirement of the test is to put the devil Fruit into the crypt demon Qilins mouth.

It didnt say that you cant kill it.


I think we can continue to compete.

Whoever kills the crypt Fiend Qilin first will be the most powerful person! &Quot;

Xia Yang held the green feather sword in his hand and walked to the other end of the chain that was nailed to the wall.

Realizing his intentions, Qin Yi, who had caught up with him, quickly shouted, ” “Xia Yang, stop!”

She remembered that the Dean had said that the crypt Fiend Qilin in the black heavenly Golden Pagoda was not simple.

Now that the assessment was almost over, she didnt want to cause any more trouble.


But it was too late!

Xia Yangs blade had already struck the iron chain.

As the green feather blade was a magical treasure and Xia Yang was a venerable, the power of the blade was so strong that it actually broke one of the chains.

Owuuu ~

As the chain broke.

The crypt Fiend Qilin, which had been standing stiffly on the spot, let out an excited roar, and extremely dense black demonic Qi quickly spread around its body.

The entire 3rd floor of the xuantian Golden Pagoda was instantly covered with infinite demonic will.

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