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New Rome When Great Caesar Strike Again 1. Prolog

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15 March, 709 Ab Urbi Condita, Pompey Theatre

The Senators raised their swords, all stood up and approached me. At that moment I knew I had been betrayed.

One by one the hands began to thrust the iron weapons. In the back, in the chest, in the stomach, not a single part escaped the attacks of those power-crazed senators.

Even Brutus, you were on their side...

At that moment my vision darkened, all I felt was the pain in my body and heart, the pain of being betrayed after controlling so much tax-producing territory for them.

And I saw a light.

Warm, bright, yet not blinding.

Two people stood in front of the light, a man with a thick beard and muscular build, and a woman with a beautiful body and long hair. Could she be a god? Jupiter, Mars, Aprilia, Maya? Who know, Ive never seen them anyway.

"He is the man, one of the most qualified in the history of my planet."

"This old fart? He won live long in my world."

"Ill make him young again."

"Fair enough. This way, the sacrifices made by my follower is not in vain ."

Two warm hands reached my cheeks, forcing my eyepiece to meet hers. An exquisite amber bead, with lips as red as apples and skin as white as sheep, like the combination of cloths I was wearing when I was betrayed.

"Oh my, you

e handsome too." she stroked my cheek with his thumb.

Slowly, she bringher lips to my ear, she whispered.

"Free my world, Julius, I trust you. And when you die in a glorious death, I will offer you myself in return."

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