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As Wang Mei was worryingly looking at her son wrapped in the cocoon The 18th Ancestor randomly appeared in her room Shocking her.

"Greetings 18th Ancestor! Sorry I can only greet you this way right now."

"Mhm. Skip the formalities especially with your status."

Nodded 18th Ancestor in Satisfaction looking at the Patriarchs Daughter.Then he changed his line of sight to the cocoon in amazement.

"Is this your son?" questioned the ancestor

"Yes" She replied worried about his condition.

"Don worry about him but to watch over his situation and keep him safe Im going to have to bring him to the Ancestral Forbidden Grounds For supervision." Replied the Ancestor.

"Is that the only way?"


"Okay but Make sure you bring him to see me when he turns 4 and starts cultivation." Demanded Wang Mei

"Okay but that is the only concession I can make if he is still in this hibernation state then hell have to stay."

"Okay I understand" she reluctantly replied.

He then silently nodded while sending a stream of essence to wrap around Wang Jun and they both flew deeper into the Palace as Wang Mei sadly watched.


As 18th flew deeper and deeper into the palace closer to the Ancestral Grounds he thought to himself

This is the purest bloodline aura that has been born Since Heavenly Monarch of Harmony

I need to bring this child to those old fossils so they can protect him from the other realms

He thought with deep veneration flashing across his eyes While thinking of the other realms a cold light flashed.Then he said to Wang Jun who obviously did not hear him

"I don know if its a blessing or curse for you to be born in this Glorious era"


As 18th finally reached a secret place there was only darkness with almost no source of light here but he can see with his advanced eyesight 9 coffins floating including his own where he and 8 other ancestors have sealed themselves.

As the other Nine their locations are unknown but if the Wang family is in danger they shall return and other forces have learned that as well but it did not end well for them.

These are not the only fossils with great strength though just the renowned ones as a family who has a history maybe even older then the world they themselves don know how much undyings have sealed themselves somewhere.


Three years Later....

As Wang Jun was opening his eyes for the first time all he heard was

[Congratulations on the Successful combination of the 2 bloodlines of Heavens Supremacy and Heaven Suppressing.

As a result of Combining a Monarch attribute and Transcending attribute you have gained a completely new and more powerful Bloodline!

Universal Ruler Bloodline}

Universal Ruler Bloodline: Chaos Ranked

Description: As the Successful combination of 2 complete opposing bloodlines it is a higher level and by having it You shall have the bearing Of a Absolute Monarch And the Elements favor you.To Find more information You Have to discover it on your own in the future.

Note: As the first person to carry this bloodline you are the progenitor You have max Bloodline purity.


"STATUS!" Shouted Wang Jun brimming with anticipation.

Host: Wang Jun

Realm: Body Tempering perfection

Physique: Body of the Absolute(Incomplete 1/10)

Techniques: Scripture of No Beginning and No End

Bloodlines: Universal Ruler Bloodline

Abilities: Fate Outlaw

Child Of Light

Elemental Ruler:(New! As someone with the bearing of a Monarch and loved by the universe you gained the ability Elemental Ruler where you Can not be Damaged by the Basic 5 Elements[Fire,Water,Earth,Wood,and Wind] Unless the target is 2 realms higher then the host.

Items: Stone Of Fate:(???)

Description: A path has been set for you...


As Wang Jun was looking at his status he had no idea that the 18th Ancestor was observing him with interest.

Weird His bloodline aura changed but it still is similar to us Wangs Does he have another bloodline that mutated it? HMPH if only that cheeky girl told us who the father was maybe we can find him for her. But even I can not tell the secrets of this hopefully the others can.

"Boy, I know youve awoken I know this is going to be confusing but Im sure a genius such as yourself would Understand."

As Wang Jun Heard some random old man telling him this stuff he was pretty scared until 18th started explaining the circumstances of his birth which I guess due to his old age he was muddle headed so he started telling this to a 3 year old but luckily our main character is a reincarnator.

So after a whole year of Wang Jun listening about the information about the world is was time to go see his mother.


In A dimly lit dark space we can see a small 4 year old boy with Long black hair and piercing golden eyes talking with an old man.

"Its time for you to go visit your mother Brat" said 18th while inwardly thinking

He sure is a Genius to be Able to absorb all that information just within a year

While our main Character was also thinking with a happy Smile on his face

Hehe I wonder how she is doing, But this world is even more vast then I thought. How the Hell am I supposed to Find Those damn Nine heavenly maidens and who wouldve thought I Was born into the Ruling family of the most powerful realm?

"Alright take me there old goat" Said Wang Jun to 18th which made a vein pop on his head then he just sighed then smiled amicably then waved his sleeve and Him and Both Wang Jun Both started Flying towards His Mothers Direction.

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