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Nurse Jennifer and her little secrets The Suspension

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We were still discussing at the reception stand when the boss doctor approached us. He was wearing a very provoked and charmed look on his handsome yellow face. He forced a smile to Kate when their eyes met but he killed the smile when he looked at me. I was confused because he always smiles to me or rub his hand on my hairs whenever he sees me but this morning, everything was totally and strangely different. Maybe he woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

"See me in my office Jennifer" he said to me and headed to his office.

This is the first time he pronounces my name full name, he only calls me J. He did not even look at Isabella, even his footsteps were reciting an angry anthem

I followed him to his office. When I opened the door, he has already sat down on his black coated chair, as his stethoscope was crossed on his neck. I stood in front of the table that he keeps his diaries, phone, bag and other valuable table items. He could not even look up at me, it was as if he was under a spell or command. I kept staring at him.

"You won be my assistant anymore" he said slowly and looked at me. I scoffed.

"Sir?..." I answered him because I didn really have what he said.

"Kate will be my new assistant from today" he said it again but what got me devastated was Kates name he mentioned.

"What? Sir…Kate …how can you make Kate your assistant all of a sudden? I didn even do anything wrong and I have never done anything wrong since I became your assistant and besides, Kate doesn know anything"

"But she has been working with you"

"That doesn make her good to become your assistant"

"And you think you are good" he asked and shut my mouth from talking.

He grabbed his phone from the table and began to press it and I kept gazing at him as many thoughts were running in my mind. It was like a dream to me, I can even call it a nightmare because its worse than a dream.

"What did I do?" I asked myself, still standing like a rejected employer in front of the boss doctor.

Suddenly, Kate walked into his office and met me. She was smiling happily while looking at the boss doctor who also smiled back to her when he saw her.

"Leave us" he said to me. I obeyed him and walked out of the office, heading towards the reception. I wanted to tell Isabella what the boss doctor told me but I held myself, thinking maybe, since Kate knows about it, Isabella might also be aware of everything. They might call it a coincidence later. But yet, I don believe any of it. In order to be sure, I decided to check all the patients under my care. I grabbed the tray from one of the dormitory, took the list of patient under my care and began visiting them one after the other.

The third patient I wanted to check was James, the patient that had an accident yesterday but someone stopped me.

"Jennifer…what are you doing?" Kate asked me.

"What I do every day, excuse me please" I replied and tried to walk out from her presence but she held me back.

"Im sorry but I thought the boss doctor told you already"

"So…that was your plan and doings right?" I chuckled.

"No it wasn , I swear, I didn talk the boss doctor into this. I can swear that I did not do anything" she replied.

"Then if you didn do it and you have not been envying me, then allow me do my work" I said to her but she nodded off.

"I thought we are friends Kate? Why are you doing this to me?" I asked her but someone else answered the question from behind me.

"Because you are too smart to think that you are smart. I gave an order and you disobeyed me, you are suspended for one week and your salary will be short of one weeks work" he said to me and turned back.

"Sir…we are only six nurses for the day shift" I giggled, looking at him as if he doesn know what he is saying.

"I know" he replied, still going and Kate followed him. That was when I realized that he was damn serious.

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