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Nurse Jennifer and her little secrets The Favorite Nurse

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We walked down the apartment and found ourselves in the street.

"Bye Jennifer, take care at work" Jane said again to me.

"You serious…you are not going to work today?"

"Yes. I want to wash some clothes when Im back" Jane said to me and went to another direction. I continued my way to the junction to board a taxi. On my way, my phone ranged, I gazed at the screen of my phone, it was Isabella.

"Where are you at?" her soft voice sounded happily on the phone.

"Independent junction" I replied.

"Okay…you wait there, Im coming with Kate" she replied sharply and hanged up the call. I sighed heavily and walked to a parked car at the junction and leaned on it with both hands folded together and rested on breasts. I was distracted from what I was thinking by a fair tall and handsome young man who approached with a bicycle. He is the only boy I ever had affection of love for.

"Hi.." he smiled to me.

"Hi..good morning" I smiled softly, displaying my deep dimples.

"Are you waiting for someone?"

"Yeah..yes..my colleagues"

"Have you called them?"

"Yes they will be here very soon" I kept smiling, staring at his eyes.

"Look.. I was..i was calling your phone last night but I don know… I wanted to.." he kept beating around the bush till Isabella and Kate met me. He does that all the time, always hard to speak his mind. I just scoffed and waved him goodbye.

"Alright…you take care" he waved back and grinned.

Isabella and Kate were also wearing the same nurse uniform like me and they lives in the same street after ours. We boarded a cab and dropped in front of the hospital after some girlish chatter in the cab. We met only three cleaners who we greeted as we were moving into the hospital. Isabella is the hospital receptionist who stays at the first counter after the entrance of the hospital. Kate and I are the staff nurses who assist the boss doctor.

The boss doctor likes me a lot because Im the best staff nurse in the hospital, Im not bragging about it. He thinks Im very good in learning and quick in grabbing things taught. He never does anything in the hospital without me. I began to think that, maybe, there is a side deep feeling besides his kindness towards me but whenever I think about it and remember that he is married with kids, my mind skips from such thoughts. We call him the boss doctor because he is a dentist, surgery doctor and a medical doctor, so…he made me his favorite nurse and Kate assists me.

We all settled on the visitors chair, discussing and laughing while the night shift workers were leaving the hospital.

"I need some coffee, Im adding too much weight" Kate complained. Her black skin glows naturally, making her look so chocolate and charming. It rhymed with her chubby stature.


"Shes deceiving herself…by the way…what about what we discussed yesterday?" Isabella asked, staring at me and Kate. Kate stared with a surprised chocolate face.

"Shes talking about the pills we discussed about yesterday" I reminded Kate.

"Oh oh! yes…whats keeping us from buying them then? That stuff is a great catch, its expensive nowadays"

"Its 100 percent risky, I hope you both knows that?" I asked them.

"We won be using that at this hospital…we..just…we will be using it to make money at home. Many young girls needs it nowadays, we are in a sex free world" Isabella said.

"We three agreed to this yesterday Jennifer, you don have to change your mind now" Kate cautioned me.

"So…how do we get it?" I asked.

"Its simple. I will buy it with the twenty thousand naira we contributed after work today" Isabella replied, smiling.

"You sure about it" Kate asked her.


"Its really easy but what if I say that…" I wanted to ask a question before I was interrupted by a sudden chaos outside the hospital.

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