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Nurse Jennifer and her little secrets The Patient

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We hurried outside the hospital and saw cab driving roughly towards us, behind them was the boss doctors car which was also driving in rush, e all knew that a patient must be in the cab. Kate rushed back in and rushed out with a riding patient carriage bed. Isabella and I followed Kate towards the cab. The cab driver hurried down from his seat and opened the passengers seat for us. We saw a dying man about his thirty, lying helplessly on the passengers seat. He could not move any part of his body. His black skin was bruised badly as blood was all over his hands, legs, forehead, back head and even his stomach. There was no place that is touchable. I wondered how he was carried into the cab.

The boss doctor hopped down from his car after turning off the ignition besides the cab. Kate, Isabella and I could not try carrying the dying patient, we were scared. The boss doctor and the cab driver carried the patient slowly from the cab to the carriage bed. Kate rolled the bed into the hospital, accompanied by Isabella who was pushing the bed by the long iron parallel bar.

I went to the boss doctors unlocked car, leaned into it and grabbed his doctors coat and black briefcase and hurried back inside. Arriving the room where the patient was driven to, they have already dropped him on the hospital bed. Isabella returned to back to her receptionist post after washing off some blood stains on her right index finger. I wore an air-free face mask, grabbed a flat hygienic tray containing some scissors, pastels, hydrogen, lots of tapes, bondage and cotton-woods. As I was approaching the slowly breathing patient, I noticed that Kate was not following as she was supposed to do, instead, I saw a small transparent plastic container on her hand and she was staring strangely on the small container. The container has some red smoke dissolving around it. I stared at Kates face and her eyes caught mine.

"What are you doing? The boss doctor said we should clean the wounds" I said and continued my way.

As I was cleaning the wounds and disposing the blood stained cotton-wool into the trash-can Kate was holding. I realized that she was no longer holding the container and her face was not happy or sad. I wondered what could have happened to her.

"Are you alright?"

"Uhmmm" she sighed heavily, staring at me.

Just then, the boss doctor arrived with a pack of blood. I took it from him and hanged it on the hanger above the patients bed. Kate and I stayed there while the boss doctor commenced the treatment. Luckily for James the patient, he was able to talk that day. At the end of his confusing talks, we realized that he had an accident on his way back to his state. Amongst the six passengers in the cab, he was the only one that was badly injured, the rest were safe. He must have a bad fate or it might just be a tragic.

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