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Nurse Jennifer and her little secrets Dad Said 'Hi'

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We both went towards the door like scared little girls. Jane opened the door and to our surprise, it was Aunt Grace. She was wearing a blue plumy gown designed with white and black materials and was standing in front of the door with her black hand-bag hanged on her elbow. She has really matured a little more bit and I wondered how she knew where we are living and I was also, at the same time, expecting Jane to greet to her since she was the one standing right in front of her but she did no greet , instead, she was staring at Aunt grace sadly without blinking.

"Good evening Aunt" I decided to greet. She stared at me, then to Jane and chuckled.

"Jane..you haven changed yet" she said, peeping behind us and was seeing our parlor. She faked a smile to us and chuckled after see how beautiful our parlor and how good we have been surviving since we left her.

"So this is…this is what you both wanted huh! A big and free life" she said, still standing in front of us.

"Who doesn want a big and free life?" I asked myself and chuckled imperceptibly.

"At least we got it, you should be proud of us" I said slowly to her and the forced smile on her face disappeared immediately.

"So this is how you both paid me back for all I did for you and your father? Owing your own apartment in the expensive part of the city"

"What do you mean by that? I don understand" Jane cut her up immediately.

"I trained you both for seven years in my home alongside with my children, even my children are talking about you every day" she said, looking at Jane.

"Is that what you came to remind us? do you need accolades for that?"

"Jane, do you really think that training girls for seven years is easy?"

"You did it because you had a deal with your brother" Jane said and she stopped talking, leaving her stare on Janes face. She was looking at her as if she found a secret about her.

"Jane, are you challenging me?" she asked her with a hot angry face.

"No! shes not…shes not at all" I interrupted from behind.

"I was just passing by and…I decided to stop by and drop your fathers message. He said hi to you both" she stopped talking and we began asking ourselves heart to heart questions. Jane turned immediately and landed her eyes on mine, we were both startled.

"Dad?" we both asked her nervously.

Since our fathers sudden disappearance when we were both twelve years old, we haven set our eyes on him or even know his whereabouts. Sometimes, we both conclude that he is dead or whatever, we just grew tired of thinking about him.

"Don worry, you will find out about everything someday" she added.

"Where did you see him?" Jane was able to ask her.

"Like I said…you will find out about everything someday"

"You take care of yourselves" she concluded and left. Jane closed the door and we both returned back straight to the room and sat on the bed.

"Did she just say, dad sent us hi?"

"Thats exactly what I heard"

"Do you think shes joking? Like…maybe she..she was just playing with us or something else?" Jane asked. She was too serious and nervous at the same time.

"We haven seen him for ten years, Im not even sure that I can remember his smile again" I said.

"Who gave her our address…by the way?" I added.

"Does that really matter now? We should be talking about something important. Its dad we are talking about Jennifer" Jane cautioned me.

"So…do you mean…" a knock on the door interrupted me.

"Did she forget to tell us some more things?" I asked Jane who gave me an imperceptibly shrug. I hopped down from the bed and went back to the door alone. After opening the door from inside, I saw a tall black girl of about eighteen years old standing in front of me, Her stare was very weak and her smile was full of regrets.

"Jennifer?" she asked me.

"Yes" I later found my voice.

"It was Isabella, she…she gave me this to give to you" she said, handing a black disposable bag to me. I wondered why Isabella didn come on her own.

"Shes busy..busy preparing for her birthday night party" she added, as if she was reading my mind.

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