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Nurse Jennifer and her little secrets Issabella's Party

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8pm that day, Jane, I and David arrived at Isabellas apartment. We couldn get a cab, so we trekked it down to her apartment. David made the little journey a very funny one. He made us laugh from our apartment to Isabellas apartment. Isabella welcomed us and took us to her room while others were partying their lives away in the parlor. When we arrived her room, we saw Kate sitting comfortably on the edge of the bed, sipping some wine from a glass she was holding with her left hand. She was wearing a black jean bum-shot and a short white singlet that covered only her breasts, exposing her stomach and thigh.

"Hi girls" she smiled to us the moment she saw us.

"Im sorry" Jane said to David as we were walking into the room and he sighed heavily. We promised him that we will stay in a different room with no other girl or girls.

"I hate this Kate girl" Jane whispered to my ears.

"I know…." I whispered back.

Isabella room was well decorated with fancy flowers and wall frames. The blue diming light up the white coated and painted ceiling was making the room seem livelier and attractive. A picture of her with her nurse uniform was beautifully mounted above her big solid bed. Her room is painted blue, her light is blue, her bed sheet is blue, she really likes blue a lot. The big plasma television in her room was showing some Indian show but the speakers were not producing any sound. I saw her wardrobe…containing many fancy and charming clothes. Most of her clothes are blue in color. I must confess…Isabella has more beautiful clothes than I and Jane but…at least we are beautiful than her.

A table was set in front of the long brown sofa we were sitting on and it was empty at first but later filled with juices, few wines, a round pink cake and some fried food contained in disposable plates. As David was trying to pop the wine, Jane and I noticed that Kate was staring steadily at David.

"This is my last chance and Im ready to shoot, just say the word" Jane said to me, looking at Kate.

"What is the word?" I asked her slowly.

"Fire" she replied and David laughed. He was hearing what we were saying.

"What about the gun?"

"My mouth is the gun and the words that will come out of it will be the bullet" she replied and David chuckled again, after opening the wine.

Just then, peace came in into the room and met us, she smiled to me and I returned the smile back to her. Jane saw us and also smiled.

"Shes prettier than Isabella" Jane said with a smile.

That was when David walked to Kate with two glasses of wine. Jane and I watched him hand one glass of wine to her and we also saw how lavishly she was smiling. I peeped at my twin sisters face and looked away immediately, I can describe the look on her face that moment.

Jane allowed them to discuss for few minutes before interrupting them with a glass of wine on her left hand, she strolled slowly towards them, wearing a fake smile on her face.

"Kate, I hope you know that the man you are talking with…belongs to me?" she asked, standing in front of them.

"Oh!..oh….okay actually, we were just discussing something casual"

"Yeah…casual leads to casualty nowadays, who knows?" she laughed slowly and faced David

"Man of the party?" she said to him with a very low shrug and enthusiasm.

"You can join if you want to" David smiled to her.

"Off course I will, thats why I interrupted at the first place" Jane replied, resting her right hand on Davids shoulder.

Kate smiled mischievously and left them. It was a very fun night though, we danced, drank and ate a lot after Isabella cut her cake. David took us home at exactly 11:30pm.

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