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Nurse Jennifer and her little secrets Simple As ABC

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The early morning sunlight descending on the earth the following day, found a way onto the bed through the window, it was another working day. I yawned hungrily as I was struggling and stretching my whole body on the bed. Jane was already awake, she was bathing and singing loudly in the bathroom. I jumped down from the bed, wore my footwear and headed towards the bathroom. I opened the bathroom door and Jane shouted.

"Ahhhh! Someone is bathing!" she shouted, closing her breasts with her hands while water was rushing down the shower, dripping down her body.

"Im your sister" I said to her.

"A sister who doesn have a boyfriend is a lesbian, get ooout!" she shouted again. I focused on her chest and noticed that her breasts are bigger than mine. She noticed that I was looking at them.

"How come? Mine are still tiny"

"Because nobody presses it. Go get a boyfriend that can do that for you" she replied and jammed the door.

"Never mind…be fast, I want to bath too" I said and headed towards the kitchen.

"A boyfriend that will press my breasts, pssst, stupid youths" I snickered. Thank God, Jane fried noodles, it was a great breakfast.

After the breakfast, bath, preparation for work, some expensive discussion with Jane and more discussion with Isabella and Kate at the park while waiting for a taxi, we arrived at the hospital at 9am. Like usual, the night shift workers were leaving the hospital one by one after we arrived.

"Uhmmm! Jennifer how was it? Sorry…I forgot to ask you about it last night and earlier" Isabella asked, staring at me. I was a bit confused, staring back at her.

"Shes talking about the pills Jennifer" Kate reminded me and I regained my senses immediately.

"Oh! yeah…yeah….I got it…I got mine yesterday but I didn get any details about how it works" I said and Isabella sighed disappointedly.


"Jennifer….there is no much details to know about it. A pregnant teenager meets you for abortion, you sell the pills to her. And thats all" Kate explained.

"And thats all?"

"Yeah…and thats all…oh! each of the pills is ten thousand naira and three of it is okay to clean a pregnancy" Kate added.

"Are you kidding me? Won you describe it for them?" I asked.

"I just said that three of the pills are okay to wipe off a developing zygote from the womb. Is there any other prescription you are talking about?" Kate added.

"Jennifer…Jennifer…the procedures is as simple as ABC okay, just sell your pills and take your money" Isabella said.

"Without caring about the consequences? Abortion is not a joke"

"Young girls don care okay, they can do anything to erase a pregnancy they caught by mistake, it is unexpected and unplanned. Just attend to their needs. Trust me, abortion is a basic need in this our new world" Isabella blurted and got me staring at her like a statue. Jane was right, the unexpected is always a mistake. May god bless the broken road and forgive our stupid minds.

"Its okay, I understand everything" I said and cleared my throat.

"Are you sure about that?" Kate asked me.

"I said I understand and you are still asking me if Im sure. I wouldn say I understand if I didn understand" I said angrily to her. I don even know why Im angry.

"Its not that I am forcing you to partake in this our secret help towards our fellow girls who are not yet ready to become mothers…you know…you can stop them from having sex, its one of the sweetest part of life, so please…"

"I get it…I get it" I interrupted and she stopped talking. She wouldn be saying all these if she knew that her younger sister is pregnant

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