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542 Kill Twelve Quasi-Emperors

“Are you ready to die” Himmel Soan stood up and faced the twelve Quasi-Emperors, whose faces had darkened.

Only moments ago, Himmel Soan was at their mercy.

Had it not been for the creatures, he would have died already.

They couldnt believe Himmel Soan would ask such a question.

“You idiot.

Do you think you can threaten us just because youve narrowly escaped death”

“Kill him!”

The twelve Quasi-Emperors bellowed.

They wanted to repeat what they did earlier to destroy Himmel Soan for good.

“Go to hell!” Himmel Soan snorted and faded into thin air.

The air rippled a little.

The next second, he reappeared behind the nine-headed monster from a crack in the air.

He then pulled the monster into it.

“No!” The monster screamed.

Himmel Soans strength remained the same, but when the monster was pulled into that crack, he felt death was upon him.

A Quasi-Emperor was supposed to live as long as heaven and earth.

However, the nine-headed monster felt the threat of death.

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“How dare you!”

“Your tricks are useless to us!” said the other eleven Quasi-Emperors.

They wanted to help the nine-headed monster and attacked Himmel Soan at once with their most formidable moves.

All their efforts turned out to be futile.

Himmel Soan and the monster disappeared into the crack, which then closed up.

The eleven Quasi-Emperors rushed toward the spot where the crack had been.

Before they got there, the crack reappeared, and the nine-headed monsters corpse fell out of it.

There was hate and reluctance in his lifeless eyes.

Everything happened so fast.

The Quasi-Emperors reacted as soon as they could, but Himmel Soan killed the nine-headed monster in an instant.

It terrified the eleven Quasi-Emperors.

They could tell Himmel Soan was different and had become a terrifying foe.

“How did he kill Nine Head so fast”

“Nine Head fought him for a whole day.

He must be exhausted; thats why this man killed him so easily.”

The eleven Quasi-Emperors found an explanation for the nine-headed monsters death.

What confused them was that even if the nine-headed monster was exhausted, a Quasi-Emperor shouldnt have been finished off like that.

The unknown made Himmel Soan seem more intimidating.

Instead of killing him, they lost a member first.

That was unacceptable.

“Youre next.” Himmel Soan turned to Atroci and vanished again.

Atroci got nervous.

Himmel Soan appeared behind him, and the crack opened again.

Atroci paled when he sensed the energy coming from the void.

Of the twelve Quasi-Emperors, he was the most sensitive to skills relating to space.

Even his own technique was of the same type.

However, he couldnt tell when Himmel Soan appeared behind him.

By the time he sensed him, it was too late.

The other ten Quasi-Emperors wanted to help Atroci, but before they knew it, he was a corpse on the ground.

Himmel Soan stepped on the body and looked down upon the ten remaining Quasi-Emperors.

“Why is Atroci dead”

“Damn it! Whats going on!”

“Why is this happening Whats going on with this kid”

All the Quasi-Emperors were going insane.

The nine-headed monster and Atroci were both dead.

Having lost two members, they couldnt help but recall the scene of that man invading their world.

They couldnt understand how Himmel Soan became so powerful when they were crushing him a moment ago.

“Its your turn next!” Himmel Soan ignored their anxiety and pointed at Gemini.

The twins were both Quasi-Emperors and their weapons reinforced each other.

Every time they waved them, they seemed to stir time and space.

The twins moved closer.

Together, they were more powerful than two separate fighters.

If either of them fought on his own, he would be the weakest Quasi-Emperor of the twelve.

Atroci couldnt put up a fight when he was killed, so the twins were alarmed.

No one thought Himmel Soan would drag both of them into the crack.

The battle ended in an instant, and there were two more dead bodies on the ground.

There were only eight Quasi-Emperors left, and they were losing themselves.

Other creatures of this world watched the entire process through the channel that the nine-headed monster set up when he was still alive.

They grew hopeless.

They had been cheering for the twelve Quasi-Emperors, but they were silent as a mummy now.

“Do we need the Patriarchs help”

“Yes! Only the Patriarch can take him down!”

“Patriarch, where are you A lunatic is destroying our world!”

All the creatures of this world cried for their Patriarchs help.

They had no idea how Himmel Soan killed those Quasi-Emperors, but they knew only their Patriarch could deal with him.

“Kill!” Himmel Soan acted like a fiend.

The slaughter began.

Before long, only one Quasi-Emperor was alive.

He was the strongest of the twelve, which was why he was still standing.

Unciens eyes were filled with despair.

He might be the strongest, but he stood no chance against Himmel Soan.

“Patriarch, where are you

“You must be able to sense it whenever somebody in this world calls for your help.

Im sure you know hes killing us!” Uncien howled.

It took the Quasi-Emperors a day to get here, but the Patriarch could go anywhere in this world in an instant.

The Patriarch should have noticed these deaths, but he still hadnt shown up.

Uncien lost all hope.

“Why isnt the Patriarch here Does he want this man to kill us all”

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