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In the courtyard of a mountain-view villa in Bywater, Kevin Matano, Jack Wattcon, John Lius, Tom Matcon, and Pearl Dona were all waiting obediently.

They had been speculating the purpose of this meeting ever since they got off their planes.

Warren had appointed the five of them as the heads of the domestic business.

Although they were the most influential figures in the country, Warren could still take everything away because he was the president of the Orient Chamber of Commerce.

He could fire them with a snap of his fingers.

The five of them had never had a meeting together.


Because the tasks Warren gave them had always been confidential.

Why five

There were many reasons; one of them was that Warren needed them to supervise one another.

If supervision was no longer necessary, he wouldnt need any of them anymore.

The five people believed that Warren had summoned them all because he wanted to fire one of them.

Another possibility was that more than one of them would be replaced by someone new.

That was why all five of them were needed at the scene.

It would be a warning for them.

The idea scared them all, and their foreheads were covered with sweat.

Was Warren Soan really going to fire them Or did he have other plans

“Come with me!” Warren came out at that moment and boarded a helicopter nearby.

The five of them followed him without saying a word.

The helicopter then took off, heading for somewhere in the city.

The destination was Carolines villa.

James wasnt able to stop the Guardians.

Being the most fierce follower of Himmel Soan, Yosef wouldnt obey anyone elses order.

If Himmel hadnt raised his hand earlier, many people would have lost their lives.

To them, Himmel was their God.

Once “God” had given the instruction, telling Yosef to back off, Yosef didnt dare to object, no matter how fearless he was.

He didnt want to interfere with Himmels recovery either, so he and James had reached a temporary truce.

However, the atmosphere in the courtyard remained tense.

The Guardians and Jamess men were still at daggers drawn.

Amid the taut nerves, a helicopter landed, attracting the attention of both sides.

Everyone looked up.

Warren and his five subordinates got off.

People like Kevin Matano and Tom Matcon might be well-respected figures in the outside world, but in front of the Soans, they didnt even dare to look up.

They followed Warren around like children that had gotten into trouble.

They had some vague idea of who these people were.

Any of the Soans could easily crush all five of them.

“Hows the Patriarch doing” Warren asked with concern as he headed for the villa.

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“Hey, stop!” Caroline stopped him.


Soan is treating him.

I think Fathers going to be fine, but you cant go in yet.”

“Thats great!” Warren was relieved.

Only then did he look around the courtyard and realize that something was wrong.

“Whats going on”

Jeff, the captain of the Guardians, said coldly, “What do you think is going on I cant believe youre asking that question! Its been hours, and what have you done The people that have insulted the Patriarch are still alive and slandering him online! What have you been doing!”

More trouble.

Warren wanted to sigh.

Just like James, Jeff was also a fearless man.

Warren asked, “Are you the Guardians Wheres Yosef”

“Im here.

Speak!” Yosefs voice came from the intercom Jeff carried.

Warren sighed.

“Yosef, we cant solve all our problems by force, and Ive already told James the same thing.

Give me some more time.

Ill make sure that they all apologize to the Patriarch!”

Warren and Yosef were brothers, and both were Himmel Soans adopted sons.

“I never liked the way you handle things.

I dont care! I wont wait! If you cant handle it, I will! Ill silence them in two hours!”

Warren said, “Yosef, thats pointless! Youll only be killing innocent people! The comments are there already.

Even if you kill them all, their posts will still be there!”

“Ill delete all of them!”

“So what if you do that Can you delete peoples memories Things have already happened.

If you do that, theyll only feel that theyve offended the wrong person, but well never be able to clear the Patriarchs name!”

Yosef smirked.

“What are you going to do, then Weve given the task to you, but youve achieved nothing so far!”

“Those people had started to apologize before Gary Mat intervened.

He has sabotaged everything!”

“Is that your plan Why didnt you take Gary Mat into consideration beforehand Warren, you cant do it, so just step aside!”

“Yosef, I said Ill do it! Give me more time!”

“More time Youre only wasting our time! One hour.

Thats all you have.

I need to see results in an hour!”

Warren nodded resolutely.

“Fine, one hour! Ill give you results in an hour, and itll exceed your expectation!”

Yosef said, “One hour, then.

If you cant do it by then, you can stop making excuses.

Ill defend the Patriarch in my own way!”


Kevin Matano, Jack Wattcon, and Jack Wattcon listened in astonishment.

The news about an old man molesting his adopted daughter had made its way to the headlines, and the daughter was Stella Shane, a rising star.

Of course, they had heard about it, but they didnt take it too seriously, only glancing at the headlines.

Bigshots like them had more important things to do.

However, the Soans were talking about that piece of news right now!

And they were referring to the old man as the Patriarch…


The worst part was that Stella Shane was connected to all of them, especially Kevin Matano!

Alinine, Kevin Matanos company, had invested heavily in the entertainment industry, including film companies and agencies.

Stella, the rising star, was one of the signed artists of Alinine!

As the president of the company, he would be held responsible.

“So thats why Im here!” Kevin Matano broke into a sweat.

He immediately took out his phone.

“Its me.

Shut up and listen.

Bring the president of Cat Entertainment to me right now!”


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