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Chapter 100 Do You Know Science


Let me sort it through.

Im totally confused.

Isnt Himmel Soan a 200-year-old man!

“I thought so, too! How can this boy be Himmel Soan”

“They share some resemblance, but hes way too young!”

“Be quiet! Lets hear what he has to say.”

Himmel Soan went on talking to the camera, “Maybe youre confused, surprised, and unconvinced.

I can understand your feelings.

“Before I talk about the space cannon, Id like to introduce myself.

Ive read all your comments online, and on behalf of the Soan empire and myself, Id like to thank you all!

“Soan-47 is a substance found in the human body, and it had never been discovered before.

Its the cause of aging and degeneration of human organs.

I know many people are still questioning my age now, and today is the first time that I sat down to talk to you all.

Im going to tell you everything you want to know.

“Indeed, Im 221 years old.”

The audience erupted.



“What did he say” “Did he say 221 years”

All the reporters were astonished.

The interpreters stopped talking abruptly, thinking that they had heard it wrong.

What Himmel Soan said also started a round of discussion online.

“What 221 years old Seriously” “Thats bull**! No one can live that long!”

“Did he say he has lived for over 200 years He cant be serious!”


Hes indeed a fraud!”

“Soan-47 Is he writing fiction or something”

It didnt matter if the viewers believed him or not.

He wasnt hiding anything from them.

There was no need to.

Of course, he had made up that “Soan-47” substance.

It was just to make people look past his real age.

He couldnt tell them he was a cultivator.

Luckily, there was science, and he could attribute his longevity to it.

Countless reporters raised their hands, trying to ask a question.

Himmel Soan gestured to them to be patient and went on.

“I was born in 1800.

In 1882, when I was 82, I ate a strange fruit, which significantly prolonged my life.

Ive been studying this fruit ever since.

In 1991, I found another such fruit and tried to find its secret.

In the end, I discovered Soan-47.

However, I didnt do my experiment properly and became befuddled.

In common terms, I caught dementia.

“I lived the next thirty years in a confused state, and I cant remember what I did, including the adoption of Stella Shane.

I did all those things without realizing them.

You know the rest of the story.

It caused quite a sensation online, and Im sorry for the trouble Ive caused.

“I should have died, but a substance in the ocean reacted to the mysterious fruit I had eaten.

Not only was I brought back from the dead, but I also grew younger until I reached this state.

Ive been studying the effect ever since.

If I can solve the mystery, I can bring immortality to the human race.”

Obviously, Himmel Soan was spinning lies because he needed a believable explanation for his age.

Anything else wasnt important.

Once he got over it, he could move onto the space cannon.

His words caused another round of discussion online.

A mysterious fruit.



Everyone was intrigued.

Most people wouldnt believe it.

Himmel Soan understood it without checking the comments online.

“It was the strangest fruit, and Ive only seen it twice in my life.

I dont know what its called, so Ill call it the Immortal Fruit for now.

If anyone finds one and hands it to the authorities, the country will give them a ten-figure reward.

Of course, they can eat it, too.”

A black fruit in the shape of a bird appeared on the screen.

It was originally a bird, and Himmel Soan had photoshopped it into a fruit.

There was no Immortal Fruit.

Himmel Soans longevity came from his cultivation!

“But that can wait.

Lets talk about the space cannon first.” Himmel Soan pressed the button on the remote control, bringing back the picture of the space cannon.

Reporters raised their microphones and shouted at the top of their lungs.


Soan, are you really over 200 years old”


Soan, what did the fruit taste like”


Soan, do you live like an ordinary person I mean, do you go to the toilet Do you eat as much as we do Do you need to sleep”

Himmel Soan couldnt be bothered to reply.

His age wasnt the purpose of this press conference; the space cannon was.


“Please take a look.

As you can see here, the space cannon is a heavy weapon that can compress gas before firing it.

Gas can be very powerful when its compressed.

It can generate more power than any solid substance.

We all know what a water jet is.

Essentially, its a water cannon.

Water itself is fluid and without shape.

However, the water jet can cut through iron and steel, The space cannon works on the same principle.”

“Bull**!” Someone smirked when Himmel Soan talked about the space cannon.

It wasnt one of the reporters.

Rather, it was one of the Neigerian scientists!

Viclan rose to his feet and told the man, “Lewis, if you try to make a scene, Ill have you thrown out!”

Lewiss clothes were covered with wrinkles.

He crossed his legs and retorted, “What Now that youre back home, youre too clever to answer my questions Is that it Viclan, youre an outstanding scientist, and your theory has made a great contribution to the world.

Why are you helping this fraud I can bear the talk of Immortal Fruit and Soan-47 substance.

But now, hes all over compressing air! Viclan, you should know better! It wont work!”

“Shut up, Lewis!”

“Why should I Its because Im right, isnt it Its completely a lie! Himmel Soan, is it Do you know what science is”

Another Neigerian scientist stood up and sneered at Himmel Soan.

“Answer the question.

Do you know what science is How dare you call yourself a scientist!”


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