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Chapter 103 God of Science

The mini space cannon was also shattered to pieces after the launch.

It wasnt hard to deduce that the space cannon itself had to be durable enough to withstand the firing of the spiritual essence.

Moreover, the recoil force was powerful enough to inflict injuries.

Even Viclan, Branco, Henry, and Gordon were astonished, let alone the foreign scientists.

It was the first time they had ever seen the space cannon in action.

Himmel Soan had been talking about the space cannon all the time, but no one knew what it could do.

But they knew now and wouldnt question it anymore.

No one made a sound.

Himmel Soan looked at the audience and asked, “Thats how the space cannon works.

Any questions”

The scientists looked at one another and discussed quietly.

Before long, someone raised a hand.

Instead of blurting out their questions, they asked for permission to speak this time.

If Himmel Soan didnt pick them, they would keep their hands in the air without making a sound.

They were showing respect to the person they now believed to be a great man.

The power of the space cannon had intimidated them, and the theories involved had opened up a new world for them.

If everything Himmel Soan said was true, he would be the greatest scientist in human history.

He would bring human civilization to a new height.

To call it a great contribution was an understatement.

Scientists like Nobel and Einstein had made such great achievements that primary students around the world knew their names.

But their scope was limited to science only, unlike Himmel Soan, who had opened a whole new chapter for the human race.

Those greatest scientists were torch-bearers, and their achievements were necessary stairs in the progress of human civilization.

What Himmel Soan did was like an elevator in comparison.

The stairs could lift people one level at a time.

Himmel Soan, on the other hand, didnt need any stairs.

He had created a great leap.

It seemed that everything he had said was true.

He was bound to become an unparalleled scientist.

“This gentleman, please.” Himmel Soan pointed at a scientist.

The man rose to his feet, gingerly asking, “Mr.

Soan, what fuel does the space cannon need What can create power more formidable than even a nuclear reaction”

“Its called Sicolium Essocobia.

I call it SE2.”

“Sicolium Essocobia” was a name Himmel Soan made up on the spot, and he probably forgot it as soon as he mentioned it.

He used that name because the initial letters were the same as that of “spiritual essence.” SE2 meant “spiritual essence with a level-2 density.”

Himmel Soans own spiritual essence was level 10, but he could only produce level-2 spiritual essence with the current device, hence SE2.

It sounded complicated, and the scientist was confused.

“Sicolium Essocobia Whats that Could you elaborate”

Himmel Soan said, “Itll take days to explain.

In fact, the human body contains the biggest secrets.

If we can learn everything about it, well be able to solve everything.

Humans should be the ruler of nature, not the other way around.

We still have a long way to go.”

He meant every word he just said.

Cultivators were the rulers of nature.

If everyone was a cultivator, no catastrophe would affect them.

Cultivators trained themselves with the law of nature, which was how the natural world ran.

That was the essence of cultivators.

Obviously, Himmel Soan couldnt tell that to the audience, so he pressed a button on the remote control.

“Please look at the big screen for the explanation of SE2.

Feel free to take pictures and study them in your own time.

You know what Just apply to my country for the entire file.

There are over 3,000 pages, and you cant take photos of all of them.

Ill hand the file to Sky Eye.

Anyone interested can ask them for the detailed equations.”


Soan, Id like a copy.”

“Me, too.”


Lang, Im a Neigerian ambassador, and for the friendship between the two countries, please save us a copy, too.”

SE2 was bound to become the key research subject of all the scientists.

Obtaining this substance would be like having a superweapon that could destroy the solar system.

Even nuclear weapons were like toys in front of it.

The scientists had to pay special attention to this substance.

Henry tapped on the table.

“Please be quiet.

Well talk about that later because the purpose of this conference is to explain the space cannon, not SE2.

Well make further arrangements once we get through this catastrophe.”

This time, no one talked back.

They sat back in their seats and kept their silence.


Soan, where are we on the construction of the real space cannon”

“Its 70% completed.”


Soan, is it possible to build one for Winland”

“One space cannon will be more than enough.”


Soan, how will the space cannon affect Earth Can it withstand the recoil force”

“Yes, it can.

The mini space cannon didnt have any protective device, whereas the full-sized one will be equipped with various devices to counterbalance the kick and confine the force to a limited area.

The cannon wont do any harm to Earth.”

Various scientists from other countries asked their questions in turn, and Himmel Soan answered all of them.

When confidential information was involved, he would find an excuse or make something up, but he would tell the truth for the rest of the questions.

People were also asking questions online, and Henry would read them to Himmel Soan before he patiently answered them.

When they had a better understanding of the space cannon, people realized that the energy cannon was like a toy in comparison!


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