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Chapter 108 Because of Trust

The Pantherese president was in one of the above-ground shelters.

The building was a 180m tall skyscraper.

He had spoken to Himmel Soan and asked the latter if they could shield a building with the IVE Extractor and only go underground when the meteorite was very close.

The answer was yes, but they had to maintain the capacity of the extractors.

With enough innate vigorous energy and the proper surface to attach to, the innate vigorous energy could even shield a city.

However, it needed a proper base.

The building of the above-ground shelter was the proper surface, and so were the walls of the underground shelter.

Innate vigorous energy looked like a liquid gas and could even become solid.

The prerequisite to becoming solid was to have it attached to an object.

The energy wouldnt take shape on its own without being directed by mental force.

Being a cultivator, Himmel Soan could easily control the innate vigorous energy with his mental power.

He could mold the energy into a shield around himself.

However, ordinary people didnt have mental strength.

The innate vigorous energy produced by the extractor had the texture of glue.

It was useless without a container.

To protect the city with it, one would need a building that could cover the whole city.

It was both unrealistic and unattainable.

An underground shelter was much more efficient and practical.

Moreover, there was the meteorite.

The falling broken pieces of the super meteorite were equivalent to a spiritual essence attack, which the innate vigorous energy couldnt withstand.

All in all, underground shelters were the safest options.

That was why Himmel Soan had always insisted on building them.

He had thought it through beforehand.

If there were a better choice, he would have used it.

If they were to protect the land at the cost of human lives, they could end up losing both.

However, if they were to prioritize the human race, they would have both the people and the land.

They could live in destroyed cities because the survivors could rebuild the world.

But if the human race went extinct, what good would empty cities do, no matter how intact they were

The Pantherese president got nervous when the tornado appeared.

It moved closer and closer to the building they were in, but he gritted his teeth and stood his ground.

Other people tried to talk him into taking shelter underground, but he was a stubborn


Soon, the tornado devoured the building.

There were 70,000 people in here, and they were all frightened.

They were expecting falling stones to crack the building open.

Or the wind might uproot the entire structure.

This was the moment to test Himmel Soans theory.

It could cost their lives.

If what Himmel Soan said was true, it would mean that Moon was worth trusting

The tornado soon spat out the building and moved away.

The surrounding area was grazed to the ground, but the building was intact without so much as missing a brick.

The Pantherese inside were soaking wet from their sweat.

Thousands of stalwart men still had their hands on the devices and were ecstatic that they were alive.

“The machine has saved us!”

“That was unbelievable!”

“Were alive! Were going to be fine! We defeated the tornado!”

“Long live Himmel Soan!”

“I love that man!”

“I was so scared! If Himmel Soan had lied to us, we would have turned into a pulp! Were so lucky!” Some people dropped to their knees and burst into tears.

Some hugged one another in excitement.

Others sat in the corner and lit a cigarette with gratitude written all over their faces.


President, werent you afraid Did you know this was going to happen” someone asked the president, who was standing by the window and looking out.

The man took a drag of his cigarette and said calmly, “Im not clairvoyant, but I have faith in Moon.

I knew they wouldnt harm us, nor would they put our lives at risk!”

“Panthera and Moon are allies forever!” said one of the high-ranking officials.

The president spoke again after he finished his cigarette, “Get everybody into the shelters and send rescue teams to search for survivors! If they find any, bring them back! Stay safe and come back here before the next tornado hits us!”

“Yes, sir!”


“Yes, Mr.


“From now on, Himmel Soan will be the god of science! If Panthera can survive this catastrophe, well grant him the highest form of honor!”

The high-ranking officials were surprised at first, but they soon bowed their heads.

“Yes, sir!”

It was only the precursor.

The actual catastrophe hadnt started yet.

So far, the hurricanes, volcanoes, and tsunamis hadnt posed any real threats to the arks.

All arks were packed, no matter which country they belonged to.

All countries were in survival mode now.

The doors were all sealed, and no one was allowed to go in or out.

The arks went through a bumpy ride, but so far, their lives werent threatened.

They had water, food, and other resources that could last at least six months onboard.

Of course, that only applied to the luxurious arks.

The less expensive ones werent as well-equipped, and the passengers barely had enough room to stand.



“Lets make a toast to our safety and freedom!”

In the luxurious arks, the wealthy men were already celebrating over champagne.

Eternity was the largest and most luxurious Neigerian ark, and it was also the most durable ark in the world.

It was the ride of Oraman, Maruse, and other high-ranking Neigerian officials.

The ship was over a thousand meters tall.

It looked like a mountain and was about the size of a city.

It was fixed to the ground with eight million steel columns.

There was a launch portal at the top of the ark.

Eternity wasnt just an ark.

It was also the launch base of the energy cannon!


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