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Chapter 109 Eternity, the Hope

At the bottom of Eternity was a giant generator.

The ark was also equipped with a backup generator and transmitters.

No matter what happened outside, as long as the three cabin doors remained intact, the people inside would be safe.

Yes, Eternity was protected by three layers of hulls.

That way, the safety was triple-guaranteed.

There was some space between the two layers.

Once the first protective shell was destroyed, Eternity could manually shake off that layer.

The Neigerian scientists had run numerous tests.

Each layer was as durable as the next, and even rockets couldnt leave a dent.

The Neigerians believed that Eternity would last forever, as the name suggested.

They were convinced that the catastrophe wouldnt be able to touch anyone aboard Eternity.

The passengers of Eternity also regarded themselves to be the luckiest.

Money alone couldnt give one access to this ark.

Of course, one had to be rich, but that was only one of the requirements.

More importantly, one had to be well connected.

There were almost no Moonians on this ark because Neige had boycotted Moon.

Even the wealthiest and most privileged Moonians couldnt get in, including those that had changed their nationality to Neige.

Other arks didnt have communication devices, but on Eternity, life was as normal as before.

The scientists working in Cabin One were closely monitoring what was going on outside, and all the satellites were watching out for the super meteorite.

However, the meteorite was moving too fast for them to lock onto its location.

They could only estimate its location with data that had lagged behind.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the super meteorite has entered the solar system and is 38 hours away from Earth.

Please be reassured that well destroy it before it lands on Earth! Even if that solution fails, Eternity will still be your haven! Please drink and dance while we wait for this catastrophe to end! I cant say the same for other countries, though.

Some of them will be wiped off the face of the earth! Cheers!”



Oraman, Maruse, and other passengers began to celebrate.

Oraman whispered to Maruse, “Contact Panthera for me.

I want to know whats going on over there.”

“Sure, but I dont think there is a Panthera to contact at this point.

I heard they were hit by a super cyclone and volcano eruptions.

That country has probably been wiped off the map.” Maruse chuckled.

Oraman laughed.

“The Panthese president put too much faith in Moon.

What can those lousy devices possibly do I hope hes still alive because I cant wait to see him wallowing in regret.

I want to see him kneeling and begging to get on our ark!”.

He shifted in his seat as he said those words, which he considered a joke.

Maruse also laughed.

“Id love to see that, too.

Panthera used to be a superpower, but that man has just destroyed his own country.

His people will hate him forever.

Get in touch with the Panthese president!”

“Yes, sir!”

Back in Moon.

“Done!” Himmel Soan completed his calculation.

Everything was just as he had expected.

Metaphysics wasnt the enemy of science.

The two were, in fact, connected.

There was no limit to science.

Himmel Soan only realized how powerful science was after he did some research.

He used to think metaphysics would end science because there would always exist things that science couldnt explain while metaphysics could.

Cultivators could move mountains and seas with a wave of their hands.

Could science do that

Cultivators could have eternal youth and immortal lives.

Could science do that

Cultivators could save or take lives with their minds.

They could travel from the core of the earth to outer space.

Could science do that

The answer was yes.

However, science was much more complicated than metaphysics.

Cultivators worked on their own power to comprehend the laws of nature and use them to exert a force that could exceed all known power.

Science could exert the same level of power, but the process was much more complicated.

It could be simplified, but that would require more advanced scientific technology.

For example, a cultivator at the Gas Refining Stage could crush a brick with his bare fists.

A scientist could easily achieve that as well.

He could use gunpowder.

It would easily blow up a brick.

At first, gunpowder wasnt very convenient to use.

With the development of technology, the devices changed.

Cannons, rifles, and pistols were invented.

Pistols represented the scientific solution.

The more advanced the technology was, the smaller the pistols became.

When gunpowder was first invented, a whole barrel couldnt bring down a bridge.

But now, a bomb the size of an apple could wipe off the building of several blocks.

That was how science had made its progress, and it was a sign of simplification.

The current scientific research standard would need at least hundreds, if not thousands, of years to achieve Himmel Soans power.

However, science would get there eventually.

Himmel Soan could easily destroy Earth even now, let alone in his prime state.

Science could do the same.

When he recovered his full strength, Himmel Soan could destroy the solar system or even the galaxy.

Science couldnt do it now, but it could one day.

Himmel Soans recent inventions proved that one could extract and utilize the spiritual essence with scientific methods.

When more scientific methods were discovered, eventually, scientists would make a breakthrough and probably improve the potency of the spiritual essence.

The space cannon could be simplified.

Maybe in a hundred thousand years, the enormous space cannon could shrink to the size of a pistol.

Everyone could have one, and one bullet could destroy the sun.

That was science.

The difference between science and metaphysics was that not everyone could learn metaphysics.

It required talent and comprehension.

It was more like a craft passed down from one generation to the next.

On the other hand, once there was a scientific breakthrough, the entire human race would reap the reward.

People didnt need to learn anything for that, and even children could benefit from it.

It was more like a household device.

However, to make such a scientific breakthrough was so difficult.

To shrink the space cannon that was half the size of the Pegasus Grassland to a weapon the size of a pistol was way more complicated than it sounded.


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