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Cat Entertainment was the company that had signed Stella Shane.

“Jack Wattcon here.

Tell the editor of Starwave to get his ass down here! Right now!”

Starwave had been the most active website in this incident, and it was one of Jack Wattcons affiliated companies!

This wasnt funny!

Jack Wattcon wanted to kill himself.

Seeing that Kevin Matano had taken action, he immediately called his men as well.

Apart from the editor of Starwave, all the heads of news agencies, such as Hotdog, Flying Tiger, and Sky Dragon, were summoned.

The other three of the Five didnt stay idle.

They called the people in charge of their affiliated companies that were involved in this incident.

“We dont have a choice.

We have to contact them ourselves!” Although Stella was the youngest of the siblings, she was also the smartest one.

She had become even more resourceful after joining the entertainment industry and had been planning her every move.

With how things had turned out, she only had two choices left.

One was to keep doing what she had been doing.

The other was to apologize.

However, she would never post a video and admit that she had wronged Himmel Soan!

She was a rising star.

If she apologized, she would have to admit that she had been lying.

The public would never tolerate a lying public figure!


Even her fans might turn against her, let alone the public.

Her career would be finished!


If Himmel Soan could make a big director like Gary Mat lower his head, would she be able to make any difference


“Whats your plan” Luke asked.

“Luke, you still have the numbers of some reporters and editors, dont you And I remember you also know people on some TV channels.

They cant shut down all the TV stations! Contact those people! I want to go live!” said Stella.

“Go live on TV”

Stella nodded.

“Thats right! Online live-stream will do as well! I wont surrender to that old fool!”

Luna gradually recovered from her initial breakdown.

“Thats right! We can always go online! We still have a large fan base.

If we start a live stream and come up with the right story, theyll still support us!”

Luke nodded.

“Good! You two think about the story while I make some phone calls!”

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Stella clenched her fists.

“We can do this! Im sure of it!”




Camball, hi!”


Dickson What are you doing here”

“Editor Hawk, youre here, too!”

Meanwhile, the heads of various companies and media platforms had arrived at the place designated by the Five.

Even though it was in the middle of the night and they had gone to bed for hours, when they received the phone calls from the Five, they got dressed immediately and came here as fast as they could.

“Why are you all here”

“Thats right.

Why is everyone here”


Matano asked me to come here.”

“Me too.

What about you, Editor Hawk”


Wattcon called me.

Whats going on”

“I was already in bed.

Gosh! I havent had a good nights sleep in a long time!”

“You went to bed so early, Editor Hawk.

Its not like you! By the way, whats the deal with that old man molesting his adopted daughter Your Starwave was having a field trip today.

The front page is all about that story!”

Editor Hawk lit a cigarette and chuckled.

“I have no idea.

Our website just covers whatever topics the most eye-catching.

You know how the internet is.

People always have polar opinions.

The reporters dont know any better, and the truth doesnt matter anyway.

People love that sort of incest stuff! The juicier, the better!”

One of the other men laughed.

“Thats right.

The truth is so hard to uncover, so nobody cares what the truth is.

Entertaining the reader is always the most important thing!”

“Shut the f**k up!”

A chubby middle-aged man suddenly ran out of the villa and kicked Editor Hawk so hard that he flew backward.

The editor struggled to his feet and was about to start yelling when he saw the culprit.

It was Kevin Matano, his boss!

Kevins face was livid as he shouted at them, “Look at what youve done!”


Matano, whats going on”

“Whats going on Delete all posts and reports on Mr.

Himmel Soan right now! All subsidiaries of Alinine will make a public apology, especially Starwave! All of you, videotape yourselves kneeling on the floor and saying youre sorry! Name yourselves and your job titles! Then post the videos on your company website! Understood”

Brooks asked in bewilderment, “Mr.

Matacon, do I need to make that video, too My company belongs to the Kanda Group, not Alinine.”

Jack Wattcon rushed out of the villa as if waiting on cue and kicked him in the belly.

“Do it now, or youre fired!”

The directors turned around and saw that John Lius and Pearl Dona were here as well.

“What The TV channels have refused to work with us” Stella looked at Luke in surprise.

Luke looked dejected.

“All the websites said the same.

It was fine at first, but they said no as soon as I mentioned your name! They even shouted at me!”


Luna panicked.

“What should we do now Stella, what should we do Im so broke now! I just called the bank.

All my accounts are frozen! I have no money left!”

Luke said, “Damn it! Who on earth is that old fool Why is he so good Do we really have to apologize”

“Do you think we can still do that” Stella slumped into a chair with a blank face and smiled bitterly.

“I think its too late for that.

He wants to destroy us!”

Luna said, “No, he doesnt! Dad has been very kind to us.

Im sure hell forgive us if we apologize sincerely!”

“Dad” Stella said contemptuously, “So, hes your dad now Im not going to apologize!”

“Suit yourself.

Luke, lets do it now! Get the camera and film me!” Luna knelt on the floor and asked, “Do I look sincere enough”



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