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Chapter 112 Global Rescue

By now, national borders no longer mattered.

No one was there to guard the borders when everyones life was threatened.

Hence, Moonian helicopters flew all the way to Woodia to transfer the wounded.

The airport was nearby.

It was already abandoned, and all the flights had stopped operations.

The Moonian helicopters could land and take off without asking for permission.

All the survivors were taken to Moon.

“Help… Help me…”


“Help… Im drowning…”

“Run! The flood is coming! Run!”

“Dad! Dad, where are you”

“Who are you Out of my way!”


The tsunami flooded the cities.

The survivors had no time to think.

They started running for their lives.

But the flood moved much faster than their two legs could carry them.

The waves were over ten meters high.

The flood had the power to crush everything on its way.

The tall buildings were as fragile as glass, and it only took one wave to wash everyone away.

Some of them were luckier than others.

When the flood hit, they remained conscious and were crying for help.

But no one was there to save them.

The flood was as relentless as the sickle of Death, harvesting lives as it moved on.

The principle of respecting the old and cherishing the youth didnt apply anymore.

Everybody only cared about their own lives.

Humanity lost its morals.

The old and the young that were in the way were pushed away and stomped on.

Some were even killed in the process.

The people that pushed them didnt get away either.

The flood soon caught up with them.

Some of them were struck down by the waves and drowned in the water while others were slammed into the walls, splashing blood everywhere.

They didnt have much hope to live.

Human beings were so puny and fragile when facing natural disasters.

The flood rushed through the city, claiming lives after lives.

The people were filled with despair.

Suddenly, they saw helicopters in the sky.

Judging by the words written on them, they belonged to Moon.

The survivors on higher lands had stopped asking for help.

They had seen helicopters flying by before, but none of them stopped even once.

They would fly away even if they heard their pleas for help.

The people didnt believe these ones would do things differently.

However, the helicopter voluntarily stopped above them.


Numerous lifebuoys were thrown into the water.

Dozens of men also jumped out of the helicopters.

They were members of the Himmelian Pavilion and were all excellent swimmers.

One could even compare them to fish.

No, to some extent, they were even better swimmers than fish.

Could all fish dive 20,000m into the ocean

Shallow water fish couldnt go into deep water.

The deepwater fish couldnt survive in the shallow water either.

However, the people of the Himmelian Pavilion could do both.

They practiced Himmel Soans swimming skills, and the water was their second home.

They could swim freely in tsunamis and floods, no matter how shallow or deep the water was.

“Who are they”

“I think theyre Moonians!”

“Are they insane They jumped into the flood!”

“Are they trying to save us Who are they kidding No one can withstand the waves!”

Survivors on the roofs were shocked when they saw members of the Himmelian Pavilion jump out of the helicopters.

They werent laughing at those men.

They were only confused, unable to understand why they would commit suicide like that.

That thought didnt last long.

They were soon astonished and filled with respect.

Those people swam faster than fish.

Some even went against the tide.

The torrent was so rapid that even ships couldnt sail against the waves.

However, these guys could defy the current.

One after another, they caught the survivors in the water and put the lifebuoys around them.

Moon as a country had never seemed so noble.

“Help us!”

“Please help us!”

The survivors on the building roofs shouted at the helicopters.

The Moonians didnt disappoint them.

The helicopters moved closer and dropped the rope ladder.

“This is wonderful!”

“Theyre here to save us!”

“Were going to live! Thank God!”

“If we get into their helicopters, are they going to take us to Moon”

“Who cares The most important thing is to stay alive! You need to get your priorities right!”

“Id love to go to their country! I hate Flamia! Why didnt they save me when they obviously had space on those helicopters Id rather die in Moon!”

Meanwhile, people in the water were carried ashore and went through emergency procedures.

The Himmelians werent gods.

Some people were already dead when they were out of the water.

Similar things were happening all over the globe.

Members of the Soan empire had reached all other countries.

People of the three divisions made great contributions and saved thousands of lives.

The survivors were flown back to Moon.

Once they calmed down a little, they chatted with one another on the plane.

“Are we safe now”

“Yes, were on the way to Moon!”

“Moon Why not Neige Moon doesnt have any arks! Can we survive in Moon when the meteorite hits Earth”

Another survivor shot to his feet and bellowed, “You should forget Neige because it has forgotten you! Neige is the largest country in the world, and its supposed to help the others in a time like this, but where were they when earthquakes and tsunamis devoured us Weve been questioning Moon the whole time, but it has sent people to help us! If you still have problems with Moon, we can always throw you out now!”


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