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Chapter 113 Im Going to Neige

“What Am I not right” The survivor rose to his feet and glared at the other one.

They were both tall and strong, and neither would give in.

“I feel grateful toward Moon for saving me, but going there wont keep us alive! Once the meteorite hits, Moon wont survive! Why cant they take us to Neige!”

His words made several other survivors waver.

They appreciated Moon for saving them.

However, they felt going there would only keep them alive for a bit longer.

Once the meteorite arrived, Moon would still be wiped out, and they would all die.

They believed that the Neigerian arks were their only hope.

Why wouldnt Moon do the decent thing and drop them off at Neige

“Shut up! Without Moon, we wouldnt even be having this conversation!”

“I didnt say Moon didnt save us, but it doesnt mean they can make the decision for us, nor does it mean Ive agreed to become a Moonian! Who gave them the right to take me there I want to go to Neige!”

“One more word and Im throwing you out!”

“Go ahead! Were going to die anyway! Id rather die here than in Moon!”

“Screw you!” Another survivor rose to his feet, grabbed the other by his throat, and dragged him toward the cabin door.

The others on the helicopter all stood up and joined the fight.

All hell broke loose.

“Thats enough! Stop it!”

Eventually, the people of the three divisions had to intervene.

“Our next stop is Soilia.

If you want to go to Neige, well drop you off at the Soilian airport.

We respect your opinion,” said one of the men of the three divisions.

One survivor was displeased.

“What Drop us off at the Soilian airport How are we going to get to Neige on our own We cant fly! What if something happens in Soilia Are you going to make sure of our safety”


A member of the three divisions was infuriated.

These foreigners were so annoying!

They were never grateful and only wanted more for themselves.

They always blamed other people for their own mistakes.

The last time when there was a natural disaster, a country asked Moon for help.

Moon sent resources without hesitation.

However, when the crisis passed, the country turned on Moon.

It joined hands with Neige and requested an investigation on them.

The Moonians hated the country for this betrayal.

What an ungrateful thing to do!

The Moonian culture was thousands of years old, and it had been a state of etiquette since ancient times.

The foreigners would never comprehend this feature.

Moon told the world about the meteorite as soon as Himmel Soan discovered it.

A gentleman is open and poised; a petty man is unhappy and worried.

The Moonians believed they had a clear conscience.

Rick was the survivor that was most eager to go to Neige.

He was from Iceana and was almost killed by a volcano eruption.

Luckily, the three divisions saved him in time.

However, he took everything for granted.

He believed no one could rob him of his freedom, not even his saviors.

He bellowed at the three divisions, “I dont care! You must take me to Neige! I wont take no for an answer!”

Peter Soan said ominously, “Sir, weve done enough by saving your life.

This flight is going to Moon, and it wont change its course for any individual.

If you want to go to Neige, you can get off in Soilia, or you can go to Moon with us and figure out what to do once youre there!”

“Whats there to figure out Weve run out of time! By the time we reach Moon, the meteorite will be upon us! I have to go to Neige! I dont care what you do, but I must get there in three hours!”

Rick was persistent and sounded like he was the person who gave out orders.

Another survivor chimed in, “Thats right! I want to go to Neige!”

“Me, too!”

“There are hardly any planes in the air, and you dont need to worry about your course! Cant you just turn around and go to Neige You can get back to your mission after you drop us off!”

Peter snarled, “No, we cant change our destination! People in Soilia are waiting for us to rescue them! Their land is flooded, and they cant survive much longer without food! We have to get there asap!” “I dont care.

Thats your mission, not mine.

Im going to Neige!”

Members of the three divisions got furious.

If Himmel Soan hadnt forbidden them to do anything, they would have thrown those men out of the plane.

“One more word, and Ill kick you out of that door!” One of the survivors glared at Rick.

Not all foreigners were the same.

Some of them were very polite.

Duncan was one of the latter.

He told the people of the three divisions, “I dont get it.

How can you put up with this man I want to punch him in the face and send him to where he deserves to be!”

Peter said, “Thats enough.

Were three hours away from Soilia, and youll be able to go wherever you want.”

Rich kicked the cabin door.

“No Soilia! Havent I made myself clear enough I want to go to Neige!”


Just then, Peter heard Himmel Soan in his headphones.

“Open the cabin door.”

“What Patriarch—”

“Open the cabin door!”

Peter looked at the other members of the three divisions and noticed they were as shocked as him.

Apparently, they heard it, too.

“Open the cabin door!”

Two men immediately opened the door.

A gust of wind blew into the helicopter.

All the survivors, Rick included, were terrified.

“What are you going to do” Rick asked in a trembling voice.

Duncan smirked.

“What do you think Theyre going to throw you out! Since you dont want to go to Moon, theres no need for you to stay here!”

“You cant do that!”

“Of course, we can!”

A person jumped into the helicopter while everyone was watching.


He flew into the cabin!

All the people inside were shocked.

How did he do that


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