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Chapter 114 Ten Hours to Go

It was none other than Himmel Soan.

Members of the three divisions immediately dropped to their knees.




The survivors recognized Himmel Soan as well.

“Arent you the scientist from Moon”

“Youre the one who claims to be 200 years old”

“How did you get here I know your face! Youre Himmel Soan!”

After the initial shock, Rick rose to his feet.


Soan, is it I want to file a complaint! I want to go to Neige, but these people wont take me there! What are you going to do about it!”

Himmel Soan glanced at him.

“Thats easily done.

Come over here.”

Rick pondered for a few seconds before marching toward him.


Himmel Soan suddenly grabbed him by the shoulder and threw him out of the cabin.

“You dont deserve our effort, and youre a waste of our resources.

You can go to Neige


“Ah-” Ricks scream resonated in the air as he fell through the clouds.

“Anyone else wants to go to Neige” Himmel Soan looked at the others.

Ricks former companions stopped talking altogether and sat in their seats like well-behaved kids.

Duncan liked this turn of events, while the people of the three divisions smiled.

That ungrateful man got what he deserved!

Himmel Soan said, “Please sit down and fasten your seat belt.

Theres strong wind ahead, and were going to experience some turbulence.

Dont worry.

Everythings going to be fine.”

“Yes, sir!” The three divisions never doubted Himmel Soan and trusted his prediction.

They immediately fastened everyone onto their seats.

The rescue helicopter had taken in more passengers than usual, so not everyone had a seat.

Those who didnt have a seat belt were tied down by ropes.

Seeing that everyone was safely fastened, Himmel Soan jumped out of the cabin door.

“Whats he doing!”

Duncan and the other survivors shouted.

“Why did he jump!”

“He didnt carry a parachute!”

“Hes been pulled away by the airflow! We have to help him!”

Peter raised his hand to calm them down.

“Dont worry! Hes going to be fine.


Soan is a scientist and has invented more things than Tony Stark! I think you all know who that is.”


Someone pointed out of the helicopter, drawing everyones attention.

Himmel Soan was flying alongside the helicopter.

He wasnt wearing any flying device, not even a helmet or an eye mask.

It looked like he was flying on his own.

How shocking!

Even Iron Man needed his suit!

However, one couldnt see anything remotely similar to a suit on Himmel Soan.

“How does he do it”

“Is he flying”

“Gosh! I must be having an illusion!”

Peter immediately explained, “Please calm down.


Soan is wearing an invisible flying suit invented by himself and scientists like Viclan and William.

It allows him to use the airflow to fly.

The suit hasnt been launched yet.

Youll know more in the future!”

Viclan and William were much more famous scientists than Himmel Soan.

Once their names were mentioned, the survivors were gradually convinced.

Rick had passed out during his fall.

Himmel Soan had pushed him out of the helicopter to set an example for the others.

It was very effective.

No one else dared to say another word.

From afar, the helicopter was about the size of a grain.

Ahead of it was a large patch of dark clouds.

The clouds were rolling, and lightning flashed from time to time.

The catastrophe wasnt just limited to the ground.

The sky was also a dangerous place.

Ordinary aircraft wouldnt be able to go through the clouds.

The airflow and the lightning would tear them to pieces.

Himmel Soan dived in first to lead the helicopter through the clouds.

Although he had only recovered 0.1% of his strength, it was enough to handle natural disasters like this.

He could even withstand the heat of the mouth of an erupting volcano, which was thousands of degrees high.

With the little power he had recovered, he could destroy most of the earth.

The thunderstorm wouldnt leave a scratch on him.

“Gosh! Hes in the clouds!”

“Is he navigating for us”

“Thats unbelievable!”

“Is he going to be alright

“I think I believe him now.

Everything he said online was probably true!”

Himmel Soan and the Soan empire worked together.

They evacuated hundreds of thousands of survivors in the next ten hours.

Most of those people had been abandoned by their own countries.

Their countries had to because their hands were tied.

With the limited resources, only the rich and powerful could survive.

Ordinary people were left to die.

Rick wasnt the only one with a behavioral problem.

Himmel Soan didnt want guys like him to bring trouble to Moon and drive wedges between people, so he had let his men teach them a lesson on their way back.

If those people still insisted on going to Neige, the Moonians had to take coercive measures and treat them as prisoners.

They would force those men to go to the underground shelter.

The meteorite was ten hours away.

The time was upon the human race.

The underground shelter was cramped.

Tens of thousands of devices were distributed throughout the shelter, and members of the Dragon Tribe and Sky Eye had evenly spread out the innate vigorous energy.

They were ready for the impact.

The space cannon was also completed.

Just like the underground shelter, the space cannon was protected by the IVE extractors as well.

Otherwise, it would be destroyed by the sand storm and earthquakes as soon as it was set up on the Pegasus Grassland.

The grassland had a high altitude and wouldnt be affected by floods.

The only thing that could pose any threat was the Pegasus Volcano 150km away.

It was the second-largest volcano in the world.

It had been stirring since the natural disasters, but it hadnt erupted yet.


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