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Chapter 116 Were Not Leaving


Soan, dont you understand Arks are the only way we can survive a catastrophe! The underground shelter is a joke!”

“Youre the joke!” Nathan pointed at Lyton and bellowed, “Are you going to be responsible for 13 million lives Didnt you watch the press conference Didnt you see the IVE devices Without them, your ark is as good as a paper boat! The meteorite will kill you all! You wont be laughing then! Come back with us!”

Lyton shook his head.

“Im sorry, Mr.

Soan, but Im not going!”

“We wont be so civil if you insist on doing this.

Were doing this for your own good!”

Someone couldnt stand him anymore and smirked.

“For our own good If thats the case, you should arrest Himmel Soan and let the country build arks! How can the underground shelter be safe Use your brain! Its never going to work!”

Nathan turned to the man.

“Im sorry, but I do use my brain.

All of us do.

If you havent watched the news, its not too late.

If you dont have internet here, Ive downloaded the files on my tablet.


Lyton, please read it to them.”

He then gave Lyton a tablet.

Lyton looked at the file and picked a paragraph to read aloud.

“Our country has named this super meteoriteDespair One. According to our observation, its covered by a layer of a tough substance that doesnt exist on Earth.

Weve named itTia for the time being.

Its 180 thousand times harder than diamond and can easily cut through our planet.”

After reading it, Lyton gave the tablet back to Nathan without any expression on his face.

“Its one of Himmel Soans discoveries, isnt it How impressive.

Despair One is moving so fast; how did he manage to extract this substance How did he know Tia is 180 thousand times tougher than a diamond”

It was very easy for Himmel Soan to obtain that substance.

He could fly into outer space and obtain it in person!

However, people on earth would never believe that.

Nathan said, “He could do those things because hes the best scientist on Earth.

Isnt that enough” “The best scientist Says who Himself” Lyton said sarcastically.

Nathan was displeased.


Lyton, I can understand why the stupid foreigners wouldnt believe Mr.

Himmel Soan, but youre a Moonian! Why wont you trust your own countryman Mr.

Soan will never deceive his fellow Moonians!”


Lyton said, “Fine.

Lets say what you told me is true, but I still believe the arks are our only way out!”

He then turned to the other passengers and shouted, “Anyone who wants to leave can feel free to do so.

You can make your own decisions, be it to stay here or to leave for the underground shelter.

I wont force you!”

The passengers replied immediately, “Of course, well stay here!”

“Were not as gullible as the fools outside! The underground shelter will become an underground reservoir as soon as the Pegasus Grassland is flooded! How safe can it be!”

“Id rather die here in the ark! My family will stay here, too! Im not walking into your trap!”

Nathan was so frustrated that he shouted at the passengers.

“Theres no trap! Were only trying to help you! Do you really think hiding here will keep you safe Without the IVE Extractors, no substance on Earth can stand the impact of the meteorite! Do you think the ark is safe Watch this!”

He then punched the cabin door.

There was a loud thump, but nothing happened.

Nathan was surprised.

He was a cultivator and could easily punch through any metal.

That was a thick door, but he was sure he could punch through it within ten blows.

Yet, his punch didnt do anything to the door, and it only hurt his fist.

His cultivation level wasnt high enough.

Unwilling to give up, Nathan threw more punches.

He kept hitting the door.

However, the door was much tougher than he had expected.

He couldnt even make a dent.

Instead, his knuckles started bleeding.

“What are you doing”

“Are you out of your mind”

“Ive never seen anyone so stupid!”

“Is he trying to punch through the door Keep at it, and you may get what you want next


The crowd figured out what Nathan was doing and laughed at him.

The door was much tougher than Nathan had expected.

After dozens of punches, it remained without a scratch.

Seeing that Nathans fist was covered with blood, Lyton stopped him.

“Thats enough, Mr.


What are you doing”

“Im going to prove to you that the door isnt hard enough!”

The crowd laughed again.

“Not hard enough Was that what he said”

“Thats the hardest metal on Earth, and youre saying its not hard enough.

Hasnt your little experiment failed”

“If this material isnt hard, then nothing is!”

“Did you just call us stupid Youre the stupid one! All the people going into the underground shelter are idiots!”

Even Lyton couldnt help but mock Nathan.


Soan, I think you know how hard the door is.

Stop wasting your energy.

Were not leaving.”

Nathan had no choice but to contact the HQ for help.

Moon was a vast country.

Although natural disasters had taken place in many regions, the country still managed to provide signals for telecommunication devices.

However, it was only limited to people out on missions.

The cell phones of ordinary people had stopped working.

HQ asked to talk to Mr.

Lyton, who then agreed.

Lyton got a tongue-lashing from Henry Lang, but it couldnt change anything.

Lyton had quit his job.

If he refused to go back, no one could force him.

Nathan took the device.

“Director Lang, what should we do now Shall we bring them back by force”


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