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Chapter 119 Control Your Energy Cannon

Oraman couldnt believe his ears.

He raised his eyebrows, asking, “What did you say Say that again; I dare you!”

“I said youve lost your mind! Do you hear me


“How dare you disrespect me like that! Ill destroy you with the energy cannon now!”

“Oraman, behave yourself!”

Just then, the Panthese president joined the video call.

“The energy cannon is built from the materials provided by all the countries in the world, and it can only fire five times.

Its reserved to destroy the super meteorite, and youre only its keeper, not the owner.

Who gave you the right to aim it at Moon”

Oraman was taken by surprise.

“How did you get in I didnt invite you to this video call!”

The Winish president joined in as well.

“I dont know whats going on, but it seems all the countries are sharing the same network, and we can only visit the government sites of Moon and Neige.

The whole world is watching this video call, and anyone can join in at any time.”


More screens were being divided into more and more sections.




A hundred.

Eight hundred

A thousand.

Thirty thousand.

Ten thousand.

Fifty thousand.

Over a million people joined in the video call, and their faces were too small to be distinguished from one another.

Everyone was talking at the same time.

All the languages were mixed together, and no one could make out what other people were saying

The chaos paralyzed the two websites.

There was nothing wrong with Himmel Soans network.

Even another billion users wouldnt make it crash.

However, the servers of the two governmental websites couldnt handle the significant number of visitors.

Why were those two the only websites that were still working

It was because their servers were intact.

As for the rest…

Take Penguin Web as an example.

Its HQ had collapsed, and the server was buried under the debris.

Of course, the website had stopped working

It was the same with websites like Thandos, Tiger Search, and Ellibro.

Their servers were either flooded or smashed to pieces by falling buildings.

They werent the only ones.

The servers of Facebook and Google no longer existed.

The server of the Neigerian government website had been moved into Eternity, which was why it was still intact.

The Moonian one was safely stored in the underground shelter.

Therefore, the two government sites were the only ones that were still working.

Although there was internet service, the users couldnt visit any other websites.

As a result, billions of people rushed to the two websites.

There was a “video” button on both websites, and one could join the video call just by clicking it.

Oraman immediately ordered the technician to delete the button and ended the video call.

It relieved the pressure on the servers.

Moon also deleted the button, and only a few special accounts could use that function.

The other users couldnt join the video call anymore, but they could leave comments.

The video call was no longer encrypted, and the whole world could watch it.

Oraman then started another video call.

He knew the whole world was watching.

99.9% of the global population was on their phones.

They didnt have anything else to do and could only visit one of the two websites.

“Hello, everybody.

Im Oraman, the Neigerian president.

My countrys signal bases were destroyed by natural disasters, but somehow, the signal is back.

After some investigation, we discovered that the signal source is Moon.

We have reason to believe that Moon has hacked our network and equipment.

I hereby make a formal protest! Moon has to stop their invasion immediately! Im warning Moon in front of the whole world.

If they dont stop what theyre doing, Ill fire the first round of the energy cannon at them!”

“You ungrateful bastard!”

Just then, another window popped up on the screen.

It was Himmel Soan.

He was obviously outside because behind him was a downpour.

Himmel Soan had tolerated Oraman for a long time, but to maintain the relationship between the two countries, he had kept his silence.

However, after he restored the network and communication, Oraman was accusing him of invading his country.

“Oraman, Im going to make it very clear this time.

You wont be able to fire the energy cannon.

Fine, Ive invaded your network.

What can you do I can control the energy cannon whenever I want, and I can fire all five rounds at Neige!”

Maruse angrily shot to his feet.

“Bull**! Who the hell do you think you are Try it; I dare you!”

“As you wish!”

Himmel Soan ended the video call after that.




Warning sounds rang out in Eternitys control room.

“Energy cannon ready to launch.

Ten!” The system started the countdown.

Everyone in the room freaked out.

“What happened Did someone hit the button”

“It wasnt me! I didnt touch anything!”

“No one can do it on their own! The three control panels have to give the command simultaneously to activate it! Report to Mr.

President now!”


President, the energy cannon is ready to launch on its own!”

“What” The president was still on the video call when a Neigerian scrambled into the room.

The world heard the man and was astonished.

Could Himmel Soan really control the Neigerian energy cannon

Oraman instantly ended the video call, and the viewers couldnt see what was going to happen next.

They were all very curious.

Someone then wrote, “We have access to the Neigerian surveillance footage now! We can see everything!”

As Himmel Soan had control over the entire network, he had removed all the passwords to the Neigerian control system.

Everybody now had access to the Neigerian database.

People soon found secret files, equipment, and surveillance footage.

The image from over a thousand surveillance cameras on the arks could be watched online.

The viewers saw Oraman run into the control room with only three seconds left.

“Where is it aiming at!” Oraman asked anxiously.


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