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Chapter 121 Two Hours Countdown

“Im sure Moon has made some contributions, but the space cannons blueprint is too unbelievable! Its not something we can build with our current technology!”

“Speak for yourself!”

“Look! Thats the live broadcast of the meteorite! Its speed is 1/360 the speed of light, and no equipment has been able to catch its image until now! Its beyond the ability of the human race.

However, Himmel Soan is following the meteorite now! Doesnt that prove how advanced their technology is”

In the Soilian column.

“We couldnt have been more wrong, and were going to pay for our mistake with our own lives! Is it possible that the IVE Extractors can withstand the impact of the meteorite”

“It wasnt our fault.

The Moonian concept is too far beyond our time.

No one could have comprehended it! Many of the underground shelters are in the right direction, but no one could see how that would work.”

“Im going to beg Moon for help! I dont want to stay here in the ark anymore! I want to leave! I want to go to the Moonian underground shelter!”

“Save your breath! The world is falling apart, and Moon can barely help itself.

Going out now will only get you killed.”

The seawater had flooded the land as if it were a living creature.

Water normally flowed from higher to lower grounds, but it was moving in the opposite direction.

The moon had abandoned its original course, and the magnetic field on Earth had gone berserk.

Gravity was everywhere, and seawater seemed to be flying up into the sky.

Numerous arks around the world were in trouble.

Some smaller arks were blown into the sky by a level-20 hurricane.

The highest scale of hurricanes was normally 12, and a level-20 one was unimaginable.

Like Mount Goron, Mount Hilya in Iceana was one of the hundred most famous mountains in the world.

When the hurricane brushed past Hilya, it scraped 100m off the top of the mountain as if it had stripped the mountain of its outer layer.

The mountain used to have rich plantations and various rare animals.

However, the hurricane left the mountain completely bare, without even any grass left.

That was what a Level-20 hurricane could do.

Some smaller arks were already destroyed.

Ark 47 of Woodia happened to be next to a volcano.

There was an earthquake when the volcano erupted.

The ground was torn open, and the ark tilted.

When rocks and magma fell from the sky, Ark 47 rolled into the chasm.

Its hull was severely damaged.

Some very lucky passengers might survive, but 99% of them would die.

The fall was over 1km, and the impact could shatter ones internal organs.

The ark contained various machines.

Even without them, people still had little chance to survive when so many of them fell upon one another.

Goldia was close to the north pole.

Once the sea level rose, some arks were affected.

The strong wind blew them further north to the extremely cold region.

The low temperature made the external power freeze.

Without power, the temperature in the ark dropped rapidly.

The passengers huddled together for warmth but to no avail.

The temperature kept dropping.

It wouldnt take long before they would all freeze to death.

There were so many similar examples.

Most of them occurred to the inferior arks.

Some luxurious arks had also run into trouble, but they had all managed to get through it.

The superior arks were built with better materials and had a much better defense system.

If a luxurious ark were to be sent to the north pole, the power generator wouldnt have been frozen.

That was because their generators were all built inside.

Moreover, the materials used to build these arks were both heat, and cold-proof.

They were also equipped with enough food, water, and first-aid items.

However, there were only a handful of such arks.

Over 95% of the countries tried to build arks as fast as they could before the catastrophe happened.

They didnt have time to worry about the quality.

If they couldnt find an adequate material, they would use something inferior to replace it.

That decision became their deathtrap now.

They were directly killed by natural disasters, but they were partially responsible for what had happened.

Himmel Soan saw everything.

But there was nothing he could do.

He had recovered 0.12% of his power.

If he could recover 0.3%, maybe he could save the entire human race.

Right now, spreading out his mental force around the globe and building Skynet had stretched his power to its limit.

If he could, he would have punched the meteorite into pieces before it could affect Earth in any way.

Beneath him was a fleet of vehicles that contained thousands of people.

If he walked away now, the weather would tear all of them into pieces.

Yes, compared to the millions of people in the ark, this fleet was dispensable.

However, they were Moonians, and they trusted Himmel Soan.

They were kind people who had delivered the devices to Lyton when they were perfectly aware of the danger involved.

Because of that, Himmel Soan was determined to save them, even if he had to abandon all the passengers on that ark.

Moreover, there were members of the Soan empire in these vehicles.

If other countries had listened to Himmel Soan, built the underground shelter, and accepted the IVE Extractors, something like this would never have happened.

It was like the old saying.

The evil one brought on oneself was the hardest to bear.

People online were divided into three groups.

70% of the people still had faith in Neige.

About 20% believed in Moon.

The other 10% remained neutral, claiming that everyone was in trouble, and believing in either country wouldnt make any difference.

The countdown went to the last two hours.

In Eternitys control room.


President, our internet is back!”


Oraman was delighted and laughed, “The Moonians can stop bragging! Weve managed to fix it without their help! Connect us to the satellite and broadcast the video footage!”

“Yes, sir!”

People also noticed that the Neigerian government website was back.

Those 70% suddenly had hope again.

“This is great! Neige has gotten its internet back!”

“I knew they could do it!”

“We still have two hours, and the meteorite is getting closer and closer to Earth.

It can reach us any moment from now! I hope Neige will fire the energy cannon soon!”

“Thats right.

It should be close enough! We cant let the meteorite hit us!”

Countless netizens left comments on the Neigerian website.


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