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Chapter 123 Neige the Hypocrite

Himmel Soan saw them as a bunch of clowns and couldnt be bothered to argue with them.

He had tried to help Neige.

However, not only they wouldnt show any gratitude, but they were also turning against him.

As a result, Himmel decided to let them be.

He didnt have the energy to care about Neige anymore, and those people could say whatever they wanted.

“I agree! I felt from the beginning that the Moonian video was too fake!”

“Totally! The camera has to be so close to the meteorite to record that kind of image.

Whats the meteorites speed Its 1/360 of the speed of the light, which means the camera has to move at the same speed! How is this achieved”

“Theres only one possibility: Moon has made that video in advance and is showing us a recording! They didnt expect us to see through it! I almost bought it!”

“You people are so stupid! Are you seriously still believing in Neige now What have they ever given you Did they help you or your countries”

“You must be a Moonian spy! Judging from your profile photo, I think youre a Flamian.

Your country should be ashamed of you!”

Seeing such accusations, many survivors went online to defend Moon.

“Yes, Im from Flamia, but when the unthinkable happened to my family and me, our country didnt help us, nor did Neige.

Instead, Moon came to our rescue! Moonians brought us to the underground shelter in the storm, and thats why I can still talk to you now! Yes, Neige is the largest economy in the world, but what has it done for other countries All it ever brings us are wars and disasters!”

“Im from Iceana, and I almost died in a volcano eruption a few hours ago.

Moonians saved me and brought me to a safe area.

My country abandoned me in the catastrophe, and Neige never cared about the common people either.

Ive stopped seeing myself as an Iceanese.

From now on, Im a Moonian!”

“Im from Woodia.

The country has been flooded by a tsunami, and the rich people have all boarded the arks to get away from Woodia.

No one bothered about poor people like us! My wife was killed by a collapsing house, and my children were carried away by the flood.

I should have died in the tsunami, too, but Moonians risked their own lives and saved me!”

“I finally see how blind and stupid you people are! Look back in history, and youll see that Moon has never started a war against any other country! Not even once! Other superpowers have invaded Moon many times! Although Moon has grown much stronger now, it has never tried to seek revenge.

Whenever other countries were in trouble, Moon had always been the first country to offer help!”

“Did you say Moon wants global domination Thats complete bull**! Its a lie made up by Oraman, the Neigerian president! He tried to turn everyone against Mr.

President! Neige has started so many wars, including the Grassia War, the Toyama War, and the Helenian War.

Havent you learned anything from the past” “Moon even fixed the internet for us.

What did Neige do It only cared about its internet safety and had little consideration for other countries! Trusting Neige would only get you killed! Call me biased, but Moon has saved my life, so I trust the country unconditionally, even if that faith will kill me in the end! Moon showed me what it felt like to be among warm and trusting people.

Youll never understand that!”

Neige banned all those users and deleted some of the accounts from the website.

However, some people refused to be intimidated.

“See Thats how Neige does it! Its trying to silence us! It means were right! Were telling the truth!”

“Neige will never be as generous as Moon! They dont know what generosity is! All Neigerians are petty and narrow-minded!”

“Trust Neige, and youll regret it in the end.

Itll be too late…”

Oraman glanced at Maruse, who immediately took the hint.

He gave a secret order, deleting all the accounts making such protests and banning them for good.

Soon, such voices disappeared, and Neige took the opportunity to shift public opinion.

“Moon is a joke! Theyve lived in their dreams for so long that they never wake up! They lied about being the greatest country in the world until they believed that lie themselves! The space cannon and the IVE Extractors are all


“Thats right! The press conference was full of loopholes.

I can see photoshop signs everywhere.

That meteorite video cant be faker! I cant understand why some fools still trust them.”

“Neige never gives up on anyone, but its power is limited, and the catastrophe happened so suddenly.

Understandably, Neige couldnt help every person on Earth.

I heard that Neige had prepared some free arks, and everyone could board them.

Not many people know this, so those arks are all half-empty.”

“What Free arks When Why didnt I hear about that” “Neither did I!”

“Just check the Neigerian website.

Its been there for a while!”

“Oraman is amazing! Neige really hasnt abandoned the people on Earth! The free arks do exist! I found the announcement! It was made three days ago!”

Creating a fake announcement was a piece of cake for Neigerian technicians.

Free arks

That was never going to happen.

Neige was all about profits, and nothing there was free.

With the current climate, there was no way to verify this claim, and Neige could say whatever it wanted.

Even if they announced that Eternity was free to board, no one could reach it now.

Oraman believed the energy cannon gave him the power to command the world, and he would use this opportunity to get every penny out of many peoples pockets!


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